Aqib Talib: Brady is a good friend, but Peyton is a better QB

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Aqib Talib moved from New England to Denver in free agency this offseason, and which will mean moving from practicing against Tom Brady and playing against Peyton Manning to practicing against Manning and playing against Brady. Asked which quarterback is better, Talib picked his current teammate.

Talib said on NFL Network that he loved having Brady as a teammate, but he thinks Manning is the better quarterback.

You gotta go Peyton Manning. Tom is a good friend of mine, what’s up Tom, baby. [But Manning] had an awesome year. He tore it up. He like set the record for touchdowns. He beat Tom in the AFC Championship. You gotta give it to Peyton. Tom know that’s my dog man, he know,” Talib said, via Tom E. Curran of

Talib also noted that Patriots coach Bill Belichick let him go away to Denver this offseason and then paid Darrelle Revis more money to be his replacement: “Bill sure didn’t want to give me that money so hey man, he gave it to Revis,” Talib said.

If Talib had been given the big money to remain in New England, he probably wouldn’t be saying Manning is better than Brady.

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  1. I think with those weapons brady would’ve put up more than just 1 td in the biggest game

  2. Gotta love these interviews with Talib. Definitely gunna miss them as a Pats fan.

    “On the sideline watching Tom Brady throw bombs – he on MY team! Dat’s fun!”

  3. Ok. I’ll accept that. As long as Talib accepts that Revis is better than him. Maybe there would be an argument if Talib could stay on the field at all, good riddance.

  4. Probably would have been offered more money if he could actually ya know stay on the field……

    And I wish people would stop giving him credit for shutting down Graham – Yes he did it the first half but he spent the second on the sidelines and think it was Alfonzo Dennard/Logan Ryan who finished the job for him.

  5. Silly statement. It’s a matter of preference. If I needed a qb for the regular season, yeah sure if take Peyton. Super Bowl, or a critical point in a game, I take Brady all day.

  6. Didn’t he say the same thing about Josh Freeman? Clown. Brady will eat u alive this year.

  7. Not sure why this should be controversial every time. It’s flat out true. Peyton IS a better QB. Doesn’t diminish what Brady’s done for the game. He’s also excellent. A proven winner. A QB who runs a system at a high level to win multiple Super Bowls. It’s not a knock on the guy to say Manning’s a better QB. Being better, or even the best, doesn’t necessarily translate into winning it all — just ups the odds a little. I’m sure Peyton knows that better than anyone.

  8. Sorry Aqib but Bill gave the money to someone who will not bow out of AFC Championship games year after year. Why even answer the question.

  9. I am a Pats fan, but I admit Peyton is better…. right up until it really matters. Eight one and outs? 1-2 in SB’s? Peyton has rarely come through in the post season. Also has better reg season stats. Rodgers has actually been the best QB over the past five years.

  10. I don’t think Brady would have stunk it up as badly as Manning did in the Super Bowl. Give him a better and more consistent supporting cast on offense, and he’d probably have a couple more SB rings by now.

    As for Talib’s thoughts… we’ll get a really good sense of the real score when the Broncos and Seahawks play early this coming season. It’s one thing (understandable) to be taken by surprise by the intensity of Seattle in the SB; it’s another thing (inexcusable) to have that much skill and experienced leadership and not be able to make adjustments and turn the game around at all, and to just flop.

    On one hand, it will just be an early-season non-division game. But in another way, it’s a massive game for Denver. Will that SB loss be to Denver what losing to the (then) perfect Pats was to the Giants at the end of the ’06 season – a springboard to improvement? Or will it be looked back on as when the team was broken?

  11. If anything, in 2013, Big Bro Manning proved that he’s the greatest (55 TDs thrown in a regular season)/ungreatest (only 8 points scored in a Super Bowl) quarterback of all-time lol Even Drew Brees would have scored an easy 24 points, minimum, versus the illustrious Seahacks [sic] defense lol My 2014 prediction: Broncos (13-3), with a loss, as expected, in the Division or Conference Final or Super Bowl. It’s always Win/Lose with Big Bro Manning (Tom Brady will giggle when he reads this, thinking of those three (3) SB rings on his trophy shelf).

