Cowboys fear torn ACL for Sean Lee

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As soon as Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee went down in what was supposed to be a non-contact practice today, the vibes coming out of Dallas suggested that he had suffered a bad knee injury. It’s looking like a season-ending injury.

Although Lee has not yet had an MRI and the team has not announced anything official, multiple reports indicate that a torn ACL is the most likely diagnosis. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cowboys fear that Lee tore his left ACL, while John Middlekauff of 95.7 The Game separately reports that Lee will likely be out for the entire 2014 season.

Cowboys rookie offensive lineman Zack Martin blocked Lee to the ground at Organized Team Activities. Although it’s not the Cowboys’ biggest concern at the moment, an injury during a non-contact practice may result in an investigation into the team’s practice habits.

The 27-year-old Lee has a long history of struggling with injuries, including tearing his right ACL in college. He has missed 15 games in the last two seasons and has never played 16 games in a season. It’s now looking like he may play zero games this season.

81 responses to “Cowboys fear torn ACL for Sean Lee

  1. Cowboys biggest fear: Jerry Jones will remain the GM for a long long time.

  2. As a Cowboys fan you’d think I’d cry. But at this point I can only laugh. Bring on 5-11 or 6-10 and a half decent pick.

  3. always feel bad for any player going down with injury regardless of the team they play for

    – Redskins fan here

  4. These practices in shorts are ridiculous! Stupid! Thank your Union for negotiating this as part of the new CBA where teams spend way too much time in shorts and t-shirts and then struggle with “light contact”. It happened last year when DJ Fluker was a rookie and hit Dwight Freeney too hard and Freeney gingerly walked off. Rookies are out trying to make an impression, but the rules tell them not to make contact. Now a team could lose a valuable player in May!

  5. That’s horrible to prepare all offseason to have an injury like that happen to you during the first practice and a non contact one at that. I wish Mr. Lee a speedy recovery and hope he comes back stronger than ever next season.

  6. Sean Lee possibly gone for the year. Rookie responsible in “non-contact drill”. League investigation to follow.

    That, folks, is called a Hat Trick.

  7. Happened to Melvin Ingram and he came back and helped the D at the end of the year, there is a chance Lee can come back and contribute, however unlikely.

  8. Is it just my imagination but it seems like there are a lot more players suffering ACL and MCL injuries. For all of the top training and medical personnel, it seems crazy that top players like Sean Lee go down like this on day 1. Someone should analyze the process. This is ridiculous and don’t say it’s just some bad luck. Maybe they are pushing him too hard too soon.

  9. Thats a tough break , season over before it begins.

    I feel for Lee and the Cowboy fans.

    I know what it was like when the Pats lost rookie sensation Robert Edwards to multiple torn ligaments, Tedy Bruschi to a stroke and “dangerous weapon” Aaron Hernandez to multiple broken laws.

    It is sad when the disappointment starts before the season does.

  10. It was going to happen sometime this season anyways.

    If it didn’t happen that practice, it would have happened in the next one.

    The inevitable just stopped being prolonged.

  11. Don’t blame the CBA blame the coaches for allowing contact in shorts. That’s just stupid. I am a Penn State fan and Lee was a great player but injury prone which is the only reason he lasted late 2nd round. Good luck in your recovery kid.

  12. Looks like either Jerry broke the rules with a contact drill, or the Notre Dame rookie is not the smartest player in the draft class.

  13. Thank you Zack Martin!!!

    Even though the Giants passed on you at 12 to take Odell Beckham (which was a good choice), you still managed to help us.

  14. As an Eagles fan, I hope this turns out to be a scare. Lee is one of the best linebackers in the game and you always want your teams competing and beating the best out there.

  15. Brutal…PUP him and see what happens during the 3 week window post Week 6. That would be ~6 months from survey and the ACL has been a 6-9 month recovery.

  16. I would be interested to see the number of injuries to players early in the season (let’s say by game 4) since the collective bargaining (player’s union) changed the way that teams could practice compared to before. I don’t know if it’s more/better team media coverage of injuries or what but it just seems like more players are getting injured since they tinkered with the system.

  17. Sean Lee is a great player and a very important part of the defense. Look what happened after he went down last season. Unfortunately, he can’t stay healthy and it’s time to find someone else to fill his shoes. Considering the defense was the worst in Cowboy history, it can only get better.

  18. For everyone questioning contact in a non-contact practice, it’s football! Contact will happen no matter how much you try to avoid it!

  19. This kind of thing happens every year. Guys get hurt; especially injury prone guys.Better now than the last preseason game.

