Paul Guenther on Bengals defense: It’s not OK what we did last year


The Bengals have gone to the playoffs in each of the last three seasons, but they haven’t won a game in the postseason on any of those trips.

The majority of the blame for those losses has fallen on the shoulders of the offense, with quarterback Andy Dalton carrying enough of it to lead some to question if he’s the right man to run the offense for the long term. The defense has not come under nearly the same amount of fire and has been one of the league’s stronger units for the last few years, but defensive coordinator Paul Guenther is sending them the message that it is “not OK what we did last year.”

“It’s more so the veteran players that have been here and been through the last three years and the playoffs saying, ‘Hey, we need to step it up. We need to take ownership of what we’re doing here, too,'” Guenther said, via the team’s website. “We didn’t play well enough against San Diego to beat them. There are no excuses about that. We didn’t play good enough on defense.”

Guenther pointed to the way the Seahawks played in the Super Bowl as an example of what he wants to see from the Bengals defenders, particularly the way they played like they weren’t going to be denied in their matchup against the Broncos. Guenther has shown the first 22 plays of that game to his players to illustrate exactly what he means and he might be able to get it with a healthy return from Geno Atkins and the arrival of first-round corner Darqueze Dennard.

That won’t make things any easier on Dalton and the offense all by itself, but it could be enough for the Bengals to find their way past a playoff opponent if new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson’s changes have the desired effect.

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  1. Breakdown of the Bengals secondary: Pacman Jones is a Top-10 NFL CB. The dude has lightning speed and hes tough and physical in man-coverage. Terence Newman is no scrub either, but his age is a concern cuz he could be on the decline soon, but hes played great the last two years. Leon Hall just cant stay healthy. Dre Kirkpatrick is a bust, and im not sure Darqueze Dennard is ready to contribute. Ill reiterate though: Pacman Jones is a BEAST! Stop sleeping on him!

  2. The Bengals Defense did extremely well knowing they didn’t take any performance enhancers.

    Like almost every player on the Seahawks did.

  3. zimmer may be a better D coordinator at this point than Guenther but the bengals D players have more talent over the vikings anyday

  4. Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Joe Haden, Aqib Talib, Darrelle Revis, Vontae Davis, Keenan Allen, Alterraun Verner, Captain Munnerlyn, Charles Tillman, Brent Grimes, Lardarius Webb, Xavier Rhodes all of those are better corners than Pacman so barsfordays can cut the Pacman is Top 10 garbage.

  5. The whole team didn’t show up the last playoff game.

    Andy had made some bad choices during the Chargers game but 2 of the turnovers wouldn’t have happened if everyone came to play.

    1 interception bounced off of a receiver’s hands a pass he should’ve caught and the fumble happened because Andy was flushed out of the pocket and was making the only play available which was carrying the ball himself and diving for the first down.

  6. the D is going to be all right, and Andy will prove the nay Sayers wrong when he takes the BENGALS to the Superbowl this year! HE is A ELITE QB!!! WHO DEY!!!

  7. If people keep trying to shift the blame on the defense, people might start to think Dalton can play QB.

  8. Cincy has a top 5 defense, they just can’t overcome their choking dog QB. They’d have to limit their opponents to under 10 pts, since the offense under Dalton averages 11 in the playoffs. Three playofff appearances: 57% completions, 1 TD, 6 INTs, 56 Rating. Not only that, all 3 of the flawed teams that beat them lost their next playoff gm. Wake up Bengal fans, it’s not the #2 receiver.

  9. All the haters come out for the bengals so let’s go over what the haters teams done last season.

    Steelers 8-8 missed the playoffs again

    Ravens 8-8 Joe Flacco is like the blind squirrel he found his nut one time in his life.

    Seahawks see Joe Flacco and enjoy 8-8 this season. Gold standard! Give me a break. The only gold standard there is the yellow on Richard Sherman’s teeth.

    Browns……. They’re the Browns, Nuff said.

    Keep talking haters…. Keep talking.

  10. Dalton had a bad game in the playoff loss to San Diego, but so did the entire team. Our defense was man-handled and run all over, really for the first time all season long…just came at the worst time possible.

  11. JohnnyB

    Your coach used the Seahawks as an example of how to play, and then you trash them? lol

    He literally showed them the tape and said “Do this!”

    Learn some respect dude. I hope you guys have a good season, but I think the Browns or Ravens will be on top of that division this year sorry m8

    Sincerely, a hater

  12. Steelers: 2 SBowl appearances last 5 yrs.
    Ravens: 2 AFC Championship gms, 1 SB win last 3 yrs.
    Seahawks: Reigning SB Champions.

    Bengals: Zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

    Keep talking is right. All it is is talk. Not a fan of any of these teams.

  13. Everyone else on the Bengals in general,

    “Ah, it’s not ok what you’ve done since 1968”

    Paul Brown must be turning over in his grave over that dumpster fire of a franchise.

  14. If the defense gives up more than a FG, they’re at fault.

    Not the Red Sausage, who continues to throw picks and fumble in big games.

    Got it.

  15. I love you joetoronto! Your insight is so superior to anyone on this site. Is there a Defence in the NFL that has accomplished this more than the Bengals?

    Never has a team in the game of football done this on a regular basis except maybe Pop warner teams but thats it! Bengals crush your team every single year. But you are the best!

  16. Hey Murph???? 2 SB appearances in the last 5 years by the Stillers?????? Did i miss a whole year somewhere ?????? When were they in 2 SUPER BOWLS in the last 5 years???? Troll! If yer gonna troll other sites, @ least be accurate ???? I know Dalton whipping you when it counts every year is killing you!

  17. Back on the pacman debate…Anyone else notice this dude had keenan allen as a cornerback ? but anyway Leon hall is alot more talented than pacman yeah he has some injury trouble but when hes healthy hes a beast

  18. With Pauly G as the new DC, the Bengals won’t lose a step. I hate that Zimmer left but when the Bengals “D” found out who his replacement was they were cheering!! A lot of Guenther’s ideas were part of Zim’s defense. There will be no change in this defense and with a healthy Geno and Hall coming back from injuries it’s going to be another exciting season.

  19. The sun will rise, the sun will set and at the end of the day they’ll always be the Bengals.

  20. Lordy, I liked DC Zimmer, but the Bengals lacked ball hawking/stripping, and in EVERY one of their last 4 playoff games gave mucho 100 yds. plus in run yards which beat the Bengals 4 times. Check it out,
    Also, despite all the accolades given to AJ Green, in all 3 of his PO games, he was a complete no show !!! ZERO TDs and quite a few significant dropped passes. He needs to learn to fight for and keep receptions like Calvin Johnson.
    For all Dalton’s plusses, he MUST cut down the no. of INTs.

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