Alex Boone not at OTAs, reportedly wants a new contract


It appears a member of the 49ers’ starting offensive line is in the market for a new contract.

Guard Alex Boone was not at the start of the team’s organized team activities on Tuesday and Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that he may miss the rest of them as well. Per Barrows, Boone is unhappy with his contract and would like to sign a new one with the team.

Boone signed a four-year deal at the tail end of the 2011 season and is scheduled to make $2 million in base salary this season and $1.2 million in 2014. Boone has started every game at right guard for the 49ers the last two seasons and has performed well, but an extension may not be in the cards.

Left guard Mike Iupati, wide receiver Michael Crabtree and quarterback Colin Kaepernick are entering the final years of their deals and the 49ers took a pair of interior offensive linemen in the third round to increase their depth and options now and in the future.

OTAs are voluntary and the next mandatory work for the 49ers comes during their minicamp in mid-June, making that the next milestone in wherever things head with Boone from here.

24 responses to “Alex Boone not at OTAs, reportedly wants a new contract

  1. Dude really? Boone has played great, but they took a leap of faith giving him an extension that was high for a backup to keep him on the team and he is already gettin greedy? Hate to break it to ya but guards are easily replaced and it’s not the best time to get greedy when you have backups capable of starting and new draftees too.

  2. this stuff happens to every team that has a solid playoff year or two. holdouts become a distraction and contract extensions get more expensive.

  3. if I remember right he was on our practice squad and we developed him into what he is today. And now he wants to hold out and demand more money. Trade this kid and let him walk. he doesn’t deserve to be part of the San Francisco Forty Niners.

  4. Where is it that these 49er fans develop their own players? I thought the coaches did that somewhere in Santa Clara.

    Funny stuff in Ninerville….

  5. Alex is just playing it smart and taking a longer summer. He will be happy and starting for the most dominant OL in the league again next year… And then? We’ll see what all of these acquired backups can do, most likely letting him go when one of them wins the center or guard spot at a cheaper price.

  6. Sad. When he came to the 49ers, he was a recovering alcoholic. The 49ers supported his recovery from addiction and took a chance on him as a backup tackle, and then quite brilliantly the coaches converted him to guard and became good enough to beat out the littler Kilgore.

    He has done well, well enough to keep his job. Now, he believes he is all that and a bag of chips. $2mll a year is no longer enough? What ever happened to honoring one’s contract?

  7. Niners have zero team chemistry. Watch them all grab for the money as the looming implosion nears. Rams will catch you this season and make the playoffs in your place.

  8. It’s a business on both sides folks regardless of circumstances. Hate to break it to you whiner fans – he’s your best lineman…

  9. Come on up north to Seattle…and bring a chip on your shoulder with you. Seattle is where all of Harblow’s ex-players go to despise him and win championships.

  10. Concerning the lame ass Seattle commentators, Hells coming, and the Niners are coming with it. Enjoy our one year on top.

  11. Blame the guy that held the gun to your head when you signed your last contract.

  12. I wouldn’t worry about the Rams catching the 49ers, improbable. If anyone within that division is supplanting any other team, it would be Cards surpassing the seahawks. Lol who saw seahawks getting stomped out, 12th man completely hushed at home on primetime? Palmer threw 4ints and they still easily won…So surprised of all the Wilson hype, he’s a manager at best, an athletic alex smith. Not a bad thing.

    From an outside perspective all three teams were extremely even last season. Hence splitting games.
    Now that your team is weaker, and your opponents have gotten significantly stronger (Cards, 49ers) you guys very possibly will end up third in that division. Unfortunate but true.
    kamthechancellor says:
    May 27, 2014 6:44 PM
    Niners have zero team chemistry. Watch them all grab for the money as the looming implosion nears. Rams will catch you this season and make the playoffs in your place.

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