  20. Oh well better to get someone ready now instead of 6-7 games into the season. Guy is on tap to now miss 32 games over the last 3 seasons. Sweet second rounder even better was the extension he signed. Hopefully it was the last idiotic contract the cowboys sign off on

  21. Redskins fan here and damn I hate to hear about Seans injury. Get well soon!#HTTR

  22. Being a PSU fan I’ve always appreciated Lee’s impressive abilities. Solid leader and relentless player… unfortunately his injury luck is amazingly bad. You don’t know how, but at some point you expect this guy to go down. I hate the Cowboys and hope they have a terrible season but not this way.

  23. Sad to hear that. I am always a fan of watching solid linebacker play, regardless of the team they play for, and Sean Lee was no exception. Hope he can make a full recovery.

  24. Blame Jerrah ! he drafted Martin and passed over Johnny Vegas ! “DIE DIE YOU DALLAS DOGS ” to quote DE Jack Youngblood when he played for the Over The Hill Gang Redskins . 8-8 if they get lucky.

  25. Wow, real shame. Not a fan of the Cowboys, but I am a fan of the B1G and always root for their players to succeed. He is a solid player. Just a shame his body has not been as strong as his heart. Wish him well in his recovery and hope he can still have a successful career.

    Bears fan, Purdue Alum (’99)

  26. Sorry for Lee but he hasn’t been the same since Golden Tate blew him up in 2012. Injury prone.

  27. I’m a Ravens Fan and I think this is NOT a good thing and nothing any other fans should be happy about. It’s hard enough to make the 53 man squad and stay healthy, but non-contact training. Unlucky or stupid leadership pushing the envelope during training, non-contact at that. I don’t relish in others misfortunes. Hopefully he returns this year. This could be a playoff year for Dallas.

  28. This is why Tony Romo’s stats are so padded it makes him look deceptively good. He has to throw for so much to make up for the sad defense.

  29. I wish Sean a speedy recovery for his sake. Thank you to all of you Redskin and Eagle fans wishing him well and fans of any other teams, as well. As for you trolls, who think you’re just hilarious and think that jokes about Jerry under the circumstances is just de rigueur, you’re absolutely not funny. If you don’t know the meaning of these words, pick up your 7th grade reading book; you know, the one you carry to class everyday. Can you possibly put yourselves in Sean Lee’s skin today? What a horrible blow to such a great player and a fine young man.

  30. From the video it’s hard to see how he injured that knee. Looks like it happened before he was touched, which is often the way. But the reactions of Church and Claiborne said it all — hope it’s only a bad sprain but given Lee’s history an ACL tear wouldn’t be surprising.

  31. I don’t care the team. I don’t care how I feel about the team. I NEVER EVER like to see any player go down with a serious injury. Ever. I want everyone at their best all the time.

    Hope he fully recovers ASAP.

  32. If you never had a significant knee injury its not fun. As a Giants fan Id like to say best of luck to Sean Lee in his recovery. See you back on the field in 2015.

  33. Best wishes.

    Not a Cowboy’s fan, but gained a lot of respect for Lee for his response to Golden Tate lighting him up in a game a couple years back.

    Blind side block that put Lee out.

    When asked Lee said “That hit was a thing of beauty based on the film I saw.”

  34. I say cut your losses with guy I was a huge fan of his had plenty of upside but the guy is a walking medical bill. Go take the cap room to find two serviceable MLB

  35. Do you understand that “non-contact” practice doesn’t mean that the players can’t accidentally run into each other without breaking the rules?

    A field full of giant athletes moving at full speed- people could get hurt, my friend.

    Doesn’t mean anybody was hitting anybody or breaking any rules.

  36. Word in the Big D is that Jerrah is working on a $75m, 5-year contract extension for Lee right now.

  37. Can you fine rookies their entire salary based on them being too stupid play football? Is this kid really that big a moron?

  38. The good news for Sean Lee is he can now sue the team for making him have contact in non-contact drills, he can sue the League for the medication the doctor gives him, and he can sue the doctor that does his ACL surgery. Jackpot!

  39. Eagles fan checking in…it really sucks to lose a player like Lee in OTA’s.
    I hope he makes it back this season.
    The good news is we don’t get to play you guys until 11/27, which gives him seven months.
    A torn ACL could heal in 6-9 months.
    Hope we get to play you guys at full strength.
    Eagles VS. Dallas
    The best rivalry in the NFL in my opinion.

  40. I cheer for the Eagles and although the Cowboys are heated rivals, I don’t like to see a player go down to injury because I want the Birds to beat the ‘Boys at their best. Hopes for a speedy recovery

  41. No fans have shown the Redskins any sympathy over our QB. In fact its only been loads of mockery any time our QB is mentioned, so, no care. “RGME RGGLASS RGNOKNEE RG3andout IRG3!” Yeah, no care.

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