Hue Jackson sees “spectacular” things from Andy Dalton, so far


Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson wants to see his quarterback go from being “good” to “great.”  So far, what Jackson has seen in offseason workouts ranks as better than great.

Spectacular,” Jackson said of Dalton, via the team’s official website.  “It’s the first time I’ve been able to work with him hands on.  He has all the characteristics I like in a quarterback.  He’s smart, he comes to work prepared and ready to go, and he comes to the practice field ready to compete.  He can make all the necessary throws.  I haven’t seen any throw he can’t make.”

And then came the “but.”

“That being said, he knows there are things that we talk about that he needs to get better at,” Jackson said.  “I haven’t seen a deficiency in the young man yet.  We haven’t played a game, but that’s where it starts.  The consistency of how you do things in practice leads you to where you need to be once the real bullets start flying.  I’ve been impressed with him.  I’ve been very happy with him.  But at the same time we know there’s a long way to go.  There is still much work to do.”

Dalton has gotten to the playoffs in each three of his only NFL seasons.  But Dalton is winless in the games that matter most, and the Bengals want to see him take it to the proverbial next level in 2014.

With Dalton entering the final year of his rookie contract, the team’s smartest move could be to wait and see whether he does.

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  1. Maybe Andy could start by not throwing into triple coverage just because A.J. Green is out there somewhere.

    Or, maybe he could stop double pumping on out patterns. Or maybe he could stop throwing late across the middle.

    Or he could learn how to throw on the run (worst I’ve ever seen at that.)

    Or, maybe hit a WR in stride once or twice instead of making them contort their bodies into a pretzel while the ball is in the air.

  2. The Bengals are 0-3 in the postseason with Dalton as their quarterback.
    The Bengals are 0-5 in the postseason with Marvin Lewis as their coach.
    I see a correlation.

  3. Hue “The Mouth” is back in front of the cameras where he wants to be.
    Marvin Lewis should be very nervous. Hue has a tendency to back stab his way to the top.
    Greatest. Trade. Ever.
    What a tool…

  4. Jackson is the best thing to happen for Dalton. He’ll make sure to get the ball to the playmakers, unlike Gruden, who seemed to pull plays from his visor.

  5. I expect the Bengals to be in the AFC Title Game with Hue running the offense. One of the best play callers I’ve ever seen. Had the Raiders offense putting up like 28 ppg a few seasons ago with Jason Campbell at QB. Say what you want about Dalton, but he’s certainly better than Campbell. Difference is Hue won’t be saddled with a defense that gives up 30ppg.

  6. If they wait to pay him and he has a fantastic season and they think even higher of him then and as a potential high-level franchise QB, then they will have to pay a lot more. This wait and see approach is not the best option. The best teams are the ones that know where to make their investments earlier in the process. Figure out in advance who is a winner and who is the best player for your team and invest into those choices. If you can do well at making those choices then you have an opportunity to build something really special. It all depends who is making the decisions for this team long-term and do you believe you have the best people in the business to do that. If so, then have them decide now what to do with Dalton. Pay him on the cheap now, or you could trade him too if that’s even better for the team. But if you trade him now then you have to ask why didn’t you trade him in the past.

    I don’t think this team even knows who the HC will be for the long-term (as well as who is going to contribute to the GM role) so really the Owner needs to figure out the vision, cause right now the HC and OC have been saying a lot of concerning things and at some point they need to figure out what they are trying to do as a team.

  7. Its interesting that Matt Ryan is 1-4 in Atlanta coming off a horrible season and still people don’t bash him or ATL half as much as Dalton and Cincy. After 3 straight playoff years, never missing a start in 3 seasons, and people always say hes never done anything in a good moment. I remember differently, at Pittsburgh tied 10-10 Dalton had one of the best drives/throws to AJ Green under nothing but pressure to set up a post season birth. It was one of the best Bengals moments ever went that kick went it to the end the game. People need to kick that negative to the curb and lets roll forward with Dalton

  8. “vegasjss says:”

    “He has red hair.”
    Judging someone by the color of his hair is as ignorant as judging someone by the color of his skin. Oddly enough, this ignorance doesn’t insight the outrage of the public.
    Are you amazed a “red haired” person threw for over 4,000 yds and 30 td’s last year, led his team to the playoffs 3 years in a row (every year he was in the NFL), and made the Pro Bowl his rookie season?

  9. As hard as it seems I am on Marvin Jones… I think he is a good locker room/off-field guy who works pretty hard… I am more disappointed in Bengals management not accepting his limitation and going after a REAL #2 wide receiver.

