No limitations on Aaron Murray at rookie minicamp


Chiefs quarterback Aaron Murray fell to round five in large part because of a torn ACL suffered last year at Georgia.  So are there any physical limitations with Murray because of a knee that was surgically repaired on November 25?

“No,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid told reporters on Saturday.  “I mean, we’ve been keeping a close eye on him.  [Trainer] Rick [Burkholder] has been keeping a close eye on him.  He’s done everything up to this point.  He went through today’s work and it will keep getting stronger as he goes.  This was good because this was the first time there was a pass rush on him, so he had to move around a little bit.  You got to see his movement ability.  You have to do that in the National Football League and you have to do it out here for these camps.  He did that and he did some nice things with that.”

“It’s good, feels great,” Murray added. “There’s no second thought. There’s no ‘be careful on the knee.’ ‘Don’t slip into a throw.’ It’s all just go out there and play and have fun and execute the play. It feels awesome. . . .  There are no hesitations. I’m able to do everything I need to do.”

Like all rookies, Murray needs the work.

“[T]here is a little bit of rush in his face and he’s got new receivers and there are a bunch of different things that go into it,” Reid said.  “It’s a tough thing.”

It’s also a tough thing when it comes to incumbent starter Alex Smith’s contract.  While G.M. John Dorsey is optimistic a deal will be done, Murray could give the Chiefs an ace in the hole or up their sleeve or wherever they can stash the thing, in the event they can’t work something out with the veteran.

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  1. And Dee Ford came on to the practice and immediately picked him off as did two other new defenders. You got work to do, kid.

  2. As a Georgia fan I can say he will have a better career than Stafford will. Some of the same mistakes Stafford make he did them in college like when he under duress he chunks it up the middle of the field usually for a pick. Stafford always had a big time receiver to help absolve his mistakes (AJ Green and Calvin Johnson) but when the OC wasn’t calling plays so timidly Murray looked great

  3. Great pick up. Chiefs needed some depth in the QB spot, considering the current backup is Chase Daniel. I mean seriously? Chase Daniel? Dude blows HARD.

  4. Chiefs will struggle this year with a really tough schedule compared to last years cream puff schedule. They lost 5 very good players and replaced them with very average free agents or rookies in the draft. It looks to me like a 7-9 season at best.

  5. He’ll definitely be a more valuable QB than Stafford. A 5th Rounder for Murray or the #1 overall pick in an insane money year for Stafford, are you kidding me??? That’s ridiculous to even think about, I’d take Murray just for the money savings let alone the extra material! The Lions are out of their gourd and don’t know how to evaluate QBs very well.

    I think the Chiefs got a good deal with that pick and I’m anxious to see him play for them to see what he can do.

  6. lol at anyone who thinks Murray will have a career as a permanent starter.. this isnt college ball anymore and you arent playing north texas anymore

  7. Pass rush? Lol. It’s a lot different standing in the pocket in practice with a pass rush than in a live game. They don’t hit you in practice.

  8. KC, got a great future starter to replace Smith. Any who doesn’t believe that go back and watch the Georgia/Auburn game. Murray led the team to a winning touchdown with under 5 to play with gurley hurt and playing with 4th and 5th string receivers and a true freshman at rb. If not for a horrible play by Harvey-Clements auburn never would have played for a national title.

  9. Yeah, if this guy is the next Tom Brady, I’ll change my name to Isaac Hayes, come to your house, and sing any song from “Black Moses” you’d like to hear.
    The great thing about the new Chiefs, is that they will not let a legit first round QB get past them. If we have another “Luck” draft, KC will sell the farm to get him.

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