Tom Brady: I had a pretty good idea we’d take a quarterback

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When Bill Belichick used the Patriots’ second-round draft pick on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, it could have been seen as an affront to Tom Brady. But Brady says he’s taking it in stride.

“I felt like I had a pretty good idea we’d take a quarterback,” Brady told Peter King of “Coach Belichick doesn’t care who the quarterback is here. He’s always going to play the guy who he thinks gives him the best chance to win. It’s not my role to choose players here, thankfully. And this is not the first time they’ve taken another quarterback either. There’s no entitlement in the NFL. I don’t expect to be given anything. I just hope I’m the one most entitled to play that position for a long time here.”

When a team with a 36-year-old franchise quarterback uses a second-round draft pick on a quarterback, it may be an indication that the team doesn’t expect that franchise quarterback to last much longer. But Brady says he’s still excited about playing many more years of football.

“There’s nothing that can wake me up at 5 o’clock in the morning on a Thursday morning in May like getting ready for a day of football,” Brady said. I want to play a long time. There’s nothing I like doing that’s close to football. What’ll I do when I’m done playing? I don’t know, but I know it won’t be nearly as fun. I can tell you neither me nor Peyton [Manning] will probably be very far from the game of football when we’re done.”

Brady won’t be ready to hand the reins over to Garoppolo any time soon.

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  1. And football probably won’t be near as fun watching, without Brady in a helmet, head butting his linemen.

  2. Garrapolo is Brady’s backup in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017: Patriots wont have to make a decision to franchise Garrapolo until 2018 and Brady is 40. If Brady stays healthy – great. If he doesn’t – the Patriots have a plan.

    I don’t get the big deal!!


  3. Tom knows his skills are deminishing, and its quite refreshing to here a player of his ilk be so down to earth and acknowledge that fact. That said he is still the qb in NE for atleast two more years!

  4. Being at that age and still playing at a high level. Definitely one of the best. Let’s see all the haters comment on here.

  5. The greatest 6th round draft pick in the history of the game expects to play another 6 or 7 years. He is so determined, I wouldn’t bet against him.
    Don’t be surprised if a factor behind NE drafting Garoppolo was to fire Brady up. He had a few poor games last season.

  6. “But Brady says he’s taking it in stride.” The alternative is to give Tom a sword and let him take on all comers.

    He’s not the first veteran QB to witness his successor being drafted. Why should we act like he is? Sometimes it takes a few drafts to get it right, other times, it comes in a trade.

    One thing is sure, it always happens … to every QB.

  7. Brady also probably knows if Belichick sees another QB in next years draft he’ll take him aswell.
    Belichick will play whoever gives them the best chance to win. Brady knows that most of all.

  8. I love Brady. Just love him. He’s a very cool dude and a terrific quarterback. No matter what he does after football, we should all wish him well–no matter what team we support.

  9. I like how Pats fans say Brady can make a janitor look like a pro bowl receiver
    Yet when they get knocked out of the playoffs they say its because he doesn’t have anyone to throw the ball to

  10. He’s right about Belichick. He’ll play the best guy. Brady has had two cracks at a 4th Super Bowl and both were winnable games. He won’t truly be in the conversation with Montana if he retires with 3. I hope he gets another shot before he is replaced as starter.

  11. As an alumni member I hear the stories. Brady is a total class act who cares about team, football and others. He sees the big picture and will always be prepared – especially at game time. Never underestimate him – we can learn this from his play, he never quits. New QB – not anytime soon.

  12. .

    When Tom Brady was chosen by the Patriots in the 6th round (199th overall) of the 2001 draft, he told owner Bob Kraft ” I’m the best decision this organization ever made”.

    Everyday since 2001 his actions have backed up his words.


  13. Great competitor and what a life this guy has.
    Can’t think of too many others athletes I would want to switch roles with( Gisele, money, fame, good looks) etc

  14. As a Raiders fan and having to eat the tuck rule for the rest of my life I can unbiasly so that Brady is all class and one of the best ever. That hurts.

  15. Joe Montana is hands down the best quarterback, ever. Brady is in the discussion along with Peyton Manning, Elway, and Bradshaw. Tom needs to win a couple more superbowls if he wants to be the best ever.