    That Said… I expect better things from him under Hue Jackson (past Bengals head case wrs and lower round wrs stepped up under Hue).

    The thin Bengals offensive line is what concerns me.

  10. Hey ctiggs did you know that this isn’t Twitter and therefore hashtags are stupid and unnecessary?

  11. Watch out, Hue’s putting his power play to work again, like the snake that he is.

    Andy Dalton, lol.

  12. Andy Dalton……the guy you hate but secretly wish he was your QB. Averages 3700 yds 25 Tds a year. HOWS YOUR QB DOING?????

  13. Jackson was a good play caller when he was in Oakland, and he had a lot less to work with there. But Dalton has been hot garbage in the postseason. 3 TDs, 6 picks, with a QB rating south of 55. Fixing that will be Jackson’s biggest job.

  14. Last week I watched a construction project where they demo’d an old building by imploding it. It was spectacular.

  15. MY QB(Brady) IS DOING FINE, thanks for asking.
    What’s the point of comparing Dalton to Ryan?
    The Bengals have a top 5-10 D every yr. The Falcons have a bottom 5 D. The Falcons have one of the worst OLines in the league. Dalton couldn’t carry Ryan’s jock as a passer. Even if I grant you that, what’s the sense of comparing Dalton to the other QBs that can’t get it done? Do you feel better if he’s the best of guys like Ryan, Stafford, Romo, ASmith, etc?. If he ever compares to Brees, Brady Manning, or even EManning or Flacco, give me a call. Not gonna happen. He’s holding the Bengals back(as well as their coach) and it will continue until they move on.

  16. Go back and look at the numbers with the Raiders, Bengals fans. If you look at WHEN they put up the gaudy stats, it was rarely with the game on the line or with it hand.
    Garbage time, hyperbole and self-promotion (“This is the first time I’ve been able work with him”) and if that’s what you’re looking for.. You got it.

  17. “The consistency of how you do things in practice leads you to where you need to be once the real bullets start flying.”

    Dalton in the playoffs……
    Games played: 3
    Record: 0-3

    Attempts: 123
    Passes completed: 70
    TD’s: 1
    INTS’s: 6
    YPA: 5.84


  18. I love all the Andy hate, keep it coming he could be one of the best ever. I’m not a homer I’m from Pittsburgh. But Manning, Brees and other greats were not this hot this fast. Being mediocre is going 8-8. Three playoff appearances is awesome and is much better than most in the league.

    Another funny thing I find is most people only follow their favorite team and have no clue about others but believe everything they hear or read from regurgitating sports writers. Can I get an AMEN?

    Here we go Steelers!

  19. Why does Dalton get ALL the blame? How about Jay Gruden, for calling horrible plays against good defenses? How about players like Kirkpatrick or Gresham getting stupid penalties in key moments?

    Dalton has very solid numbers. Let’s remember that Cincinnati, until last year, had NEVER made the playoffs for three straight seasons. And as much as I hear the so-called “Who Dey Nation” blaming Dalton, I sure don’t hear them begging to get back quarterbacks like Carson Palmer. After suffering through QBs like Klingler, Blake, and even Jon Kitna, faithful fans should consider a guy as productive as Dalton is to be a blessing.

    Andy’s time, and the time for the rest of this young, talented team, will come. It would be nice if they had a faithful fan base behind them.


  20. People can say whatever they want about Hue Jackson but as a Raider fan and former employee of the organization while he was the OC AND HC, this guy got a bad rep. People get on him about the Carson Palmer deal but I actually found it impressive that he was able to pull something like that off. People forget that if he hadn’t brought in Carson Palmer (due to Jason Campbell’s injury) we would have finished the season with Kyle Boller. Basically meaning we would not have won another game. We were in first place pre Campbell’s injury and Hue gave us a chance to make the playoffs for the first time in over a decade! It was about a lot more than his ego, he did his best to give the Oakland Raiders and fans a fighting chance in that moment. A chance that nobody outside the city of Oakland will ever understand just how important all of that meant to us. The guy is a leader, he once brought out the entire organization (players, employees, interns and all) to the practice field after Al Davis passed away and made a challenge to all of us to be “better”. That was impressive and humbling. In my opinion this man should still be the Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders and most Raider fans I know agree.

    Go get ’em Hue!

  21. Really Hue? Memorial Day weekend, “the real bullets”? Keeping everything in perspective I see.

  22. It’s funny when people at Hue Jackson for his coaching in Oakland.

    Hue Jackson went 8-8 in 2011.

    In the 2012 and 2013 NFL seasons… the Oakland Raiders totaled 8 wins WITHOUT Hue Jackson.


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