  12. lets see…Manning has 3 Super Bowl appearances. His offensive juggernaut scored a whole 10 points in his only win. In the 2 losses, he has 2 pick-six’s.

    In 5 appearances, Brady has 3 rings and has not lost a Super Bowl by more than 7 points, including 2 interceptions…..none of which were returned for touchdowns. But he’s still second to “The Best Quarterback Ever”?

    It doesnt add up unless you use Common Core math. Im not a Patriot fan either, give the guy (Brady) his due. HE EARNED IT.

  13. Well it’s true Peyton is better by the smallest of margins but both only won superbowls when their defense was good because it’s normally the best teams that win the Super Bowl or atleast the team on the best hot streak eg giants

  14. “He beat Tom in the AFC Championship.”

    And then proceeded to get absolutely annihilated in the biggest game of his life, throwing 2 picks, a pick 6, and putting up 8 meaningless points en route to his NFL record 12th playoff loss.

  15. We’ve seen Peyton in January and we’ve seen Brady in January.

    They aren’t comparable.

    Peyton in the regular season is the best ever. In January he’s just another guy. He just is. There’s no denying it and it doesn’t diminish his place in football history.

    Brady won his first 10 postseason starts. Does Peyton even have 10 postseason wins?

  16. Please tell me what this guy’s claim to fame is. I mean, really. I’m a Steelers fan, but I’d take Tom Brady any day…over any QB today.
    Talib ought to just keep his mouth shut.

  17. Manning’s the best choker in the NFL 43 -8 baby, and it’s not like it was just a one time thing

  18. Peyton had one of the easiest schedules i have ever seen last year. The whole afc south had bloated stats because of who they played. The only non-afc south playoff teams they played were the eagles, colts and pats and they were 1-2. The bulk of their schedule was vs the AFC South and the NFC East, the two worst divisions in football last year.

  19. Would actually mean something if it came from anybody else… His interview on the N.F.L. Channel was downright painful to watch. Can see why he used his brother as target practice…

  20. Manning is a system QB, in a system that fails to win most big games.

    I laugh when people say Brady is a system QB. Every team has a system. It just so happens that Brady’s system has produced the highest regular season and playoff winning percentage (or highest number of wins), in league history, 3 Super Bowl Championships, 5 Superbowls, 8 conference Championship Games, and 11 Division Championships, and it has also put him at or near the top of every statistical category. His reputation is as a winner who brings his A game to the biggest games, not vice versa.

    Talib was never the sharpest tool in the shed. Sorry Aquib, you’re my dog an all, but I’m just sayin’.

  21. Why does everyone think Brady is so good in the playoffs. His 3 rings came when he was young & not asked to do much other than “not lose the game.” His defenses were stacked. Since he has become “the man” & they ask more of him his postseason record & stats have not been great.

  22. Seems like a case of Talib kissing his new teammates ass to me. Knowing everything we know, I don’t know how any knowledgeable football fan could say that Manning is better than Brady. For one thing, their career REGULAR season stats are pretty much the same, but Manning, with the exception of a few years over the last 13 years, has had more and better weapons over the course of his career than Brady has had, including last season with Denver. Secondly, just look at the postseason stats. Brady, for the most part, is clutch and has ice water in his veins in the postseason. To put it simply, Manning does not. Talib is hanging his hat on Mannings record setting year last year (of which most of the records he broke belonged to Brady and the 2007 Patriots), but did all those records and gaudy stats help Manning in the super bowl? Nope. They botch the FIRST SNAP OF THE GAME, go into the tank, and get annihilated by the Seahawks. Granted, the Pats lost the super bowl after their record setting year too, but at least it was a good game. In fact, in those two SB losses to the Giants, the Patriots only lost those two games by a combined 5 or 6 points I believe. And let’s be honest, if Peyton hadn’t had the extreme good fortune of playing one of the worst starting QBs in SB history, Rex Grossman, he STILL wouldn’t have a ring. Talib is just being a homer. IMO Brady is better.

  23. Did you see that schedule the Broncos played last year? The Patriots 2007 schedule (the 16-0 year) was far tougher and featured 6 playoff teams.

