Chiefs rookie camp was “pretty physical,” despite CBA limitations

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Before the 2011 CBA was finalized, teams routinely disregarded the rule against contact in offseason workouts.  After the new labor deal arrived, teams seemed to pull back on the physicality in the offseason.  Or perhaps to be a lot more discreet about its existence.

At least one of the Chiefs’ rookies didn’t get the memo to be mum about the amount of hitting in the T-shirts-and-shorts (and helmets) sessions.

It is pretty physical, despite popular belief,” sixth-round guard Zach Fulton told reporters, via Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star.  “It does get pretty physical down in the trenches. I’m still working on my hand placement and my footwork and things like that. It’s the fundamentals.”

Fulton also explained, via a transcript distributed by the team, that the camp consist of “a lot of guys working hard trying to prove themselves.”

Asked if he was surprised about the physicality, Fulton said it’s “[p]retty much what I thought.”

Regardless of what he thought, the rules are clear:  “No live contact is permitted.”  And regardless of the fact that Fulton exposed that contact is happening in Kansas City, the Chiefs surely aren’t the only team doing it.

The broader question is whether the NFLPA will try to put a stop to it, or whether the union will go along with the reality that football practice will always be football practice, regardless of whether football players are told not to play football.

35 responses to “Chiefs rookie camp was “pretty physical,” despite CBA limitations

  1. Unless you’re practicing the very basics or just working on plays it’s very hard to practice football without contact. Especially when you have a bunch of young guys trying to make the team.

  2. Get freaking real. The collective bargaining agreement doesn’t say anything about pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man during rookie camp.

    Now, during a regular season game, that would be a 15-yarder penalty for certain!

  3. An old war days saying was “10% of the people never get the message”
    Its true even now. The staff plan and explain everything, but a few never understand.

  4. Thought they had rules for this?

    Back on the Brady comments, it is true he doesn’t practice in camp with the physicality of the elite QB’s throughout history. Shows up in the big losses in key playoffs and Super Bowls.

  5. “Pretty physical” doesn’t necessarily mean contact. Getting in and out on your stance, using your hands, etc. and so on can be “physical” without actually touching someone else.

  6. A little wreckless to directly translate what he is saying into physical contact, maybe.? Even if there was some contact, that’s a rule when broken, everyone should look away, considering this isn’t baseball.

  7. The limitations are stupid, these guys are being well paid to play football and they want to make the best impression they can, the NFLPA isn’t helping them with these restrictions!

  8. Good its going to make them better in the long run im usually on the player side of things but this isn’t one of them they need to be more prepared for the hits and punishment they going take doing the season and plus its not like they haven’t did it all there lives any way

  9. Oh don’t worry, I’m sure when Roger hears that something got physical he will make sure he puts a stop to it immediately…


  10. That Fat Slob Reid did the same in his 14 years in Philly. He is nothing more than an average head coach. Don’t get too excited Chief fans.

  11. I think the way the Chiefs and other teams get around this is by not calling the sessions “live”. You can do walkthrough sessions that focus on the fundamentals of line play. Whether the intensity of these sesssions are beyond a typical walkthrough or not is probably subject to interpretation.

  12. The new CBA worked well for good teams with a lot of veterans but it really messes with young teams. It will all even out over time but you can still see it has really hurt with development.

  13. “And regardless of the fact that Fulton exposed that contact is happening in Kansas City, the Chiefs surely aren’t the only team doing it.”

    It shouldn’t matter if other teams are doing it (remember, Saints & bounties?). The Chiefs should be punished by Gladiator Goodell. The rest of the league is awaiting swift justice as this will upset the competitive balance in the league. (sarcasm)- – – – all this football tattletale stuff is getting out of hand.

  14. they aren’t wearing pads, so there is no contact in the sense of actual hitting or blocking. players on the line are pushing against eachother as they practice technique and hand placement, and things can still get physical there – don’t think there’s anything dubious or illegal about that.

  15. Notice all the injuries during the season now after the CBA. Because they aren’t in football shape

  16. Andy Reid loves competition.

    he’s going to draft 15 nobodies a year. Have one of the harshest camps the veterans have scene, and when the injuries pile up, the roster will start to crumble.

    Good luck with a 1st place schedule big red.
    that .300 winning percentage you have against good teams should serve the cheif’s well this year.
    Add to that, the fact they only beat one or two playoff teams last year, , , looking like more of the same.

  17. Regardless of what he thought, the rules are clear: “No live contact is permitted.”

    Of all the things that the players wanted in the last CBA this actually hurts the game & themselves. It clearly leads to a more watered down product on the field (tackling for most teams has been atrocious the last few years) & it’s very possible that more injuries are occurring b/c of this. There’s being in shape & there’s being in ‘football shape’

    How can the HC be the boss if the players are in charge of practices & workout schedules???

  18. There are a bunch of guys desperate to make an impression on coaches and get a job to support their families. Of course they’re going to go all out.

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