Manziel parties in Vegas

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Vienna may not have been calling Johnny Manziel this weekend.  But Las Vegas was.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns quarterback flew to Las Vegas to unwind a bit during a short break in offseason workouts.

Cabot has a collection of tweets and photos showing Manziel in Sin City, doing things that kids his age with money tend to do.  At a time when the Browns have seemed to be intent on knocking him down a peg or two, they don’t have a problem with Johnny being Johnny away from the field.

“He’s almost like the Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth throwback — he’s a guy’s guy,” G.M. Ray Farmer told 92.3 The Fan on Wednesday, via Cabot.  “When you see him he’s having fun, he’s partying, he’s doing his thing.  I think people are attracted to the fact that not only does he make plays and is a really good athlete . . . he’s a really good player, but he lives life.”

As long as he stays out of trouble (and the champagne spraying could get him a little closer to the proverbial line), the team and the league will have no issue with Manziel living life.  Work hard, play hard has become a mantra for many, and Manziel will be putting in plenty of work as he tries to climb from No. 3 to No. 1 on the depth chart.

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  1. Why shouldn’t he? He is rich, famous, and reasonably good looking. I would imagine he is enjoying himself a great deal right now.

  2. I don’t have a problem with Johnny Football having fun, but the Browns’ GM should be careful who he’s comparing him to. Babe Ruth was a raging alcoholic and, by most accounts, Ty Cobb was just a terrible human being. There must be better examples.

  3. if that was romo, all hell would break lose. but its “johhny football” so its ok! a guy who hasnt done jack

    eff manziel. i can wait until he’s out of the league in 2 years and playing in canada

    “doing things that kids his age with money tend to do”

    so i guess he signed? because if he didnt, where did he get this money? oh yeah, i forgot

  4. In other news, Peyton Manning is locked in a dark room studying game film for 18 hours a day…

  5. go,go, go johnny go,go, go,johnny go, go, johnny be good. More power to ya kid. Just know your limitations, and life will continue to be good.

  6. As long as it’s in between offseason activities he should be able to have some fun.

  7. Sure you want to go with these comparisons Ray? While both were great baseball players by most accounts Cobb was a raging racists mysoginist alcoholic and the Babe, a womanizing, glutinous alcoholic.

    Do us a favor. Don’t taint Manziel with your crappy analogies. Let’s allow him to be who he is and perhaps write some new history.

  8. Nobody and i repeat nobody likes a showoff and a bragger…I don’t care who it is or what they have…..This kid is a huge joke….Can’t wait to see him get his ass handed to him..Him doing the showing the money with his fingers shows us all exactly what kind of person her is….

  9. the Browns’ GM should be careful who he’s comparing him to. Babe Ruth was a raging alcoholic and, by most accounts, Ty Cobb was just a terrible human being

    It seems everybody knows this about Ruth and Cobb, so maybe that’s why he chose to compare Manziel to them.

  10. Considering Ty Cobb once stabbed a black man for being uppity, I don’t think that’s someone Ray Farmer would want Manziel to be a throwback to.

  11. Mary Kay Cabot spends way too much time obsessing over Johnny Manziel. Her interest in him borders on stalking, not on reporting.

  12. Am I the only one hoping that someone he sprayed with the champagne got it in their eye, it became infected, and now will sue him LEGITIMITELY?????


  13. As long as it is the off-season, I see no problem with this. Although, some above mentioned he is rich and famous… I will give you that, but definately is NOT Good Looking! If he was; his net worth would be much higher as the “face” of everything manly. Not a Browns fan, but I hope he does well. It is exciting when new “potential” stars enter the league. It makes the Fan expereince that much better.

  14. I’m all for having fun…
    but when your stock is the lowest it’s been in a while.
    you’re third on the depth chart of a lousy team,
    you’re getting 1st Rounder money,
    and people have already questioned your priorities…

    is that really the time to run off and publicly party?

  15. Dom Perignon is the finest champagne available in the world. Johnny Manziel’s appreciation of the best by spraying it like that tells me how classy he is. He just craves the limelight and attention. He can’t help himself.
    Any attempt by Cleveland to keep him low key and just focus on serious football is likely to be futile. He has natural ability but he will drive his coach and GM crazy. The media is going to love this.
    Maybe Johnny should get to know the Kardashians. They are made for each other.

  16. A break in off-season workouts huh?
    Anybody want to guess what the two Mannings, Aaron Rodgers, etc were probably up to this weekend?
    Probably 12 hours of film study a day and as a reward maybe a cookout with family/friends and a quiet beer.
    People will forgive Manziels past antics, but he needs to realize the spotlight is 100 times brighter now.
    Any other guys on the team can be publicly partying it up and few eyebrows would be raised but the QB is expected to be above that-the price to pay for those huge checks.

