Domenik Hixon says he has suffered another ACL tear


One of the competitors for a reserve role in the Bears’ receiving corps appears to have suffered a potentially season-ending injury.

On Facebook, veteran wideout Domenik Hixon said Tuesday he had suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament — his third such injury in less than four years.

“I tore my ACL today for the 3rd time today!” Hixon wrote. “I’m disappointed that I won’t be playing for a bears team that has the players and coaches to WIN the Super Bowl. I thank God for letting me live my dream of playing in the NFL for 8 years plus. It has truly been FUN!”

Hixon tore his right ACL in June 2010 and again in September 2011 as a member of the Giants. He signed a one-year deal with Chicago in March.

An Akron product, the 29-year-old Hixon has caught 109 passes for 1,460 yards and seven TDs in 76 regular season games since entering the NFL since 2006.

Marquess Wilson, Josh Morgan and Erik Weems are among the Bears’ primary backup options at wide receiver behind standouts Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.

22 responses to “Domenik Hixon says he has suffered another ACL tear

  1. Sad to hear, he sounds like someone pondering retirement. He will be missed as a return threat more than as a WR, but still hate to see it happen.

  2. Sad to see his career end (based on his tone and knowledge of the injury). But I love his positive attitude of knowing he got to play NFL ball and hopefully he saved money and there is something else out there for him.

  3. That’s a tough break, he’s a very classy human being and an extremely hard worker. Hope he recovers quickly and plays a few more years before he begins the next chapter of his life.

  4. It’s a shame his legs knees weren’t as tough as his heart. He has explosive talent and seems like a great guy. Had some real solid moments for the Giants when he was on the field.

    Could have been Pro Bowl level or very close to it had he stayed healthy.

  5. So now the bears have 2 number ones and a 3 wr… The others not really much of anything. Interesting development considering how much more dangerous a 4 wide formation could have been. Now focus on Jeffrey and Marshall and that’s it.

  6. hyzers says:
    May 27, 2014 10:52 PM
    This will be the annual excuse Bears fans use for missing the playoffs.


    What excuses? Bears fans talk the least amount of trash and do the least amount of trolling. That’s an annual occurrence with Bears fans, I’ve never seen any excuses, Bears fans admit they we not good enough and Bears fans know how to except that and move on…….can’t say the same for other NFL fans though.

  7. Hixon has nothing about which to hang his head. An 8-year NFL stint including a Super Bowl ring is a helluva career. Best of luck.

  8. Marquess Wilson will be the next guy to break out in Chicago, but was really looking forward to seeing Hixon return kicks for us this year.

  9. I will always remember him for that amazing touchdown catch he had while tearing his ACL. Hate to hear about anyone tearing an ACL let alone 3 times.

  10. Did Hixon really say the Bears could win the Super Bowl? As in, this year? Nice of him to say that on his way out, but as the biggest Bears fan there is I’m still gonna say they are at least a year away. They will do well to win their division this year which is the only way an NFC-N team is gonna make the playoffs.

    Also, @guitarfreak, the Bears still have a couple of options for 4 wideout sets. Chris Williams, aka the CFL’s Devin Hester, and Josh Morgan who they picked up from the Redskins. Plus a couple kids who were on and off the practice squad last year and I’m sure Emery will be scouring the waiver wires for other team’s cuts as well. Sucks for Hixon but I’m not too concerned about our WR depth.

  11. I hate that for Hixon! As a Panther fan, his greatest moment was against the Saints, final game of the season last year when Newton hit him for a pass in the end zone that won the game! Bad throw or great catch??? Doesnt matter we won and Hixon will be missed this season. Hope he can bounce back from this.

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