  16. Tom is the greatest ever and you can hear why. He loves the game and is a student of the game and the ultimate team player. While Manziel is partying in Las Vegas this guy is studying his game, while Flacco is demanding every cent he can get Causing his team to get rid of needed receivers (Bolden) Tom takes less to help his team. Him and Peyton are true greats and total class of the NFL

  17. There is no denying that Brady had an off year. Just look at his QB rating or ranking among the leagues QBs. You can blame the WRs or injuries all you want but he just plain missed throws sometimes. I think NE feels like they need to groom a replacement sooner rather then later.

  18. TB #12 is a great QB and a team leader. When Ryan Mallett gets traded to Houston for Andre Johnson he will have an elite receiver to go along with Gronk, LaFell, Edellman, Amendola etc. The D is revamped and ready go Pats and the leader TB #12

  19. They need a QB that can throw the ball down the field, versus just over the middle. However, that doesn’t match well for the receivers that they have now. For Brady they just needs some tight ends and a couple slot receivers that are expendable or durable.

    The article should read. Patriots forgo wide receivers in the draft knowing that Brady can’t throw it to them.

  20. As a Redskins fan I hope RGIII models his game after Tom realizing no matter what you accomplish you still have to work hard and perfect your game all year around every year and be a student of the game. Also you are only as good as your team.

  21. This is why Brady is the best. I love watching this guy play. He has no WRs and still is an elite QB every year. I dont know which i enjoy more his talent or his attitude. Definitely one of my favorite players of all time.

  22. Tom just might be right about playing 3-4 more years. At 37 thats not impossible.

  23. I’m saddened at how Pay-a-ton has taken the deserved focus off of Tommy. Whatever will the NFL do without them?

  24. We shall see how great Belichick is once Brady retires…..a Brady is a once in a lifetime QB……

  25. Can’t win the Manning-Brady argument as best of his era. They are equivalent, they’ve just achieved it differently.

    I love the Andre Johnson for Ryan Mallett suggestion above. Seems like a win-win. Mallett kinda sucks but maybe Bill O’Brien can bring out that potential in exchange for an apparently disgruntled, aging receiver?

  26. Tom Brady easily has another 4 years in him, that picked could have been used on an instant impact player. Not to mention the Patriots haven’t had much success drafting QB since landing Brady… Rohan Davey, Matt Cassel, Zac Robinson, Kevin O’Connell, Ryan Mallet.


  27. It’s just a smart move. When you have the ability to do what the Packers did with Favre and Rodgers and have a high-draft pick learn for years from one of the best QBs in the league, you ensure you continue that QB legacy. The Saints might want to start thinking the same way in the next couple of years.

  28. I suggest everyone read what Brady said one more time: “There’s no entitlement in the NFL. I don’t expect to be given anything. I just hope I’m the one most entitled to play that position for a long time here.” Great attitude. Great example to his teammates.

    Brady recently sold his new home in California to build one near Bob Kraft in Brookline, Massachusetts. I expect that Tom and Giselle will buy a share of the Patriots when he retires. It will give Kraft some money to pay estate taxes when he passes while keeping the majority share with his son. It would also keep the glamour of the Brady/Bundchen names tied to the Patriots. Tom may also ascend to a role similar to what Elway is doing with the Broncos.

  29. To the guy that said Brady is the best QB ever – hahahahahahahaha – Brady can’t hold a candle to Joe Montana. Brady is not even in his league !!!!!

  30. the Patriots haven’t had much success drafting QB since landing Brad

    On opening day 2014 Brady, Hoyer, and Cassel may all be starting for their respective teams. One GM drafting 3 starters in a 10 year span.

    Other than that, you’re right of course.

  31. It would be news if Belichick wasn’t drafting qb’s in rd 2-5 in the years leading up to the end of his franchise QB’s career.
    The fact that he is treating QB as an important position where and making sure that if Brady can’t play, they have a guy who they’ve been evaluating and developing, and who beat out other good draft picks rather than just being handed the job, is the least surprising, least newsworthy item out there. Yet it’s been everywhere for months.
    Do these articles really generate that many clicks????

  32. I agree with the guy who said Joe Montana is the greatest of all-time, but Super Bowls aren’t the only way to judge a QB. And Terry Bradshaw has no business being mentioned with the other QBs you mentioned.