  17. The shallow and vulgar Las Vegas scene is pitch perfect for your spring-breaker / frat boy types. As fun as it is, at some point you gotta do yourself a favor and grow up.

    Enjoy it while you can, Johnny.

  18. I’ll be honest , reading this thread, I can’t help to notice the hateful jealousy for this kid. Like really? All of a sudden you have an opinion on how he should act and what he should do?! Please…
    If the kid makes it, them he makes it, if he doesn’t, then he doesn’t, but stop being some hypocritical herb on a blog all of a sudden “concerned” how this kid spends his time…

  19. Wow what’s wither all the hating on Johnny Football. Give the kid a break he’s not getting arrested or breaking the law or knocking his wife or girlfriend unconscious. Oh ya and quit trying to contrast his behavior with Peyton Manning, you have no idea what the hell Manning was doing and at least Manziel has a personality. Being stuck in the same room with Manning would be about as enjoyable as being stuck in a room with Harry Reid. I hope Johnny Football goes on to have a hall of fame career to shut up all you nay sayers and proves you can excel at your sport and enjoy life too.

  20. Cleveland made a big mistake drafting him not because of talent, but because before Hoyer got hurt he looked like Brady. IMO Johnny should be on another team, and that fact might cost him time, years on the wrong team etc…

    I would’ve liked to see him under an aging QB on a good team. I think Cleveland is doing good things, and I am from Pgh. I’m an objective football fan at heart and I don’t hate on anyone, but Cleveland shouldve got a viable back-up for Hoyer and chose another good draft pick at No. 2. Here’s why Johnny isn’t ready yet to be a QB now lets say Hoyer gets hurt again. The ppl will be screaming for Johnny, but more than likely he’ll still be 3rd string. So in this and most scenarios this guy is not ready to assume the starting role. So with that truth now his legacy has a better chance of turning sour fast in a city that has seen more QB changes than any team by far. Then to have that cynnacle hear we go again Browns attitude and action by a fickle owner who fired a coach ppl liked after one year in which lets face it cleveland isn’t used to winning. It’d still make me uneasy if I was a fan through all that has went on with the owner. I like everything else cleveland has done, but I’m afraid you didn’t think long and hard about this pick, and now being saddled with Gordon puts a nail further in that coffin because of how Great he is. Now we can all play you guys man to man with a ferocious pass rich coming your way. Good luck cleveland cause it looks like as things in Berea is changing the more it seems they will stay the same…

  21. Seriously, the media is way overloaded with people. So much so that they seek out these stories and try to make a circus show out of absolutely nothing. It’s creating a new breed of athletes too. No need for talent, just have media appeal like Tebow.

  22. He is doing what all the other top QB’s do. What, wait….Brees, Manning, Brady, Rivers, etc. didn’t do that after their first mini camp? And don’t do it now? And if they do they are smart enough not to broadcast it in real time for anyone and everyone to know. He is young and extremely immature. He better grow up fast or his lifestyle will end up wrecking any chance he has at an NFL career.

  23. Yes, he deserves to have fun.

    Yes, he is young.

    Yes, it is off season and he is between workouts.


    If you are a first round pick, on a team that traded up in the 1st round to get you, and the most impressive QB on tbe roster is an injured Brian Hoyer, then THIS is a chance to show your teammates, owners and fans that becoming the starting QB is your top priority in life. Spending EVERY DAY at the facilities, working out with your receivers, watching video and learning your playbook.

    The ONLY excuse for this type of thing, in my opinion, would be of he had taken his O-Line with him. Then it could have been “bonding” with the team.


    Damn, no Browns on the schedule this year. I am disappoint.

  25. So? Johnny Jag Fan has been to Las Vegas. Went when I was 22. Why do people care? Everyone goes to Las Vegas at some point. What if he went to South Beach? Wine Country? Would it be a story?

  26. I don’t get all the hate going on here. If the kid is having a good time and not getting arrested whats the problem with this? And to all you morons (ViQueen fans presumably) making comments about Bridgewater home studying his palybook? Yeah I think Teddy needs to cause I think he is going to be the biggest QB bust of this years class. Have any of you watched any of Bridgewaters interviews since he got drafted? I have and I’m damn glad Cleveland didn’t draft him. Talk about someone who thinks they are entitled, this is the guy. Good luck with this loser Minnesota because he already thinks he’s the next coming as far as QB’s go. He was a product of a pro system that didn’t play any real competition in college. If he was that good then explain how he sucked at the combine, his pro day as well as in private workouts. Thats all gonna change cause he got drafted by Minnesota? Oh yeah, well he only has to beat out Ponder so maybe his superiority complex is justified?

