Bengals sign third-rounder Will Clarke

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Running back Jeremy Hill scooped the Bengals on the news of his signing, but the second-rounder wasn’t the only draft pick to agree to a contract with the Bengals in the last few days.

The Bengals have announced that third-round defensive end Will Clarke has agreed to a four-year contract with the team. Clarke is the seventh member of the draft class to agree to a contract and his deal leaves first-round pick Darqueze Dennard as the only unsigned draft pick.

Clarke had 17 tackles for loss and six sacks at West Virginia last season and, at 6-6 and 277 pounds, has intriguing size as the Bengals begin sorting through their options at defensive end. Carlos Dunlap has one job nailed down, but the Bengals saw Michael Johnson leave as a free agent and they’ll be looking for a replacement among the pieces on hand.

Clarke will compete with Margus Hunt, Wallace Gilberry and Robert Geathers for snaps in that role and his potential should earn him a long look, although it may take some time before the rookie’s performance catches up to his potential.

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  1. He will be criticized for not being Michael Johnson by those who forget that it took a season and a half for Michael Johnson to become Michael Johnson. But the coaches are more patient than fans, the media, and trolls of the team.

  2. Um… Michael Johnson took 3 full seasons to become good. He’s been in the league 5 years now and only made double digit sacks in his 4th year.

  3. I love how this team and organization are being run right now. Old School all the way. Give Mike Brown credit for loosening the reigns up and giving Marvin and his staff the ability to build their roster. They are patient with their players and loyal. They also seem to be steadfast on maintaining a ground and pound approach with good solid hard nosed defense. This team is deep, young and talented.

    Every year I feel the talent gap gets wider as the Steelers cannot seem to get out of their own way with salary cap issues and an old roster. The Ravens, while doing a decent job in the offseason and drafts, simply cannot keep pace with the Bengals as they continue to knock it out of the park year after year. The Browns just don’t have the patience and discipline to build a winner which is sad for their fanbase. Besides the playoff hump that eventually be conquered, it has been a pleasure watching this organization develop.

  4. He wont be criticized by fans for not being MJ by fans. Its the media that will do that and they cant wait make money from that. The fans this year will zoom in more on Dalton
    Dalton and Dalton

  5. Every year I feel the talent gap gets wider as the Steelers cannot seem to get out of their own way with salary cap issues and an old roster. But every year after they play, I realize on paper things are much different than on the field. That old, cap-strapped team can sure punch us in the mouth.

  6. The distance between Pitt and Cincy are wide. They aren’t even close unless they have ko return fumbles, punt return td’s. Without these type of game changing plays the games aren’t close.

    The distance in talent is wide. And the ravens are having trouble replacing their talent as well. But no where near the state of Pittsburgh.

  7. Year in and year out the Bungles are the most overrated team in football. I honestly see a collection of average to middling talent throughout their roster with the exception of Green and Bernard. The harsh reality is that they will never win with Lewis as coach and Dalton as QB.

  8. The Bengals have won 30 games over the last 3 seasons. Only 5 teams — NE (37), SF (36), DEN (34), GB (34) and SEA (31) — have won more over that time. All without an elite QB. And when the power rankings come out, the Bengals will be around #10 on everybody’s board.

    The harsh reality is that you wish your team was a good as the Bengals.

  9. Bengals have no talent?

    Lol. You clearly cannot evaluate talent.

    Their defense is stacked with talent…especially d-line and cornerback.

    Vontaze Burfict is an elite linebacker.

    They have 2 great tight ends. A good stable of running backs now. Same with WR.

    They are a stacked team with a weak QB.

  10. They have seemed to be content with their mediocrity. Sad to see this strong group’s window

    One reason. It’s obvious.

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