Former target of bullying eyes Incognito’s spot on Miami line

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The Dolphins need a new left guard, given the no-brainer decision not to bring back Richie Incognito.  Enter third-rounder Billy Turner, who brings a fitting set of experiences to the spot previously occupied by one of the most notorious bullies in the NFL.

I was the one getting bullied all the time by my older brother when I was growing up,” Turner said recently, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.  “When I started playing football, I played up with older guys.  I came in and played center right away, and everyone thought they were going to beat me up and bully me because I was younger.  They thought I was going to be soft.

“But I just got out there and unleashed my anger. The anger I had built up from getting mad and [peeved] at my older brother was what came out in my play.  That’s how I developed that strategy and that style of playing with a chip on my shoulder.”

He now plans to bully opponents, in a way that’s socially acceptable.

“When I put the helmet on and I snap it up, it’s like a switch getting turned on,” Turner said.  “I’m [full throttle] every play. I’m not going to give up on anything. And from the moment that ‘h’ comes out on the ‘hut’ I’m going to be as aggressive as I possibly can with the play call, trying to beat that guy and trying to bruise him.”

As Salguero points out, Turner seems to be the exact opposite of the more quiet and reserved first-round tackle Ja’Wuan James, whose personality reminded some scouts a little too much of the former Miami tackle who was the target of Incognito’s antics.  They hope they’ll get the same production from Turner that they got from Incognito, without the off-field issues.

26 responses to “Former target of bullying eyes Incognito’s spot on Miami line

  1. No brainer, indeed. Who would want a pro-bowl starting guard with leadership committee experience? The Dolphins are far to good to want a guy like that around.

  2. I think Turner will be a solid player in the NFL , if not a Pro Bowl player. He works hard at his craft , wants to succeed and in my opinion , has the talent to do so.

  3. Aren’t his comments suggesting that being bullied helped him develop? That’s an odd anti-bullying stance.

  4. …bullied by an older brother??? is that even possible? how ridiculous… simply proves the wussification of america theory…

  5. i still love how the media get’s off on jabbing miami for having “former players that are bully’s” acting like it’s the worst thing in the world. the media bully’s players all the time asking them questions over and over trying to get a response out of them so they can lite the fire and write thier stories.

    lets see

    richie incognito- former miami dolphin who was a bully

    arron hernandez- former NE patriot who was a murderer

    i think im ok with my team getting rid of some bullies compared to some other teams issues.

  6. It dosen’t matter seasons over anyway they still don’t have a QB tranny was projected as a 4th rounder and they took him with the 8th overall pic hahaha losers

  7. Sounds like he would have handled the situation differently than Martin. You know, like a 300 lb NFL O-lineman with a set. Looks like an upgrade on that alone.

  8. I wish the Ravens would sign Incognito. He is a complete jerk but he sure can play and mean offensive linemen is just what the Ravens need now after Michael Oher and Gradkowski. They really don’t have any rookie linemen for him to intimidate and I don’t think that kind of thing would go over in Baltimore anyway. You just know that one of the guards is going to go down. It always works that way when you are thin at a position.

  9. Patriots…… So sick of the fair weather fan base yappin …. Didn’t hear a word from them at all EVER til 2001….. All that comes to end in September …..

  10. Incognito was very popular amongst his teammates in Miami. Its addition by subtraction of low character Incognito yet Mike Pouncy remains a Dolphin?

    Jonathan Martin just isn’t aggressive enough by nature to be a mauler on the offensive line. He needed to grow a pair because he never had a fire lit under his ass by his Harvard educated parents who both are attorney’s and pampered him growing up. Incognito, Pouncy, and John Jerry tried to toughen him and Nate Garner up unlike Garner, Martin folded up.

  11. Billy is operating under the credo – “Take a guy’s lunch money and you make him go hungry for a day. Take his job and you make him go hungry for life.”.

  12. I sympathize with Turner.My brother gave me a wedgie once and somehow..someway I was able to overcome the odds and lead a productive life.

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