    Let’s go through this:

    1. They beat a Ravens team that finished 8-8 and should have been playing at home. Game moved from Baltimore to Denver.

    2. They beat a Giants team in the middle of an 0-6 start.

    3. They beat the Raiders that finished 4-12 and whose lone win by the time of the meeting was Jacksonville (which started 0-8)

    4. They beat a 1-2 eagles team debuting a coach new to NFL

    5. They squeaked by a 2-2 Dallas team that finished 8-8.

    6. They beat a Jaguar team in the middle of an 0-8 start

    Thus far … combined wins of opponents at time of play = 4 out of possible 16


    8. Beat a 2-4 Redskins team that finished 3-13

    9*. Beat a 4-4 Charger team well before it got rolling (but this is only quality win thus far)

    10(?). Beat a 9-0 Chiefs team, but loss begins a 2-6 stretch for Chiefs (so which team did Broncos beat?).


    12. Beat Chiefs again. To be fair let’s call first win over Chiefs a win over 9-0 team and second win a win over a 2-6 team.
    13. Beat a 5-7 Titans team that finished 7-9


    15. Beat a 2-14 Texans team

    16. Beat 4-12 Raiders team

    So Broncos beat 4 out of 5 worst NFL teams (one of them twice), accounting for 5 wins.

  24. We will see Talibs true colors this year he had half a good game last year vs an injured jimmy graham he is overrated and injury prone DRC is better broncos made a mistake here

  25. The Emerald City, home of the 2014 World Champion Seahawks, would like to cast our official vote for Peyton Manning.

    After all, he was a key component in our first Superbowl Championship. He has brought unspeakable joy, pride, and the ultimate payoff to the Loudest Fans in the World. Peyton Manning will forever be seen as family by #12. A little brother, perhaps, but family nonetheless. It was a moment of divine beauty, 12 seconds into the first and 12 seconds into the second halves when our global family knew for certain that Peyton was going to deliver Seattle its first Superbowl Championship.

    One question though:

    If Peyton is better than Brady, and Russell Wilson is 19 points better than Peyton – how much greater is Russell Wilson than Tom Brady? 20 points or more?

  26. I’m not sure if any of you all noticed Mr. Clutch Brady missing a streaking Julian Edleman not once, not twice, but three times in the AFC Champ game. Unlike Manning, who was constantly harassed, harried, and hit while throwing in the Supe, Mr. Clutch Brady badly missed those throws from a clean pocket.

    Those were game breaking misses. Misses so big that they probably would have led to the Pats humiliated at the hands of Seattle rather than Denver.

    I’m a Brady fan– at least as big of one as you can be without particularly liking the Patriots. But lets be real.

  27. Wait wait wait…
    How many one & done’s does Peyton have????
    Playoff record 11-12 WITH 8 ONE & DONE’S & 1 OUT OF THREE SUPER BOWL’S…..
    Enough said Brady s clearly the better QB.

    Bradys playoff record 18-7
    and has the most postseason wins in NFL history.

  28. I dont get these “legitimate” SB wins that people talk about a SUPERBOWL WIN IS A SUPERBOWL WIN no matter what happened before it, during it, or after it!

  29. Super Bowl rings: Brady 3 , Manning 1. Unless u count little brother the they at least tie him

  30. I’ll take Brady over Manning for one reason and one reason only: Brady’s ferocious leadership skills are unequalled. He’s not afraid to get into the faces of his teammates and coaches. He “acts” like he cares, probably because he does care. Manning, on the other hand, took last season’s Super Bowl beating far too calmly to suit me.
    Having said that, both Brady and Manning are the two best quarterbacks of my lifetime. Quarterbacks should be judged not on wins and losses or on rings but on how often they get their offenses into the end zones, and Manning and Brady are at the head of the class. Dan Marino also belongs near the top of that list.

  31. So the broncos had an easy schedule…the three tough teams the pats played were in foxboro.. the rest of the schedule was 36-76.. so i see what you mean that the pats had a tougher schedule..