  33. TheWizard says:

    On opening day 2014 Brady, Hoyer, and Cassel may all be starting for their respective teams. One GM drafting 3 starters in a 10 year span.

    Other than that, you’re right of course.

    If Cassel or Hoyer are your starting QB, you’re in trouble. Btw, Brady was drafted in 2000. That’d be 14 years, not 10.

  34. Remember a guy named Drew Bledsoe ?? If this kid ever comes into camp or gets the chance and shows he can be the next QB in New England, BB has no problem letting the future begin its quest.

  35. …On opening day 2014 Brady, Hoyer, and Cassel may all be starting for their respective teams. One GM drafting 3 starters in a 10 year span.

    Hoyer was actually an undrafted free agent but we do get your point. The fact that Belichick and his Coaches have helped develop one future HOF QB, as well as Hoyer and Cassel who may have 10 year NFL careers as occasional starters and serviceable backup QBs (there are worse jobs, like the ones all of us who post here have) is probably not too bad compared to league wide QB development. Mallett might be another one the Pats have developed reasonably well, we just don’t know yet.

  36. If Cassel or Hoyer are your starting QB, you’re in trouble. Btw, Brady was drafted in 2000. That’d be 14 years, not 10.

    Cassel was drafted in 2005. Hoyer joined the Pats in 2009. Does my math suck, or is 2009 not 14 years after 2000?

  37. There’s no entitlement in football… That’s one thing I like about sports. You have to earn your place and they fire you if you don’t do your job. That’s a great motivator for players to work hard esp with the Pats. As great as Brady is, he still thinks and works like a six round pick that he was. — I just saw a picture of manziel partying to unwind. The brutal work is just starting. I hope this promising kid will take a cue from Brady,Manning, Brees and the old folks. There’s no entitlement in football.

  38. In spite of his “attitude” it’s awfully hard not to like Brady. A 6th round pick who has proven the world they were wrong. The guy shows immense confidence and plays at a high level every year. You just have to admire him no matter what.

    But he does make me want to compare other similar athletes to him… Let’s see, who else was a mid to low round pick that is now one of the best at his position? Oh yeah….Are you mad bro? Go Richard Sherman!

    (Feel free to thumbs down if you want, but if you’re honest with yourself you’ll thumbs up because you realize they are both in the top 5 of their position after being overlooked by just about everyone.)

  39. Last season, Brady put up Roethlisberger-like numbers. And everyone panicked.
    We here in Pittsburgh are still waiting for our 10-year, $100 million, franchise quarterback to have a Brady-like season. We’ve stopped holding our collective breath.

  40. With another Wes Welker-like WR, and another healthy and productive TE (read: an anti-Gronk), Tom Brady could easily surpass TB (Terry Bradshaw) and “The G.O.A.T” Joe Montana with five (5) SB rings (Brady currently has three, and TB and Montana have four). Brady and Big Bro Manning are once-in-every-15 years players. Oregon’s Marcus Mariota (read: an anti-Manziel) is the next “Brady-in-the-making”: an A-1+ prospect who will declare his eligibility for the 2015 NFL Draft (15 years after Tom Brady’s 2000 drafting to the Patriots). I would hate to see Mariota in a Rams uniform, but the team with the poorest 2014 campaign will likely get first dibs on Mariota.

  41. Best winning % by far of any QB in the history of the league, Most playoff wins, 3 Super Bowl rings, 5 Super bowl Appearances,2 streaks of over 80 straight games, most completions without an interception, only unanimous MVP in the history of the league, and he is not in Montana’s class…..really???

  42. I am so sick of Raiders fans bringing up the Tuck Rule.

    Roughing the Passer. Shut up and look it up!

  43. Every NFL team needs a backup quarterback. The Pats don’t have a good backup. They were lucky Brady did not miss any games last year. They cannot rely on luck. Last year they gave Tebow a chance to compete for the backup job, but ultimately cut him. So, what is the Pats supposed to do to look for a good backup? The Cowboys are begging Kyle Orton not to retire and are paying him 3 million a year. The Pats will pay Garopollo less than a mil for the next couple of years. That is a shrewd move. Besides, if Tom Brady does decline, then they have someone ready to step in.

