Dion Jordan bulked up this offseason


The start of OTAs is the first chance to check in with some players since the end of last season and things can change dramatically over just a few months.

That appears to be the case with Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Jordan looks like “he took an air pump and plugged it into his arms and shoulders this offseason” as he bulked up to over 265 pounds. Jordan played at 248 pounds last season and admitted on Tuesday that he felt too light to do the job the Dolphins were asking him to do.

“I was definitely too light to go out there against some of those offensive tackles,” Jordan said. “This year I had the opportunity to have an offseason where I can take care of my body. I’m trying to move forward and continue to try to better myself in a few areas.”

Coach Joe Philbin said that the Dolphins considered moving Jordan to outside linebacker, but ultimately decided against it because they wanted Jordan focused on rushing the passer instead of covering receivers. Jordan did look out of place at the position at times last season, so the Dolphins will have to bet that increased bulk and a fully healed shoulder get him where he needs to be.

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  1. But PFT told me the Dolphins were going to trade Dion Jordan!


  3. Jeff Ireland is going to have the last laugh on this one ; trading up to get Dion Jordan may just end up being the best move of the entire 2013 draft. That draft was weak to begin with , but I think Miami got a steal there.

  4. “I think this is the first positive Dion Jordan news I have heard since they drafted him.”

    And the Dolphins were “giddy” as if they got one over
    on Oakland. That’s an awful lotta swagger for a guy who barely averaged 1.5 tackles a game, and had a
    WHOPPING two sacks!

  5. I don’t understand this picture. It looks like he has a rectangle of cardboard tucked under his shirt and is running somewhere with a carwash sponge in the crook of his arm.

  6. I remember when Aaron Maybin bulked up between his first and second season…

  7. this guy is a freak, if he is playing close to 270 lbs he is going to wreak havoc on qb’s, and to think, he is a back up behing two other freaks in wake and vernon. this d line will be nasty.

    cant wait for the excuses from the haters when he has 15 sacks next year.

  8. The trade for Jordan was a bargain compared to what the Bill’s traded away to move up fewer spots. Jordan was the #1 rated defensive player in last years draft for a reason, as he’s got the burst, speed, and frame to be an elite pass rusher. What he didn’t have was an off-season sufficient to heal and get bigger, now he has.

    Jason Taylor was also on the practice field today mentoring Jordan and the other young D-lineman, which is great, since Jordan had been compared to him well before he was drafted. Just like Vernon in his second year, Jordon is going to have a break out season, as he becomes a bigger part of the DE rotation.

  9. This is a big deal for the rotation at DL for the Dolphins… this will provide constant pressure all for down with his development we can have on of the better front 4’s in the league… To win the East weather we like it or not goes through new england and with this I’m pretty sure Brady will have on his dancing shoes…Indeed

  10. First of all Dion’s frame could easily pound on 20 lbs without PED’s through a diet rich in protein and BCAA supplements while cutting back on cardio. The weight could easily be added in his legs, glutes, chest and back by lifting very heavy weights very slowly. This would breakdown and rebuild fast twitch muscle fibers which will increase his strength and muscle density without reducing his speed and quickness.
    At his size, speed and strength he’ll be able to generate 3 times the force at the point of contact, hitting the offensive lineman with the equivalent of over 700lbs.
    Those who doubt him or discount his abilities are sadly mistaken.

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