Rob Moore recalls Pat Tillman’s desire to serve


In a moving story posted on the Bills’ website, former Cardinals wide receiver Rob Moore spoke of his friendship with the late Pat Tillman, and it’s a story worth taking a moment to read on Memorial Day.

Moore, now the Bills’ wide receivers coach, told writer Anna Stolzenburg of Tillman’s wish to live a life of deeper meaning.

“I remember distinctly, one of the conversations we had was how disappointed he was in himself because his exact words were, ‘I haven’t done a damn thing. My grandfather fought in a war and his dad fought in a war and I’m just a football player. I haven’t done anything and that doesn’t sit well with me,'” Moore told of Tillman, who perished as a result of friendly fire in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger in 2004.

Moore told the club’s website that Tillman’s passing was a reflection of what he stood for.

“They say that certain people will leave this earth a certain way,” Moore said, according to “I think that the way he left was who Pat Tillman was. He’s a guy who was going to fight for the cause. He was fighting for something he truly believed in.”

Moore’s remembrance of what made Tillman unique on and off the field is a wonderful tale of teammates who became friends. It’s a tale that has deeper meaning because of Tillman’s legacy, but it would be special no matter the circumstances. So it is with friendship.

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  1. A true hero. Unlike these baby’s that play professional sports today. They won’t even play with a broken toenail today and do nothin but complain. Show me the money!!! That’s all they worry about. Then they go broke 2 years later and blame everyone else.

  2. Pat Tillman was not killed by friendly fire. He was murdered in cold blood and his death was shamelessly used by the Pentagon as propaganda. Pat found out many truths while serving in Afghanistan. He paid the ultimate price before he could come home and tell the people the truth.

  3. Albjuan,
    On Memorial Day can we just say Thank you to Pat, his legacy and desire to do more than most, as well as thank you to all those who protect and die for our way if life. Rather than kick up a political conspiracy theory to tarnish the real meaning of this day?

  4. ‘I haven’t done a damn thing. My grandfather fought in a war and his dad fought in a war and I’m just a football player. I haven’t done anything and that doesn’t sit well with me.’

    With a mindset like that, we would have a lot more soldiers and a lot more… wars. Can there be a discussion of what does being a man mean. Sounds like he was brainwashed to think that only be being a warrior can he be a man.

  5. “All gave some, and some gave all.”

    Tillman gave all. Godspeed.

  6. After years of thinking this over, I do agree with the thought that Tillman could rightfully find a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Some players aren’t statistical giants or on-the-field icons. Some players transcend those things, and with the decision that Tillman made in the era that he was playing in combined with the ultimate sacrifice he paid, I think that considering him for the PFHOF would be warranted.

    Just my take on it, I’m sure there are a ton against this idea.

  7. Pat Tillman was a noble man.

    Everyone should consider watching the documentary about his life and death. ‘The Tillman Story’

  8. God Bless Pat Tillman… A man who was true to his mind heart and convictions… Whether he was right or wrong , no way he is less than a hero, and had bigger balls than everyone of us ass clowns that post here…

  9. After reading the book on Tillman, Where Men Win Glory, my admiration for him grew.

    He enlisted thinking we were still living in the days of WWII. Wanting to do his part in the fight of good vs. evil.

    After learning himself it was all a farse, he stuck to his commitment. He did as a man should do.

    I celebrate this struggle most of our enlisted men and women have faced and endured. What’s relatable is the struggle within we all face, wanting to do right in the face of the easy street of wrong.

    I salute you Mr. Pat Tillman and your entire family. It’s people like them that make me proud to be an American.

  10. As a veteran, it pains me what happened to him. But nothing is more courageous, then having millions in the NFL and giving it up to serve your country. This day is for you pat, and every other veteran who gave his life. God bless.

  11. Tragic. Made worse by the fact Cheney, Rumsfeld, and everybody in that Admin. lied about how Pat was killed. R.I.P. Pat.

  12. fighting another mans war over greed. im not going overseas to fight a nation who’s done nothing to me. now if a nation was sending troops here to attack us, then i’ll fight. other then that, i will not be a brainwashed sheep.