  44. It’s utterly hilarious reading all these arm-chair quarterbacks and their thoughts on the future of the Patriots. Jimmy Garappolo, for all we know, may be a total bust in the NFL. He may not even hold a candle to Ryan Mallett — who knows. Let’s not make him the next Tom Brady until we atleast see something out of the guy.

  45. Few points from a Steelers fan:

    Brady is WAY better than Manning. Not even close.

    Brady is taking as much of the salary cap as Manning, so please stop with the “he takes less” BS.

    It does not matter who the starting QB is when Brady retires. It is impossible to replace a legend.

    Even if Brady wins his 4th Super Bowl, Montana (and Bradshaw) are 4-0. Brady will never be able to say that. (By the way, for most of Bradshaws career, DB’s could hold and bump the length of the field. And only 14 game seasons. He could have put up Brady numbers playing with the rules of today)

  46. One thing Brady ALWAYS knows is the score of the game, including the age game. The guy just doesn’t let his ego get in the way. But you can bet, like all the greats, he’d like to play forever.

  47. From an outsider’s perspective on New England, I always knew Brady to be a hot-head. The more I read about how he handles situations really shows how composed he is and I think that translates well onto the field. What a guy.

    From the organization perspective, it’s simply an insurance policy. New England would probably love it if Brady could play til he’s 45 so they’d do the same thing with Mallet/Garrapollo in a few more years to allow them their opportunity in the NFL.

    That’s how you do it boys. Cleveland looks like it is finally learning with Farmer in charge!

  48. it’s outrageous this is even an article. When i read the header i was lmao. Of course Brady’s not worried. Its not like he’s Brian Hoyer in Cleveland.

  49. I started following sports in 1973 and Bobby Orr was my first “Hero”, and then came Larry Bird in the 1980’s.

    I have never enjoyed following a pro athlete’s career more than I have enjoy following Tom Brady. I’d love nothing more than to see him win another Super Bowl, and heck maybe two and call it a career as the QB GOAT, it’s doable.

  50. Best winning % by far of any QB in the history of the league, Most playoff wins, 3 Super Bowl rings, 5 Super bowl Appearances,2 streaks of over 80 straight games, most completions without an interception, only unanimous MVP in the history of the league, and he is not in Montana’s class…..really???

    he’s not in Montana’s class. not even close. brady got embarrassed by the giants twice in the super bowl. Montana never got embarrassed in the the super bowl. he always took care of business. he’s the comeback kid. the best at 4th q , last minute drives. saying brady is in Montana’s class is like saying lebron is in Jordan’s class. there not even close. Montana and Jordan are in a class by themselves. 4-0 6-0

  51. He’s almost as good as Peyton…

    Yrs from now, Peyton will be the head coach and offensive coordinator and Brady will be the coach of his QB’s…

  52. Would Brady be immune to Belichick’s tendency to trade big name players on the backside of their careers? Based on past history, I rather doubt it. Belichick has never shown an emotional attachment, loyalty, or whatever you want to call it with personnel decisions. If he thinks you can be replaced, and BB can get some value for you, your gone. Brady may likely retire a patriot, but there certainly are no guarantee’s.

  53. He stands at or near the top of all statistical milestones, including games won, playoff games won, Division Titles, Conference Championship Games, Super Bowls, completions, touchdowns, winning streaks, MVP’s etc. He has clearly been the most dominant player of his time. He has QB’d his team to record accomplishments, and he’s done it in the salary cap era. He is an ultimate competitor as well as team player, and he does not spend his free time getting up in our grills in search of as many advertising dollars as he can get his hands on. Football is enough for him. He does not place himself above the team and does not use his position to extract concessions on organizational decisions. He’s been this way since day one, and he has not really changed much. He’s the player everyone wants to see, and he and his team are the measuring stick for everyone else. No player is as feared as this guy. He has limited athleticism in a game where he competes with genetic freaks that are trying to incapacitate him, yet he dominates. He does it with his mind and his preparation. He is an Every Man’s QB. What is not to like about this guy? It may not be until after he retires and the wounds heal that people will acknowledge what an incredible QB this guy has been. If I have a kid and he wants to be a QB, I point to this guy. The bottom line is he is a winner, in a league where everyone said he couldn’t be. He has done it multiple ways, with an ever changing caste of characters. One thing never changes, and that is Brady will bring you his A game, with whatever talent he has around him, and make them look better in the process. He is the kind of QB that can beat your team, and then turn around and QB your team, and beat his. If you do beat him you beat him, but it is rare, and to be savored. His presence in the game will be greatly missed some day. Hopefully that day won’t be too soon.