  32. Talib is a good friend and good player during the regular season and then sucks during any playoff game.

  33. Most of you idiots must consider Terry Bradshaw the greatest QB of all time since he has 4 rings. Ring count is not the only factor, & frankly shouldn’t be in the top 3 factors. Yes, it’s important how they perform in the big games, but the TEAM’s result should play almost no part. It’s TEAM result. I guess Trent Dilfer is better than Marino too.

  34. Manning is better than Brady.

    Talib is better than Revis.

    The Patriots are falling apart, they are cheap and dirty…and I can’t wait to see the whole damn thing crumble from top down.

    Can’t wait til Brady gets that one injury that forces him to walk away. It will happen.

    And I’ll love it…that whole entire organization deserves it. They’re scum.

  35. I love the myths being perpetuated about Brady in this thread. People are talking about Brady like it’s still 2004

    I’m sorry Pats homers, but Brady has been Peyton-esque in the post-season since 2004 and has been anything but “clutch” let alone having “ice water in his veins” but thanks for the LOL

  36. Enough w/ Brady’s great defenses having won him SB’s. I was at the Patriots/Panthers Super Bowl in Houston when that “great defense” was shredded by Jake Delhomme and gave up 29 points. N.E. needed every one of the 32 points they put up that day. And Brady threw for 350+ yards and 3 TD’s.
    Great New England defenses? More often that not back then but they sure as heck were not great that day. Without Brady’s exceptional game they lose. Period.

  37. I don’t think Brady cares very much what Talib has to say about this.

    The only thing Brady will be concerned about is whether Talib is on the field when the Pats play Denver or not so he has to prepare for him.

  38. Was Talib under the influence of drugs when he said this, which is entirely possible? What else is he going to say, he plays with the Broncos now. He knows who butters his bread. Maybe someone should show him the statistics that show how many times Brady has gotten the best of Manning.

  39. Every season the Patriots play in the weakest division in the league, year after year after year lol

  40. Talib is the only CB in recent history to somewhat contain Demaryius Thomas. Revis struggled against the rookie Thomas, with the great Tim Tebow tossing the rock.

  41. Brady has more rings because he’s played with better teammates and coaches than Manning. However, Peyton is–and always has been–a better QB than Brady. Brady’s good. Peyton is better.

  42. Both Manning and Brady had good defensive performances in their SB wins, with the exception of Brady in 2003. He threw for 354yds, 3TDs too boot, and his team let up 29 pts to Delhomme and Co.

    Even though I consider Peyton the best ever REGULAR season QB, it’s hard for me not to point out that he played 9+ games year in a climate controlled dome for most of his career. Not his fault, but a factor.

  43. If Talib means a better choker in the playoffs and games that matter, then damn is Talib right in this instance Peyton is king

  44. “Tom know that’s my dog man, he know.” WTH does that mean? And to all you Pats fans talking trash about the Donkeys in the SB. Your team didn’t get to the SB because the Donks beat you! And one more thing. Welker is stronger than Talib.

  45. peyton is the better of the two if you’re trying to decide who to take in your fantasy draft, but for one night in a win or go home game (in any weather) you’d be a fool not to take brady. that makes him the better QB, period.

  46. Pats hater here…

    I believe Brady is the better QB…. PM simply comes up too small too often in big games… Brady almost always does more with less… I have to go with Brady as the better QB!

  47. Revis rules & Talib just motivated tb12 a little more when they go head to head.Think BB will remind Brady & co? Although we know it’s all bs

  48. If you watched the actual segment, he was having fun and a lot of laughs with the crew during it. He was pretty funny.

  49. Most postseason wins by QB in NFL history: Tom Brady.
    Most postseason losses by QB in NFL history: Peyton Manning.

    Hard to believe this is still a discussion.

  50. Peyton is the overall better quarterback.

    Brady is the overall better quarterback under pressure.

    It’s not math, it’s not science it’s fact.

    If you give either of these 2 qb’s all the time in the world to take apart your defense, Peyton will be able to do more with it than Brady will.

    If either of these guys are under any kind of pressure, Tom Brady will get more out of what you give him while Peyton will ultimately struggle.

    Neither Manning nor Brady ever won a superbowl without a talented defense.

  51. is possession of a ring really the only measure of QB greatness? let’s take a quick look:
    trent dilfer – ring
    dan marino – no ring
    oh right, winning a superbowl isn’t just on the qb . . .

