Andy Reid on Alex Smith’s contract: Something will get done

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid says he expects quarterback Alex Smith to remain in Kansas City beyond this season.

Echoing comments from Chiefs G.M. John Dorsey, Reid said on NFL AM that the Chiefs feel confident that Smith will agree to terms before next offseason, when he’s scheduled to hit free agency.

“There’s open communication with both parties,” Reid said. “I’m not in that business anymore — that’s John Dorsey’s side of it — but there’s been open communication. I’ve always believed that when there’s open communication good things happen, so I’m sure something will get done. I can’t put a time frame on it, but I’m sure something will get done.”

Reid said Smith showed during the 2013 season that he was improving rapidly once he became comfortable with the offense and the Chiefs’ receivers.

“Every week he got a little bit better, a little more comfortable, got to know the guys around him a little bit better so the timing on the routes became better,” Reid said. “That’s just because of the familiarity with the offense.”

Although he’s entering his 10th NFL season, Smith just turned 30 this month. There’s no reason he can’t be running Reid’s offense for several more years.

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  1. As long as it’s not a Flacco contract that hinders the whole team b/c they can’t afford anybody but Joe

  2. That’ll be a bummer if things don’t work out between Smith and the Chiefs. I’ll be harder for the Broncos to routinely embarrass the Chiefs if they upgrade from street vet to just a guy at the NFL’s most important position.

  3. Get ready to pay Smith in the neighborhood of $100 million. If Joe Flacco is worth as much as the Ravens paid him then Smith will command a pretty penny if you let him hit free agency. There are about 16 teams out there that would see Smith as a possible savior, including Denver with their crippled 94 year old hall of Fame Quarterback.

  4. Alex Smith has been nothing but professional.

    I wish the Eagles had gotten him post McNabb instead of Vick and Kolb. We would have been a much better team, and Andy would probably still be around.

    You never know though.

    I just hope Smith is happy where he is, and puts up some great stats. He seems like a good dude.

  5. I hope “Something will get done” doesn’t mean overpaying yet another mediocre QB. The OL is so bad this year, that he is going to be running for his life on most plays.

    Maybe the Chiefs should wait until after the season to pay him to see if he can make it through it w/out injury with all of the high OL draft busts they draft.

  6. “Every week he got a little bit better, a little more comfortable, got to know the guys around him a little bit better so the timing on the routes became better,” Reid said. “That’s just because of the familiarity with the offense.”

    Having many years of experience with this particular dialect, please allow me to translate this andyism: “We started out 9-0 and staggered to finish 11-5. Our wins down the stretch were over the Redskins and Raiders. But I know you folks in KC aren’t cynical like those mean people in Philly, and will believe this bit of tripe despite the facts which tell you otherwise.”

  7. worst qb i’ve seen as a niner fan. he got benched for troy smith, shawn hill, j.t o’sullivan, trent dilfer. #1 overall pick turned to bust. i have his jersey but never wore it, too embarrassing. lucky i didnt buy it, my sister bought it at a garage sale from a niner fan who was sick and tired of alex smith. really glad he’s gone. everyone threw a party and burned his jersey when he got cut. 🙂

  8. I can’t believe for a minute they won’t reach a deal. Smith is NOT an upper echelon quarterback, and I don’t think there’s a legitimate contender in the league that would swap him for their QB – even the teams with the inconsistent QBs like Cincy and Baltimore.

    KC GROSSLY overpaid to get him in the first place, with a pair of 2nds, one of which was at the top of the round. At the time, most analysts thought he would fetch a 5th or a 6th. So it’s clear KC values his services for the type of offense they want him to run. The big question will be if, as they did when they traded for him, they bid against themselves again

  9. As a Niner fan I must say he was nothing but a consummate professional during his tenure here. NEVER had any off field distractions and despite for years not having the coaching necessary to hone his skills was always trying to improve. Glad he found a team/home willing to embrace him and watch him thrive.

  10. KC lost to 3 teams last year. But should’ve went 3-3 instead of 0-6. Denver soundly beat them twice, SD beat their starters at KC but won on a missed 40 yard field goal against KC’s JV in SD. The reg season colts game was a warm up because it was but decided that’s who they’d play in the playoffs, and KC’s D choked in the playoffs after being up 28.

    I expect another wild card, anything short of that would be a failed season.

  11. Oregon’s Marcus Mariota > Alex Smith. Andy Reid is already licking his chops for the 2015 Draft.

  12. smart move is a 3 year deal for KC, or a 5 year that can become 3 years.

    sit murry and see what happens

    but if you give him cutler money you are insane. insane.

  13. I just hope that Smith gets a big ol’ fat signing bonus. That way KC has to eat it when they’re forced to release him in 2 years for being awful.

  14. To all the knuckleheads talking about how the Chiefs were embarassed in their losses last year, the average margin in those games was 6.6 points or to make it easy for you less than one touchdown + extra point. In other words, they were in every game. the only embarassing losses came to Indy 23-7 in KC and of course the defensive meltdown in Indy that was still only a one point victory for the Colts.

  15. What would it hurt???? Take a look at Vince Young…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help this team…even if it’s just upgrading the quarterback pool…

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