Report: Bucs start contract talks with Gerald McCoy


There’s been a lot of talk about a possible contract extension for Ndamukong Suh this offseason, but he’s not the only defensive tackle taken early in the 2010 draft who is in line for a new deal.

Gerald McCoy was taken a pick after Suh and has been a standout performer for the Buccaneers since pretty much the moment he first took the field in Tampa. McCoy has already said that he won’t hold out of training camp in hopes of forcing the team into an extension and it doesn’t look like the team needs much cajoling anyway.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht reached out to McCoy’s agent Ben Dogra last week to get the ball rolling on talks about a new deal. Per Stroud, the conversations could result in a new deal before the start of training camp although there’s no firm timetable or deadline in place to get a deal done.

Geno Atkins signed a five-year, $55 million extension with the Bengals before last season, which sets the bar at defensive tackle for whichever of Suh and McCoy signs a new deal first. McCoy has faced none of the character questions that Suh has faced while being as good, if not better, in the field and that makes a pretty good argument for him taking the top spot regardless of when he signs his name.

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  1. He may not have the character questions but he has not been as good or better than Suh. Just saying

  2. PFF and stats from past two seasons might favor McCoy over Suh, but you can contest that with differences of opinion about whether run D is more important than pass D, which guy elevates performance of the rest of the line, so on and so forth. However you gauge it, they’re probably pretty close.

    I think it’s more interesting to compare these two against the rest of the 1st round in 2010. Joe Haden and Earl Thomas are the only players I would think to suggest wanting over either of them, with Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, Russell Okung and Eric Barry being in the next pack. #2 and #3 look like appropriate spots for them to go in hindsight, which is probably not what we’ll say about the two OTs from 2013.

  3. Suh was the better player the first two years in the league; he was more disruptive, and McCoy got injured both years. The last two years McCoy has been significantly better. Excellent against the pass and run, very disruptive, has managed to be productive on a defensive line that doesn’t really have anyone else to worry about, and, on top of that, is a model citizen and teammate. Right now, if you did a re-draft, I’d bet a significant majority of NFL GMs would draft McCoy over Suh in a heartbeat.

  4. Rather then debating who the better player is or has been. Get the dude signed. I’m a Bucs fan and I’d concede Suh is a shade better but the Bucs aren’t negotiating with Suh are they. This will be a pretty good barometer of how this regime handles business. I’m gratefull Licht reached out.

  5. McCoy is one of those players you know will deliver and not become complacent with a new deal. Glad they are willing to get the ball rolling now as opposed to waiting. Surrounded by quality players in a better defensive scheme and a knowledgeable coaching staff his career could really be on an upswing.

  6. People who know their football know that McCoy has been a far better player than Suh over the last two years. Suh had the jump on him during their first two years in the league, but it’s been McCoy who has shown a more varied skill-set these last couple years.

    On top of that, McCoy has been a class act off the field and stays out of trouble. Bucs, do the right thing and extend this guy and get ready to do the same for Lavonte David as soon as he’s eligible.

  7. McCoy was practically a bust his first two years in the league, contrasted with Suh, who was outstanding from the first day he stepped on the field. McC ou has blossomed on later years into one of the best D lineman in the league, but he isn’t now and hasn’t been the consistently disruptive force that Suh has been.

  8. I was skeptical during Gerald’s first two injury plagued seasons but during the past two years he has shown that he hAs the makings of an all time great with the class and work ethic to be admired. Glad we are going to do right by him.

  9. you people that say McCoy isnt a dominant d-lineman that makes the rest of the line better, or that he is not as good of a player as Suh, dont know the game of football. Sure you know what espn and PFT tell you, but you dont know football. Just sayin’

  10. Somebody actually said McCoy stronger than Suh!! Check their respective combine numbers, dude. Suh was way ahead. In fact one of the concern about McCoy was his pathetic number of reps with the 225 lb bar.

  11. He’s pretty good but lets not get carried away here.

    Ndamukong Suh is clearly the better player since the two have been drafted. It will be interesting to see how the contracts play out.

  12. Lions fans are the only ones that would take Suh over McCoy…..that’s humorous…

    McCoy had a genetic disorder that caused both his biceps to tear in his first two years…….both have been fixed and since he has clearly out played Suh. I trust PFF grades as they look at every single play in tape…and they rank him as the 5th best player in the NFL.

  13. Would rather have McCoy any day….watch what he does this year with Coach lovie and Michael johnson next to him on the line …

  14. I bet suh doesn’t get resigned if he keeps opening his mouth and ends up right next to McCoy by next season.. Oh and if you look at last years tape, McCoy made suh look like a bum. Give suh the right coaching and put him In better system with better players (bucs) and were looking at the old school bucs. Even if it takes a couple playoffs runs before a championship I’m happy with that cause it’ll bring in other top names to get us over the hump even though we look great this year

  15. What would it hurt???? Take a look at Vince Young…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help this team…even if it’s just upgrading the quarterback pool…

  16. What is with the Vince young obsession? That guy hasn’t been relevant in half a decade. Let’s be honest, was he really ever any good in the NFL?

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