  52. When Russell Wilson outplayed and beat Tom Brady in 2012 as a rookie, the Patriots were the #1 ranked offense in the NFL. When Russell Wilson put up 27 points and humiliated the Broncos in Superbowl 48, the Broncos were the #1 ranked offense in NFL history.

    Russell Wilson only does one thing against the “best” QBs in the game – WIN. Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have all suffered humiliating (generally late-comeback) losses to Russell Wilson.

    All Hail King Russell, Killer of Giants, Leader of Champions!


  53. That is not what he said, They are taking his comments out of context, he said they are both great QB’s, but he would choose Manning now that he is his teammate

  54. Peyton’s a micromanager who calls the plays that get hinself the stats. SEA read him like he was a children’s book. Reminded me of the way Gruden had his Bucs set defensively to destroy my Raiders in 2002. Just plain ugly. Brady runs the plays that get the wins. Whatever it takes. I despise him but he is the GOAT, plain and simple. Joe Montana with a better arm.

  55. If Manning is better than Brady, then sour puss Belichick must be the BEST head coach the past 20 years with that kind of reasoning.

    A QB is suppose to raise his team’s game to win it all. Records and yards and TDs come and go against the teams on your schedule. If you have lots of weak teams, especially on defense, your numbers can soar. So its kids’ logic to look at total numbers without the benefit of factoring the strength of schedule. As a result, anything a player says after he moves to another team is suspect since he now has allegiance to his new team. To say anything less is uncivilized in the NFL.

  56. Peyton may still have it upstairs but his arm strength is gone. Completely gone. The SB exposed this as his greatest weakness. And you can fully expect the other 30 teams will play Denver like Seattle did. Sit back 5 yards and punish anything that catches the ball, daring Manning to go deep. (Which he cannot do with power any longer.)

  57. Manning isn’t even a top 3 qb. That belongs to rogers, Brady, brees. Manning is the biggest choke artist. He completely crumbles on the big stage. He’s limestone.

  58. The Super Bowl loser hasn’t made it back to the big game since the Bills did it in the early 90s. The past loser hasn’t won the Super Bowl since Miami in the early 70s. I rather be the Patriots, going out respectfully in the championship game to what was the best AFC team all year, then Denver, who were completely destroyed in the Super Bowl. Talib can yap all he want’s, but chances are Denver isn’t going back to the Super Bowl.

  59. And if he got traded to Minnesota all of a sudden he’d be claiming Christian Ponder is better than either Brady or Manning. You’re not going to complain about the guy you’re currently playing alongside- why do people keep asking players this stuff? Or listening to it when they say it in the first place?

  60. Total appearances in championship games and Super Bowls combined:

    Brady: 13
    P. Manning: 7
    Ben Roethlisberger: 7
    E. Manning 4

    It’s not just winning Super Bowls. Brady is almost always there at the end of the season.

  61. I hate the Patriots but lets have some honesty here. Tom has little to no offensive weapons compared to what Manning is surrounded by and then there Tom who has a cannon for an arm and Manning who has a wet noodle for an arm. Manning can read defenses but so can Tom. Brady is just the better QB talent. Thats just a fact. Give credit to Manning he does make the better pizza comercials.

  62. Two things…

    1. Joe Montana is the best QB ever, not Tom Brady and certainly not Peyton Manning. Both of those guys help to make up the list of top five, and that’s no slouch, but you can’t be number one when you lose twice to Eli Manning. Sorry.

    2. You have to enjoy the pro Revis comments from Pats fans, all the while slamming Talib. It’s delicious. Forget about the venom spewed at Revis while he was a member of the Jets, as a division rival that is expected, but explain the ragging on Revis while a member of the Bucs, a non-division, NFC team, because Pats fans were trashing him for no reason last season. What happened to all those comments about how the Pats fleeced the Bucs for Talib and had the better corner? Foolish behavior from a pack of bandwagon fans who couldn’t tell you the difference between Steve Grogan or Drew Bledsoe.