  27. I think the character assessment is spot on with Cobb. A total ass who could play ball, we don’t even know if this kid can play. I’d be getting hammered and all lit up too if my job was to make Cleveland a winner

  28. On the bright side, the Browns will have two top five picks in next years draft thanks to Johnny and Doug Whaley.

  29. This will probably be buried all the way down here, but all of you posting about how Ty Cobb was worse than Hitler should probably check your facts. His deathbed autobiography took complete advantage of him and fabricated most of the horrible stories you’ve heard. Search for Al Stump or Ty Cobb Myths and you’ll learn something. He may not have been perfect, but it sucks to see someone’s legacy tarnished so thoroughly by a self-promoting liar.

  30. He went to UFC 173 and got his picture taken with Dana White. Hung out with some ladies and probably had some adult beverages. Given the option of doing that or going to Safeway to pick out your weekend grilling choices for you hook-up with the in-laws on Monday what would you choose?

  31. How old is Farmer? Is he 112? Who uses Ruth and Cobb as a reference point for athletes who likes to party? Somebody let him know that there have been numerous “guys-guy” athletes since 1928.

  32. Hes 3rd string QB by a substantial margin right? Guess he is saying to the incompetent Browns front office and ownership “if im 3rd string then go pound salt”

  33. Browns management are a bunch of idiots! When they are trying to beat this kids ego into the dirt they are comparing him to drunk and a jerk. Why did they ever draft him?! Now we know this team never seems to win. Browns fan base deserves better than the criminal owner and moron GM.

  34. So Manziel enjoys the holiday weekend by jetting out to Vegas to attend a UFC bout, and happens to snap pix with Gronk beside a pool. This kid is just living life. At least he’s not out drinking and driving like Jim Irsay, putting other peoples’ lives at-risk, including his own. Give the kid some space.

  35. When I draft a QB in the 1st, and move up for him, I absolutely envision him at #3 on the depth chart. Did Scott Peeholi go to work for Cleveland when I wasn’t looking?

  36. At least he’s not out drinking and driving like Jim Irsay, putting other peoples’ lives at-risk, including his own.

    -You don’t know that he’s not drinking a driving. I’m not saying he is, but we don’t know that he’s not.

  37. tarheelpirate says:
    May 25, 2014 2:22 PM
    I don’t have a problem with Johnny Football having fun, but the Browns’ GM should be careful who he’s comparing him to. Babe Ruth was a raging alcoholic and, by most accounts, Ty Cobb was just a terrible human being. There must be better examples.
    Ray Farmer knew exactly who he compared him to. He didn’t want Manziel, remember. That was an intended “subtle” hit against Halsem and the QB coach. It just turns out that many of us know about Ruth and Cobb’s off the field craziness.

    I think it was on purpose. Farmer’s no idiot, unless Halsem takes issue.

  38. Meanwhile, back in Minnesota, Teddy Bridgewater has his nose in the playbook, working with his team, and is studying game film.

  39. I know this has nothing to do with Johnny Football in Vegas but I am still wondering why the Browns drafted him 1st round if they dont really want him to earn that starting QB spot…when Farmer says act like a back up and tells media that Hoyer is way ahead and way better than Manziel it just seems he should keep that in house…Farmer seems to not have a clue how to run a team but I hope Manziel does good and wish him luck..I know Hoyer played great before his injury and had the team on a roll but come on you dont treat a young rookie like garbage …I dont know It just didnt sit well with me about Farmers comments ..from the outside looking in Farmer seems like the idiot GM trying to puff out his chest and say look at me im in charge ..

  40. On a less serious note …does Manziel look like Jerry Mathers know the Beaver …as in leave it to Beaver..and the Browns management seems like Lumpy Rutherford is in charge.”

  41. Yeah go follow 90% of Nfl players in their 20’s and see what they do when not at work. Who cares, as long as he’s not breaking laws or hurting anyone, its his free time to do what he wants, not a prison sentence for becoming a pro football players as people seem to think the kids should spend every waking moment working out, watching film etc. Rock on John Pigskin!

  42. Very troubling in my opinion.

    This young man should be doing everything he can prepare to play QB in the NFL.

    Drew Bree’s and Peyton would be the guys I would be trying to emulate from a preparation standpoint, NOT Ryan Leaf.

    We shouldn’t be hearing any stories about Johnny Manziel at all.

    I am not a Browns fan, but I want them to do well. Catherine fans of Cleveland deserve much better than what they have gotten the past 15 years.

    Manziel can be the leader of the turn around, but he has to take this seriously.

