Another Ravens running back arrested

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Maybe the Ravens can have their running backs meetings at the parole office this season.

After wiping their hands of that messy Ray Rice situation just before the holiday, the Ravens have some more dirt to wash off, with fourth-round draft pick Lorenzo Taliaferro’s arrest over the weekend.

According to the Virginia Gazette, Taliaferro was arrested Saturday for breaking a window in a taxi cab.

According to a report from the Williamsburg Police Department, Taliaferro left the scene, but was located nearby and charged with being drunk in public and destruction of property.

Both misdemeanors, and not nearly to the level of the crimes Rice was accused of before he entered a pre-trial diversion program, and had his wife apologize at a press conference for hypothetically getting knocked out.

If the taxi window apologizes for its role in the Taliaferro incident, we look forward to the Ravens tweeting about that from the team’s official account as well.

63 responses to “Another Ravens running back arrested

  1. So you’re saying if the taxi window was pounding on him initially causing the situation to escalate, for now reason whatsoever should the window apologize? Got it.

  2. Everybody tells these turds to call a cab when they’re drunk. I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Great draft, Ozzie! You da man!

  3. No reason to rush to judgement, I’ll wait till all the facts are known to make my enlightened decision. I mean it’s not like he Roethlisbergered anyone. Cheers!


  4. I found it interesting he apologized to everyone but his wife (the one he should have apologized too). Makes you wonder how many times it’s happened, and if he was just “sorry” to the fans, team, coaches, front office, (and everyone else but his wife) that he got caught this time.

  5. He was really lucky that a cab stopped for him at 1:15 am.

    Now when cabs refuse his business he may appreciate cabs and cab drivers a little more.

    But he does have a new nickname, “Vandal.”

  6. Looks like the Ravens are trying to keep up with the 49ers in every respect…

  7. Hey……he took a cab. That’s step 1 to keeping all these fools out of jail. Sort of. I think.

  8. I wasn’t crazy about this guy when he was picked… for a big dude running against low-level competition, his highlights were more like Jerome Bettis than the Earl Campbell/Jim Brown physical domination you’d expect… and this doesn’t make me feel any better about him. Wish we had snagged Terrance West.

  9. As a Niner fan I’m not one to cast stones, just can empathize with a team that has made great off season moves that are overshadowed by a few dumb players. Expect the trolling to commence about the Harbaughs, Rice and somehow Flacco’s contract or some combination thereof.

  10. Lol

    Nice player selections. I guess this what happens when your so low on talent you need to take chances with the questionable character guys.

  11. “Because they are who we thought they were”…Low down “RATBIRDS”….criminals…. and the NFL keeps letting then off the hook….

  12. The Ravens were created after Baltimore made a deal with the Devil. So many angry prayers smoldered through the earth into the bowels of the Devils play place. Day and night he was assaulted with the lamentations of the lost souls, pining for their Colts. Finally the Son of Light heard a call that would end his suffering: Art Modell was weak, and was begging for release. So Lucifer, that wily old devil, whispered into the ears of each of the most powerful people in Baltimore and within the Browns, and a deal was struck! That deal included 2 SB, and safety from any lasting harm that may come against any of his players and original staff that took part in the move. In return the Browns would move to Baltimore, and in a seperate trade for his immortal soul Belichick obtained his own deal, but that will be a story for another day. And so it was that a faithful and historic football city the likes of Cleveland was stripped of their team, and Baltimores prayers were answered. But oldschool fans know in their hearts which side answered their prayers that day. It is within each true original Baltimore Colts fan. That seed. That knowledge that it was not a godsend. It came from the other direction. And they know when he came to collect. The Super Bowl in the Super Dome. That light failure was no fluke. That was the Prince of Darkness showing up to watch the final moments of his deal. You won. And so did he. And now that Devils deal Baltimore made has come around to the other side, as all deals eventually do. I have a feeling that you will be seei g much more of this as the balance exherts itself. Safe travels, friends.

  13. he tried to pull the door shut of the cab by the window, which caused it to break…sounds like a true criminal to me.

  14. in a league with guys like the Pounceys and with teams like Pats giving serial murderers $40M.. is this a surprise

    vast majority of league is good guys but there is some garbage to take out….

    teams like Pats, Dolphins, Cincy, Cowboys long a problem…… thought Ravens were OK but…

  15. Its getting to the point where franchises are going to have to start hiring babysitters and chaperones to keep these grown men from misbehaving during the offseason. C’mon man.

  16. Weird you don’t hear a peep about this but Johnny Football drinking with Gronk at a pool and behaving himself is all you hear about all weekend long.

  17. Why is everyone so angry in Baltimore? Twelve Step programs are just around every corner. Get a schedule, boys. Just because you’ll finish 3rd in the AFC North isn’t a reason to lose your temper.

  18. On the floor laughing… I told you the ship was sinking.

    In Ozzie “I” Now Trust…To “debacle” this team.

  19. What, no credit for taking a cab and not getting behind the wheel drunk?

  20. The guy probably just pulled the door shut by the open window.

    At least he didn’t try to open it with his face like Big Ben.

  21. least he didn’t try to open it with his face like Big Ben

    Funny how Raven fans have to include a dig at the Steelers on every post even if it doesn’t involve them. Yup Steelers live rent free in the minds of Raven fans.

  22. What would it hurt???? Take a look at Vince Young…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help this team…even if it’s just upgrading the quarterback pool…

  23. So what?????? Squealers & Ratbirds were playing for 2nd place anyway!!

    They have led the division lately….big deals. Let’s compare Lombardi’s skippy…I’ll show you ours if you….oh you can….sssshhh. Talk is cheap.

  24. “Funny how Raven fans have to include a dig at the Steelers on every post even if it doesn’t involve them. Yup Steelers live rent free in the minds of Raven fan”

    Funny how you can be found on nearly every Raven story finding something irrelevant to say.

  25. As you can see from my typo of “once time” instead of “one time” and could be more because I’m in the comment section and typing while interacting with my family. The comment section is where I belong and it is where Darin Gantt belongs. Unless you dedicate more effort than either of as have to our post in collecting facts and seeing the story from both sides you really should not be writing an article like this one on a large stage.

  26. Here we go again. The Taxi window has scheduled a 2 p.m. Press Conference. We can’t listen to the window, everyone knows it’s cracked. It’s not seeing things clearly.

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