Pro Football Talk on NBCSN doesn’t take the day off

While you’re enjoying the charcoaled flesh of a dead animal of choice (or whatever it is that’s in a hot dog), be ready to turn on the flat screen for 60 minutes of NFL knowledge.

Pro Football Talk on NBCSN won’t be taking the day off, and we’ll be giving you what you want and need as training camp makes its inevitable approach.

Today’s edition looks at the offseasons of the Patriots, Vikings, and Broncos.  We’ll specifically be talking about the future of New England quarterback Tom Brady, given the team’s decision to use a second-round pick on his potential replacement.

So join us at 5:30 p.m. ET.  Ross Tucker and Tom Curran will be in the studio with Erik Kuselias, and I’ll be in my usual spot, trying to ignore the inescapable smell of the charcoaled flesh of a dead animal of choice.  Or whatever it is that’s in a hot dog.

Meanwhile, on the first American holiday of the summer months, here’s a poll question regarding our neighbors to the north.  Answer it now, and then tune in for the show.

And whatever you do, be sure to spend time reflecting on the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made to secure and defend our way of life.

13 responses to “Pro Football Talk on NBCSN doesn’t take the day off

  1. Vince Young can still play in the NFL if he wants it bad enough and can properly prepare himself. He should be able to beat out a lot of less intriguing players that some of these teams hold onto that aren’t professional caliber QBs.

  2. NFL needs a sponsored minor league of football. With the overwhelming fan demand for the game at it’s highest level, enough of that enthusiasm should spill over to support second level teams in smaller cities.

  3. I am not sure about the idea that someone that was not good enough for the NFL has a good shot in the CFL. You better be a accurate passer with a high percentage completion as you are throwing 30-40 times a game. Vince Young doesn’t fit that bill.

  4. I didn’t say Vince Young doesn’t suck. I’m not working with the guy or monitoring him but I see a lot more potential in him than a lot of other QBs that get jobs. My opinion that Young should be considered for a roster has more to do with my identifying of a LOT of QBs that I don’t think have any business being in the NFL in the first place.

  5. Agree with you 100% thestrategyexpert!!! Also I had a Buddy that played in the CFL. It’s a pretty good Gig let me tell ya!! And if you’re really good on the CFL Circuit? Your Golden!!

  6. I agree that there should be a minor league or a development league for some of these guys. It would benefit a lot of players that are just not quite good enough to stay on a roster, it would benefit the teams to have players in shape and learning more football in case someone gets injured, and it would help the fans who live in off-markets or in smaller towns (or who can’t blow $500 on going to a game with their kids).

    I’m not sure why this idea hasn’t caught on yet…seems like win/win/win for everyone involved. Have them play on Tuesday or Wednesdays so it doesn’t conflict with pro, college, or high school games if you want.

  7. Personally, for me to watch a developmental league, each of the 32 teams would have to sponsor one minor-league team (I would only follow if my own team had a direct minor-league counterpart). That way each team could develop its own players and use similar offensive and defensive schemes to their NFL counterpart, as opposed to loaning a handful of players to a shared team. While it makes some sense to have them play during the NFL season, I think it would also help fill the void in the spring and early summer. Move the draft up to late March, and start this league in April. Played a 10 game regular season with only eight teams making the playoffs. One division winner from each division, and no wildcards.

  8. Isn’t that what training camp is for…Teams carry 90 players in camp. Football is a physical game. If this is really a developmental league how do you expect a someone to play 8 spring games then go right into training camp. Their bodies would already be so used up the chances of making any NFL team would be next to nothing. Besides allot of players would choose not to take part just because of injury.

  9. That is a valid point about the wear and tear on players bodies, and their inability to essentially participate in a second season once the minor league season is over. The same 32 team proposal, with 10 game regular season, would still work in the fall. That would also allow teams to call up players when necessary. The only drawback as fans, is that we still have a huge spring and summer void, and once the NFL regular season gets going we are far less likely to care what happens in the minor league.

  10. I like the idea of a minor league operating during the season, like baseball and basketball.

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