Bruce Arians: Deone Bucannon trying to be too perfect


The Cardinals drafted Deone Bucannon in the first round of the draft and they have an opening in the lineup for a starting safety in 2014, which is a pretty good sign that they’d like to see Bucannon in their starting lineup this year.

Bucannon hasn’t gotten there just yet. He’s shadowing Tony Jefferson now and trying to make the mental transition from college to the NFL and occasionally seeing snaps with the first team, something that will likely continue until Bucannon shows coach Bruce Arians that Bucannon has the proper grasp of what he needs to do on the field.

“[Deone has] only got one problem — He is so much a perfectionist,” Arians said, via the team’s website. “It is paralysis by analysis right now because he wants to do everything just perfect. Even Tyrann [Mathieu] told him, ‘Just play.’ You can’t play perfect all the time. But you do love that about him.”

Mathieu isn’t the only Cardinals defensive back advising Bucannon. He is also getting tips from Jefferson and cornerbacks Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie, saying that “you’d be dumb to fail, honestly,” with so much support on hand to get him ready for the season. 

If Bucannon can make the leap, Cromartie rebounds and Mathieu returns to full health, the Cardinals should have a strong secondary. Bucannon thinks, via, it can be “arguably the best in the league.” The team in Seattle would likely lodge an argument that the teams can settle in person a couple of times.

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  1. Cards should bring back Yeremiah Bell. he can mentor these kids Bucannon and Mathieu, then teamed with Peterson and Cro, they’ll make Sherman and Co. look like a bunch of scrubs

  2. Best in the league?

    Uhhh no.

    Neon said Hawks had the best secondary IN NFL HISTORY.

    That would make them the best in the league.

    And btw, hanging your hopes on a Coug won’t likely work out.

  3. Now if they had only spent a draft pick on one of the decent QBs that were available for so long instead of waiting and wasting a 4th rounder on Logan Thomas.

  4. This guy was a bright spot on a horrible defense. I bet he gets flagged for legal hits that just look too violent. Look it up on YouTube.

  5. Hasn’t played a down with the big boys yet, but thinks they can be the best in the league? Do these fools think before they open their self absorbed yappers?

  6. Mmm, yeah, Seattle has the best secondary of all time. The Cards think they drafted Kam Chancellor but they actually drafted Taylor Mays. Good luck with that.

  7. @700LevelVet He did not say he will be the best SS in the league. He said they could be the best secondary. I would say Peterson, Cro and Mathieu have played with the big boys. We have the best CB tandem in the league. If he can play above average that may be good enough to be a top 3 secondary.

  8. chriskrankin says:
    May 26, 2014 11:54 AM


    Peterson is not Sherm’s equivalent, so we’ll start there. 2nd, Peterson, Cromartie and TM have not played a snap together. Byron Maxwell and Richard Sherman deserve a little more respect than the heavily overrated Cromartie (Why do you think there was no market for him?) and the even more so overrated Peterson. Peterson consistently gets beaten for BIG gains and doesn’t make big plays like Sherman does. He’s still living off those punt return TD’s and his draft reputation.

  9. How did I know all the Shehawks fans would jump all over this post just like they do every Cardinals article. Sounds like some fans are getting nervous. 2013 Shehawks secondary was stellar no doubt, however 2014 Shehawks secondary looks much different, all while the Cards got better. I’m not making any bold predictions yet but I really hope all the media hype on Seattle and San Francisco doesn’t make them completely overlook Arizona. That would be a huge mistake.
    Buccanon is going to ball, and he’s gonna remind a lot of people of another hard hitting Strong Safety the Cards had for over a decade.

  10. Lol u dang seahawks fans…. Did none of u pay attention during FA ur cover 3 corners will not be the best this year yeah they are good but they wont be better than these guys. Im not a fan of either but its reality seattles success on d last season opened a door and if the browns had been smart enough to keep tj ward id even put them ahead of seattle n with whitner play they still may be up there and dont count out my TB Bucs our safeties are beasts n our cb play could make us a top 5 secondary

  11. As a neutral observer AZ “on paper” has the talent but has yet to prove it on the field. They are young, raw and hungry, none of which lasts forever. Even if they are the second best, I’d take’m.

  12. Seattle wins one SB and now they are the greatest team that the NFL has ever seen. These Seahawk fans are just completely ridiculous. If Sherman had only batted down Kapernick’s pass instead of getting the incredibly lucky break of having it fall into a teammates hands, Seattle probably would have lost that game and never made it to the SB.

  13. Uhhh.. get real nfc west losers! How did the hawks secondary change? Maxwell was playin all throughout playoffs and SB right? Yall think we can replace BB & Thurmond with Lane & Simon? The future is already in place young bucs. Please keep testing our “cover 3” corners n lets see how many picks ur QB throws. Much respect to Deon bc he learned from the best. Jus bc yall get Bigger Corners, don’t mean they can play BIG. ask your 2 starting CBs to tackle in space.

  14. Seattle is nervous because AZ got better over this offseason in both FA and the draft, plus gets their 2013 #1 pick back from injury. Seattle got lost in net FA and had a so so draft. And before all this, AZ dispatched Seattle at home last year. Their still talking big but they got punched in the mouth and bled. I can’t wait to watch every NFC West division game this season. Rams and San Fran should both be excellent as well.

  15. I bet we’d struggle to find just a few Sea-bandwagoners who know more than 5 players on their own team and can even tell us the year they were in the SB the last time.

    They’ll be gone a soon as the team hovers around .500 again.

  16. “If Cromartie rebounds….????”

    You mean, if the refs will again turn a collective blind eye to his holding of receivers down the field. To me, Arians just follows the Steelers playbook to the letter. We have the worst DB in the AFC and now, he brings in the worst for the NFC.
    Nice one, Bruce.

  17. Lol! Cardinals = the most pathetic franchise in NFL history. Chicago didn’t want you…St. Louis didn’t want you…for 20 years in Phoenix there were more visitor fans at your home games! 58-0! Third worst beating in the HISTORY of the sport even predating the SuperBowl era! You want to call Seattle fans bandwagoners? At least we’re good enough to have a bandwagon! You win ten games and that gives you some bragging rights? Seattle won the SuperBowl you wannabes! And get rid of that stupid premenstrual/constipated bird for a logo!

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