Andy Reid raves about Dee Ford

Getty Images

Yes, it’s still very early in the career of linebacker Dee Ford and the other 255 NFL draft picks.  Still, Chiefs coach Andy Reid has seen enough through one rookie minicamp to rave about the 23rd overall pick.

“Off the charts,” Reid told reporters Monday about Ford’s intangibles at the team’s rookie minicamp.  “He brings a lot of energy.  He loves playing the game.  Now, he and our quarterback [Aaron Murray] have competed against each other for the last four years and they get after each other out there, so it’s kind of fun to watch.”

Asked about his history with Murray, who played at Georgia, Ford was evasive.

“I’m going to let you Google that,” Ford told reporters.  “Come back to me. Yeah, we had some fun. I blessed him a little bit.”

The biggest blessing came from the last time they faced each other, on November 19 of last year.  Murray had led the Bulldogs to the Auburn 20 with the Tigers nursing a 43-38 lead.  A receiver was open, but before Murray could deliver the ball Ford lowered the boom.  While some thought the hit should have prompted a flag for targeting, Murray thought it was clean.

If Ford hits Murray — clean or otherwise — at any point over the next four years, Reid will be the one lowering the boom on Ford.