  13. To tell the truth, I hadn’t given thought about Pat Tillman in the Pro Football HOF. Reading several of the responses to this post has convinced me that he has earned it.
    He walked away from a lifetime of financial security to put his money and his life, where his mouth was. Not many of us would have under similar circumstances.
    Thank you Pat Tillman and family for your sacrifice. God Bless You.
    Mr. Goodell, make this happen!

  14. Let’s all remember Pat Tillman, the rest of our fallen soldiers and those that served us and came home today.

    Happy Memorial Day.

  15. I remember a quote in a book I read a long time ago, “The brightest star burns the quickest”. Certainly true in life of Pat. But while short, it was also a life certainly well lived. God bless.

  16. I am in the Army and having served overseas 3 times in the past 11 years makes me uniquely qualified to comment on the subject of Pat Tillman. To me, not only is he a true hero, but it takes real gumption to turn down a life that anyone would take in a heartbeat in order to serve in one of the most elite organizations in the Armed Forces just because you felt that your life to that point did not stand for anything significant. As mentioned before, this is notaday to drudge up conspiracies about what may have been, but to recognize the sense of pure duty that made Pat Tillman do what he ultimately did in sacrificing as much as he in the context of what his options were at the time the decision to serve was made…RESPECT..Thank you SPC Tillman!

  17. To the few clowns posting political views on this story, you stay classy! This is a day to honor the men and women who died for your dumb asses! To get on here and write stuff about your disagreeing views to the administration and your political views shows just how unappreciative and selfish you are! God bless all the men and women who serve in the armed forces and thank you from a guy who does appreciate your service! And god bless the USA!!!

  18. I too salute all the men and women who have fought or will fight for this country, thank you for your service.

    I also appreciate Mr Tillman for his courage and sense of duty but what happened to him was despicable and should not be forgotten or ignored.

  19. As far as I’m concerned, this guy was and will always be the perfect role model for every NFL player to come. Aside from losing a great American hero, he unfortunately gave his life for a culture of people who weren’t worth give it up for.

    Tillmans story should be mandatory reading for every school in our nation. Hero’s are too hard to come by these days and should never be forgotten!

  20. Pat Tillman didn’t protect any freedom. He was smart/idealistic about this nation – but what killed him was other American’s playing Rambo – and they murdered him.

    No one in Afghanistan/Iraq is protecting the US’s freedom right now (and never has), and if you follow what is going on there – our military is doing jack all and dying because of it. Get our boys home. Get them out of the Middle East. We’re only wasting human life, that wants to BELIEVE in this nation – but at the end of the day, they may not get full health care or college tuition – even if they come out alive. These people deserve to come home, alive, cared for – and with a future. Something Pat Tillman fought for, but Republicans deny. Not to be partisan, but look it up. I left the Republican party over it.

    Our veterans are doing nothing other than protecting fat oilmen’s profits now. It’s sad. I have friends/family that have served our nation – it’s always sad when they do it to protect the 1%.

    BTW, Tillman was a heluva player. Wish I could’ve seen his whole career in the NFL. I also wish he wasn’t so blinded by the lies, as well. Bin Laden is dead – lets get our boys home already. Really tired of going to ceremonies for people I know that died fighting for NOTHING but some fat guy’s wealth that won’t even send in his children to protect.

  21. RIP Mr. Tillman. God Bless and Keep you and yours.

    To those that serve(d) from we that don’t, a humble thank you.

  22. Well said albjuan!!! Well said!! You should be applauded!!! The truth hurts!! People want to believe in Folk Heroes!! Fighting a War that we where lied and had us fooled From a cowardly President!! That should be brought up on War crime charges!!!! Well said!!!!

  23. Pat Tillman was not killed by friendly fire. He was murdered in cold blood and his death was shamelessly used by the Pentagon as propaganda. Pat found out many truths while serving in Afghanistan. He paid the ultimate price before he could come home and tell the people the truth.


  24. btw – Pat Tillman was killed because one of his fellow Rangers didn’t follow procedure and didn’t identify his target before opening fire. That young man was kicked out of the Rangers and received the appropriate official punishment for his mistake.

    He’s got to live with that mistake for the rest of his life and learn how to forgive himself. My understanding is he’s having a very difficult time coming to terms with what he did. Not every combat wound is visible.

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