Brandon Gibson taking part in Dolphins OTAs


Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Gibson said last month that he was “slowly getting into things” as he recovered from last year’s torn patellar tendon and that he “definitely” expected to be healthy enough to play in the first week of the regular season.

It looks like that was more than just cockeyed optimism. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Gibson was on the field and working when the team started their organized team activities on Tuesday, seven months after he suffered the injury that ended his 2013 season. Salguero’s colleague Adam Beasley adds that Brian Hartline, recovering from a torn PCL, is also taking part on Tuesday.

Hartline’s early return to health is important for the Dolphins’ season, but probably not crucial to his chances of making the team. The same may not be true for Gibson, who saw the team draft Jarvis Landry earlier this month to add to their options at slot receiver. The Dolphins could also trim some payroll by parting ways with Gibson, so being healthy as early as possible would seem to work in Gibson’s favor.

Gibson joined the Dolphins last season and had 30 catches for 326 yards and three touchdowns in seven games before his injury.

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  1. gibson was turning into a very good slot reciever last year before he got hurt, made some big plays. he has a shot to be one of the best slot recievers in the game imo.

    i would like to see a recieving core of


    that is a solid crew and a good mix of speed and hands that would fit well with this offense. i like mathews but he would be the odd man out, if he was cut though he would be picked up in a heart beat, would like to see him catch on in carolina, he would be very good there, great hands.

  2. Would suck if he doesnt get another shot in for the Dolphins as he started coming on strong in those last 3-4 games before his injury and if that continued he probably would’ve had 70+ catches and 700+ yards. If the Dolphins cut him the Pats, Broncos, 49ers or Seahawks will pick him up and he’ll be successful, ya know the good teams with good front office personel? aka where games are really won.

  3. letting gibson go would be a terrible mistake. he was fantastic last year, and was really solid as a ram, too. i like rishard matthews, but he’s less consistent than gibson, so he’s probably more likely the odd man out.

  4. Gibson is a decent player. But Landry can pretty much do everything Gibson was doing anyway, and is a lot less expensive. And Matthews is a much more dynamic receiver who’s been improving every year. Let Gibson prove he’s worth something then ship him out for a middle-late round pick to a WR needy team. If that doesn’t work then let him go. He’ll catch on with plenty of teams in a heart beat.

  5. Whoever the Dolphins cut the big toe sucker will come calling as he always seems to pick up our cast offs. Unfortunately for him these cats are good players so he might have some competition.

  6. Gibson was becoming Tannehill’s go-to. He’s a gamer.

    It’s a shame we made the financial mistake that Wallace is looking to be. A mistake I think most people saw coming.

    We can’t cut Wallace but really sick of seeing him not battle for balls.

  7. If we can stay healthy and Tannahill get rid of the ball so the receiver have a chance, and the OLine gives him enough time to make his drops and reads, I will say that the Miami Dolphins will have a Top 10 Offense and win the AFC East in 2014… Gibson is a hec of a receiver, him healthy, a better deep-ball relationship Wallace, Possession by Hartline, a specialty guy in Landry and Mr Charles “Top 100” Clay, oooh weee goose bumps….Indeed…

  8. You know I hate when people say Wallace was a bust… If you truly paid attention to the Dolphins offense he came in and did exactly what we got him and paid him for, that was to stretch the field, which he did, now due to the lack of production in the running the safeties never came up, Tannehill held the ball to long or just had no time at all, even with all that he had 73 rec, 930 yrds, 12.7 avg, 5 Td, those are some pretty solid stat for one year and no chemistry, because clearly Chemisrty was the difference in their game and with Mr. Charles “Top 100” Clay emerging and ol’ faithful Hartline and Gibson what you were expecting from him Megatron numbers, Megatron had no choice He has a relationship with Stafford and really no other receiver… A deep-ball receiver takes time for the QB and WR to be on the same there is a lot to it than we think…Smart investment and continue to pay off…Indeed…

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