  54. What would it hurt???? Take a look at Vince Young…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help this team…even if it’s just upgrading the quarterback pool…

  55. As a Raiders fan the greatest quarterback of all time is . . . John Elway. He doesn’t have the fancy of Peyton or Marino, but what marks his greatness is the three super bowls he lost, in that NO OTHER QUARTERBACK could have gotten his team there with the talent he’d been stuck with. Montana and Bradshaw had Hall-of-Famers throughout their rosters, Elway didn’t. Remember that Montana couldn’t lead his second team to the big game, but Steve Young won the Super Bowl with the 49ers. If Montana was the greatest qb ever why couldn’t he take a second-rate team to the Super Bowl? Elat did that THREE times! And when they finally put a team around him he won back-to-back Super Bowls. John Elway is the G.O.A.T.

  56. Tom Brady is a very good QB…I just wish he had more playoff wins than Mark Sanchez has had over the course of Marks “career”.

  57. I chuckle when someone claims he is the greatest of all time. To each their own. The best I will agree with is that he is better than Dan Marino.

  58. brady got embarrassed by the giants twice in the super bowl. Montana never got embarrassed in the the super bowl.

    No, Payton Manning got embarrassed last year in the SB. Brady had the Pats in the games agains the Giants until the final minute or 2 both times.

    The players on the Pats who got embarrassed were the Oline if anyone was, and maybe Welker. Brady did his part in the 07 and 11 SBs.

  59. Growing up I always hated Brady. Maybe its because the patriots sent my colts packing nearly every time. I didn’t like the manning Brady comparisons. But now Peyton is playing in Denver and we have our new general I see ascen in a whole new way. To me personally though Peyton will be 1a and tom 1b. Its going to be a sad day when the two living legends hang em up

  60. montana has lost SEVEN games in the playoffs, including a 49-3 whooping by the giants in 1986. Let’s not act like the man is untouchable in the playoffs. Yes, he won 4 super bowls and didn’t throw an interception in any of them, but those were against average teams. Montana also played with many more HOF players. Brady has only played with one other sure-fire HOFer, Randy Moss. Brady, as always, has done more with less.

  61. Brady has benefitted from playing in an incredibly weak division. They also benefit from scheduling.
    They again play Denver at home.

    How many away playoff games has Brady won – not counting using the “tuck rule”?

  62. Its good to know that some fans remember the 1976 roughing the QB that went against NE playing OAK . Brady never got embarrassed in the SB he left the game with the lead it was the D that lost the game. remember this about Brady he made it to the last 3 AFC championship games with one primary reciever no TE and a running game by committee. Last year when wilfork went out the pats D went from a 3-4 to a 4-3 and still made to the AFC championship game. This a direct testement to Brady.

  63. It’s got to be eating Brady inside knowing that his legacy is gonna be “Tuck Rule” and “Spygate”
    Haven’t won a SB since being caught cheating. That’s probably gonna cause an ulcer

  64. brady is so overrated. he plays in the weakest division in football. in a weak conference. his last 10 years have been full of chock jobs. choked against the steelers. choked against the jake the snake broncos. choked against the colts. choked against the ravens. choked against the giants. choked against the peyton broncos. he only put up 14 points against the peyton broncos. he lucky he didnt make it to tye super bowl or it wouldve been alot uglier than peytons performance. wouldve been like 55-3 in favor of seattle.

  65. Ryan Mallet is in the last year of his contract. It’s obvious that he is going to be starting for another team next year. The Patriots had to draft a quarterback this year to get him use to their system just in case something happens to Brady next year.

  66. Brady won titles when the Patriots were still cheating. Since then nothing. He’s too old and too expensive for the team to be able to win another championship.

    If NE were smart they’d trade him to some desperate team like MN for 5 draft picks and re-arm for a real run at a title.

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