    People will day him going to Vegas is not a big deal. It is a huge deal, he needs to be focused on football 100%

    Then he can silence people like me, after he brings the Browns to the playoffs.

    I, and a lot of other Football fans are pulling for Cleveland.

  43. Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were complete opposites with respect to their off-the-field behaviors.

    An ignorant statement by Farmer… just ignore it and move on.

  44. Imo Ray Farmer ought to do a few less radio interviews or he may single handedly discredit the myth that all Duke are smart. His drafting Manziel may make Jerry Jones look smart. Now there is a feat to behold.

  45. Farmer’s career up till’ now was telling guys to turn in their playbooks. He hasn’t grasped GM-speak apparently.

  46. Lol . Hanging out w Gronk and a bunch of hot women. Spraying champagne into the crowd.

    Yeah what a sucky way to spend a weekend.

    Live it up Johnny. After all you are the only the 3rd string QB by a substantial margin.

  47. He is what we think he is. A dedicated i want to be great QB would be working on the Cleveland system to try to prove he is better than the early 3rd team designation. He said he expects nothing to be given to him, but his actions say yes he does.

  48. I am a Browns fan, Johnny. But here are the facts:
    Here’s a recent breakdown of first-round quarterbacks starting openers:

    2013: The only quarterback picked in the first round was Buffalo’s E.J. Manuel, and he started the opener.

    2012: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden were first-round selections, all started the opener.

    2011: Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder were all picked in the first round. Only Newton started the opener.

    2010: Of first-round choices Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow, only Bradford started the opener.

    2009: Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman were picked in the first round. Stafford and Sanchez started Game 1.

    All this means what?

    1. There were 14 quarterbacks picked in the first round since 2009. Nine started in the opener of their rookie year.

    2. Of those 14 quarterbacks, five are no longer with their original teams: Weeden (Browns), Tebow (Broncos), Freeman (Bucs), Sanchez (Jets), and Gabbert (Jags).

    3. Of the nine who started their first game, two are now elsewhere: Weeden and Sanchez.

    4. So if the Browns decide to open the season with Manziel on the bench, it’s not exactly unprecedented — especially since he went No. 22.

    So, no…you REALLY AREN’T goping to be handed ANYTHING. You may want to tone it down just a scosh’ until you have proven rself in the ** NFL **.., son.

  49. this guy had to unwind from the rigors of what?? 10 days please he should have gone home and quietly stuck his head in the playbook and come back a bit more ready instead he probably assumes the team will rewrite the playbook for him he says all the right stuff just doesn’t seem to do the right stuff!!

  50. Brett Favre
    Jay Cutler
    Eli Manning
    Matt Stafford
    Ben Roethelisberger
    Broadway Joe Namath

    Couple partiers off the top of my head who still produced on the field. Not to mention guys like LT who partied too hard ON the field and still produced.

    Chill out squares. Tim Tebow spent every Friday night praying to Jesus and that didn’t work out so well either.

  51. Just Johnny Football being Johnny Football in Vegas. No trouble to find in that town.

    I wonder if the Vegas Sports books have over / under lines on his 1st arrest date?

  52. Let me think for a moment: decent looking young man in his early 20’s, athletic body, single, tons of cash, and some fame. Holliday weekend, no school, no work, Vegas, money, booze, and lots of HOT women wanting me. What would I do? (I know what I would do!)

    Unfortunately, at his age, I was flying SF & ARVN troops in and out of Cambodia. However, I know what I did on R&R in the Philippines!

    You go Johnny! You’re only young once and too soon old.

  53. Haha, he would be with Gronk. Only difference between those two tools is that Gronk became a (noticeable) tool AFTER he made his bones in the league.

  54. And people thought Tebow was annoying?

    At least he could win NFL games. And that was before Denver brought in all these free agents!

    Imagine if he had Welker, Julius Thomas, etc. and Demaryius with a few years under his belt.

    Maybe Manziel will become a good nfl QB. But from what I currently see in the NFL, Tebow definitely wasn’t worse than all 32 starting QBs.

  55. seanx40 says;

    “He is rich, famous, and reasonably good looking.”


    Mmm.. Not sure about that “reasonably good looking” part, a few more freckles and he reminds me of the dude on the front of the MAD magazine.

    For the record I don’t “hate” Manziel, I think he has talent for a guy his size, however he already formed the base of public opinion in college by acting like a rich, spoiled, egotistical, arrogant, entitle, jerk. Seems to me his agent would have addressed with him the need to tweak his image. Now imagine if half way through the season he stinks so bad they bench him how much this one outting will come into play. I can just hear Stephen A. and Skip Bayless now….

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