Jackson Jeffcoat trying to turn chip on shoulder into Seahawks roster spot


The University of Texas didn’t have a player drafted this year, something that came as a pretty big surprise after the team had a player drafted ever year since 1937.

It was a particularly big surprise because they had one of the conference’s top defensive players. Jackson Jeffcoat was the Big 12 defensive player of the year and he was named the Hendricks Award winner as the top collegiate defensive end, but all 32 teams passed on him several times and he wound up signing with the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent.

Jeffcoat says he chose the Seahawks over other offers because of a conversation with Seahawks linebackers coach Ken Norton, who played with Jeffcoat’s father Jim on Cowboys Super Bowl winners and who tried to recruit the younger Jeffcoat to USC when he worked as an assistant to current Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Jeffcoat said not being drafted left him with a “boulder” on his shoulder and he was convinced that the Seahawks were the best team to take that and turn it into something positive.

“That’s what was enticing about Seattle,” Jeffcoat said, via Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News. “They see that chip you have and poke at it — and keep poking at it to make it grow in a positive way. It becomes motivation to become better than you ever thought you could be.”

The Seahawks parted ways with Chris Clemons this offseason, opening up a spot in their rotation for a pass rusher that Jeffcoat could fill if he impresses the team over the rest of the offseason. If that works out, not getting drafted will have worked out pretty well for Jeffcoat.

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  1. Hard to fathom not a single Longhorn drafted this year. Has that program really fallen that far?

  2. He was productive with 13 sacks, but the reasons he was not drafted is because he was often injured and mostly because he is too small to be an NFL DE. As a “Tweener”, he could rotate in on passing downs or covert to OLB? Good Luck to him, I hope he continues his Dream.

  3. Jeffcoat is too small to play DE in the Nfl, thus not being drafted. However, Sam was also too small to play DE in the NFL BUT was drafted and has already received endorcement deals. And even the president has gone out of his way to talk him up.


  4. Make it or not this fella is at least able to reside on the greatest locker room in the league. The things he learns here will be life long lessons of how to be a success in whatever life brings. How could anyone pass up an offer to go to camp with the Hawks? World Champs!

  5. Yeah that’s pretty frustrating to see a player of his talent go undrafted, especially when my Lions are selecting a KICKER of all things despite having a lot of important needs to still fill.

  6. hmmmm….a boulder on his shoulder…. is he feeling kinda older as he tripped the merry-go-round?

  7. Oh look another chip on the shoulder… Could it be the fact your 5th weakest defensive end at the combine, injury prone and played on a garbage conference in college ? Yeah, let’s call it a chip you weren’t drafted

  8. seattle seahawks, where draft day snubs with MASSIVE chips on their shoulders come to win SUPER BOWL TROPHIES!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  9. I wonder how this kid will fit in with the likes of Bruce Irvin. Irving sort of seems to be the guy without a spot since Malcom Smith did his Super Bowl thing.

    So you now have Irvin, Jeffcoat, Bennett, and Avril that are all quality DE’s. Obviously Bennett can slide inside and play tackle on obvious passing downs (the guys is a beast anywhere he lines up). But somewhere in the mix you have to wonder where both Jeffcoat and Irvin fit in.

    They both have the size and speed that indicates edge rushers and while they can (and likely will) rotate, you have to wonder what Seattle has in plan for them long term.

    Irvin was converted to LB last season and did an admiral job. He can cover guys as well as rush the QB, but he’s weak at stopping the run. Malcolm Smith can do all three. So I wonder if there might be a trade in the works somewhere down the line. Maybe a young, middle of the pack o-lineman or possibly a o-lineman “project and a 6th rounder for Irvin (former 1st rounder).

    Of course knowing Pete Carroll and John Schneider they will simple let the guys compete and fight it out in camp. Then whoever wins, wins. Then the other guy gets rotated in for 5 plays or so a game or he gets traded for a 7th.

  10. kamthechancellor says: May 26, 2014 11:21 AM

    He’s the latest John Schneider steal. All-pro in two years.
    You don’t “steal” a UDFA. You invite them.

  11. “If that works out, not getting drafted will have worked out pretty well for Jeffcoat.” … except for the salary loss of maybe millions

  12. i used to dream of the hawks being just like they are. it was the 1980’s. it took 30 years , but now it’s real! GO HAWKS!!!

  13. He didn’t want to play for Carroll in college, but now he believes that Carroll is the best NFL coach for him? It seems to me he just cherry picked, and wanted to play on currently the best team in the league. Not the one he would have the best chance to make.

  14. I think the guy is trying to ride daddy’s coattails. If some of the above comments are true, especially the one about cherry picking the team he wants to play for. If he was out lifted by a punter it doesn’t sound like he’s a hard worker. I like Irvin but the fact they took him in the 1st round is still a head scratcher IMO. I don’t believe this rook will out work Irvin. He better have a good preseason cuz all it is for him is an audition. No way he makes this team.

  15. We signed a similar UDFA player in 1988 named Rufus Porter. He had roughly the same build as Jeffcoat Jr., and was considered too much of a tweener type to make it in the NFL. Porter got in two Pro Bowl seasons, and not only was a special teams star, but a pass-rushing threat as a starting OLB.

    Seahawk fans LOVE talented players with chips on their shoulders.

  16. As a TexExe maybe I’m a little biased but the guy had two pectoral tears the previous two seasons, thus keeping him from hitting the bench press like most players would. Also, the guy was a class act on and off the field and one of few recruits Mack got right. rest assured he’s not riding daddy’s coattails. Pete Carroll and Ken Norton know exactly what they got in him, a baller

  17. I would like to add, i do hope I’m wrong about this guy. As a hawk fan i do love the late rounders & free agents. There were just a few “facts” in the article that concern me & with a team full of guys with chips on their shoulders this guy is gonna have to want it bad to out perform the already great depth on this roster. At least he’s at a position where they need more depth.

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