Undrafted Broncos receiver Isaiah Burse sees Welker as a role model


Broncos undrafted rookie receiver Isaiah Burse has an uphill battle to make the roster on a team that already has a crowded receiver depth chart. But he shares a locker room with his role model, Wes Welker.

The 5-foot-10, 185-pound Burse says he sees himself as a similar player to Welker, who is the same size as Burse and who made it to the league as an undrafted free agent who began his career primarily as a special teams player.

“I feel like even in college, I did a lot of stuff he did,” Burse told the team’s website. “I was in the slot, I returned, and the fact that I became and undrafted free agent, that just all goes together. It’s funny how he was an undrafted free agent, too, and he became so successful. Just seeing him is kind of like a dream.”

Burse’s best chance of making the Broncos’ roster is as a punt and kickoff returner, as he handled both of those roles in college at Fresno State and the Broncos lost their top return man, Trindon Holliday, in free agency. As Welker has shown, an undersized undrafted free agent can make a roster thanks to special teams, and then become a lot more than just a special teams player once he’s in the NFL.

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  1. What, drop a lot of passes in clutch time? This donkey will regret signing with the leagues most choked team, I can’t wait till the donkeys get blown out again XD

  2. Welker can help him out a lot, he’ll just say that he needs to be aggressive like Holliday on those returns but also find a way to maintain ball security, and then when you don’t have the ball you gotta keep an eye out for those defenders that aren’t paying attention and line them up for a nice hit. That can sometimes open up a big play since you never really know how a play might develop and your teammate might be coming that way later on, or it can wear down the defense for a future play if it doesn’t also maybe knock somebody out of the game even if you honestly didn’t truly intend to injure them.

    Plus plays like that really make the opponent mad and then they get distracted and think it’s personal or that you might be breaking the rules and targeting them to cause injuries, and those distractions they have aren’t going to help them win which is good for your team.

    Ahh it’s great to have some veteran mentorship to learn the finer tricks of attacking Bel-i mean playing the game!

  3. I played with him in high school. I know him very, very well.

    Mark my words, this kid is going to have an NFL career. He was overshadowed by Dovantae Adams- but he is just as good. He led the NCAA in all purpose yards one season.

    Most impresively, he was voted 2010 High School Football Player of the DECADE in California.Watch his highlight film from high school. This kid is a baller.

    Most importantly- he is a humble kid with a christian background and THEE hardest worker you will ever meet.

  4. Worth adding, he was the biggest undrafted free agent steal of the draft.

    He should’ve been drafted in the 5th round. He will be a solid future slot receiver and special team player

  5. 100 catches for over a thousand yards his senior season, handled kickoffs and punts, and I believe he led the nation in all purpose yards. Fresno State’s all time leader in all purpose yards. Welker’s contract is up after this season. I don’t see him being a lot of help to his potential replacement. Burse is a couple of dropped passes away from starting.

  6. bust?…..lol he cant be a bust.
    at least try and keep up dude..

    he has a 50/50 shot at being a surprise of this years new players he has already impressed coaches & trainers….at hard to do

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