    All along I’ve told Pats fans that Talib would let them down, that in the clutch he was unreliable. His injuries were an issue in Tampa, let alone his clownish behavior, so for the Bucs to get anything for a player they were going to let leave the team after his contract expired is a coup. As for Revis, he played well last season, outside of the season finale while rehabbing his injury. But make no mistake, he’s a mercenary. And that isn’t a bad thing, as the man is making his bread, but hold off on the jersey buying and don’t give me any of that ‘Patriots Way’ garbage, it’s the Revis way all day everyday as long as the checks keep clearing.

  63. Fact: Peyton has a better passer rating in the playoffs than Tom Brady.
    Fact: Brady has thrown 19 INTs in his last 15 playoff games, yet he’s considered “clutch”.

    Gotta love misconceptions.

  64. So what, so is Breeze. Manning is hands down the better quarterback and I’m from Taxachusetts. Eli might be better too, but Brady is pretty good, glad to have had him.

  65. How did Eli “beat Brady” twice in the Super Bowl? Brady walked off that field handing the defense the lead in both games, and the defense blew it both times by making critical errors and misplays, and Brady still almost brought the team back down the field for the win with barely any time on the clock. If the defense does its job, Brady would be 5-0.

  66. I feel so sorry for all of the TV execs and sports talking heads who got their hearts broken by Manning last season.

    Oh wait; no I don’t.

  67. 2001asterisk2003asterisk2004asterisk says:

    Peyton didn’t need to cheat to get his ring.
    He was playing the Rex Grossman led Bears. All he had to do was show up.

  68. Well what the hell ELSE is Talib going to say. Peyton is HIS QB now! I would maybe agree with him if Peyton, thru the years, hadn’t made so MANY ill advised throws and mistakes that got them beat in the playoffs!

  69. Can we please put to rest the simpletons that feel compelled to point out that “by that reasoning, Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino?’ No one..including Mr. Dilfer…have ever thought that.
    Just give it a rest, OK? The most poorly thought out, brain-dead parallel imaginable.

  70. Teddy Bridgewater is not a top 5 QB currently. No way. Here’s my list:
    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Aaron Rodgers
    4. Drew Brees
    5. Andrew Luck
    Honorable Mentions:
    Big Ben
    Eli Manning
    Matt Ryan
    Cam Newton
    Tony Romo
    Rookies can’t be on. Even though they may become great in the future, Bridgewater has not yet touched a football in an NFL game.

  71. Anyone who says Tom brady is a system qb is either a) trying to get a rise out of patriots fans or b) just a moron who knows nothing about the sport

  72. “The New England Patriots are the gold standard franchise in the NFL”
    —Shannon Sharpe.

    Don’t be mad Patriots haters…facts are facts.

  73. What’s the over/under on Talibs next hamstring injury, 4 games? I take the under.

  74. Aww, Tawib got a widdle boo-boo from big bad Wes Welker and didn’t want to come back in the game.

    Good riddance.

  75. I’m a Brady guy and not a Manning guy, but even taking into account the three Super Bowl wins and the better head-to-head record I feel that Manning remains a little better player and, to me, has always been a little better player than Brady.

  76. Unless you’re pretending the post season doesn’t exist, nobody that actually knows football would possibly think Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady. Not in a million years. Especially after Peyton Manning humiliated himself in the Super Bowl. A real MVP shows up for the biggest game of the season, a fake MVP doesn’t. Brady is better by a country mile.

  77. I’m no Patriots or Broncos fan, or even a fan of any team from the AFC. That being said, Peyton Manning has just about always seemed to be is the better overall QB. Brady, while on the same level, has been helped his entire career by one of the best head coaches of all-time.

  78. Really? Hmm, looks like your opinion is anything but wholly accepted. A very good case can be made that Manning is indeed better than Brady regardless of what YOU think, simple as that.

  79. Take Brady off last years Patriots and we would have heard the commish say “with the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft the New England Patriots select Jadeveon Clowney”

    Take Manning off last years Broncos and they still win at least 8 games. I mean Tebow did win a playoff game with the same team…

  80. this is the question of the decade isnt it…its really tough..they are both all-timers…they both have very little weak points, especially in their prime…Manning is a football throwing machine…Brady is Captain Clutch..its really tough…Brady by a camera lense

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