Eagles agree to terms with Jordan Matthews


The Philadelphia Eagles need to replace DeSean Jackson.  They’ll do it in part with a second-round draft pick who officially is under contract.

The Eagles have announced that Matthews has signed the perfunctory four-year deal.

The former Vanderbilt product, who measures six-feet, three inches and weighs 212 pounds, gives coach Chip Kelly the large receiver he coveted.  Whether Matthews gives Kelly the production he wants is another issue entirely.

Jackson produced, with a career high in 2013.  The expectations for Matthews are much lower, for now.

The depth chart will be led in 2014 by Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper.  With Maclin signing a one-year deal, rapid development from Matthews could make it harder for the Eagles to justify paying Maclin the kind of money he wants.

Meanwhile, Matthews needs a good nickname.  Based on his hat, how about “Bar Code”?

29 responses to “Eagles agree to terms with Jordan Matthews

  1. this guy has done nothing but produce throughout his collegiate career. with the vast array of weapons on phillys offense, i dont see why it wouldnt continue

  2. Matthews will have better numbers in his rookie year than Jackson had last year. When all is said and done this kid will be by far the best player to come out of this draft and Djax will be forgotten soon by the fans in Philly.

  3. It’s a wr friendly offense with typical 3-4 wr sets that give receivers 1 on 1 match ups. Since the rules favor the receivers they can typically win the the matchup if athletic enough. Foles has the arm and oline to hit his guys. This vandy guy will def produce.

  4. Barring injury, I think they’ll bring him along slowly, but think there’s a reasonable chance that both Matthews and Huff are the Eagles starting wideouts by this time next year.

  5. I think this kid will be good but lets not anoint him a savior and replacement of DeSean Jackson and not justify paying J-Mac. This guy hasnt play a single NFL down yet. Anything can happen.

  6. This kid is a great WR, excellent hands, runs good routes, good work ethic, never got into any trouble while in college, and just goes out there on game days and produces!! …could be a beast in Philly. I watched this kid in college. He worked his butt off at Vanderbilt.

  7. I remember one game he was dehydrated while playing for Vanderbilt and was throwing up on the field… To were he took one play off and came back in to finish the game.. Like I said good kid to have as a player..

  8. Everything about this kid screams 1st-round talent. His speed is very underrated and everyone around him can attest to just how fierce of a competitor he is day-in and day-out. I expect him to burst onto the scene rather quickly and as the season progresses this may turn into a situation where the Eagles decide re-upping with Maclin makes less sense.

    *Josh Huff looks like the epitome of an NFL slot receiver, so I expect by the start of the 2015 season we will be looking at Cooper and Matthews starting and Huff manning the slot. Add the fact that a great duo of TEs and 2 of the best receiving RBs in the entire NFL will be adding to the continuous onslaught.

    Watch out NFL…Chip Kelly is coming. Scratch that…he’s here.

  9. It’s very plausible that with the additions of Sproles and Matthews, along with the development of Ertz, and the return of Maclin, that the Birds easily replace Jackson’s production. Throw in Huff, Cooper, Celek, and McCoy and this team may be as dangerous offensively as Denver. For me it all depends on whether Foles can replicate or even improve on his last season. As well as he played there was a ton of luck involved on some of his big throws. But I’m very pumped to see how the big targets like Matthews and Ertz make this team better. Here’s hoping the D can keep pace.

  10. I don’t think the offense is in doubt. If the defense can step up, this is going to be a very dangerous team. I’m sure not looking forward to my Redskins playing these guys 2x a year.

  11. Congrats Jordan. You just signed with an all time failing franchise. I hope money is all you care about, it better make up for January wins – cause you won’t see those in Philly.

  12. Never fails. The Eagles fans every year – we’re so dangerous. Nooooo, you’re really not that dangerous. You won 10 games last year in our terrible division. You can’t just assume you’ll do that again…

  13. and kst2074, as an eagles fan that had Jaccson since pro day 1 you can have his lose 10-15 yards and score 1 touchdown every 20 times punt returns and his me first attitude, lack of work ethic, and uncommitted mind set as he fully admitted he wants to rap not play football. You can have him when he gives up early and gives up an offensive play call or decides he’s going to throw a hissy fit and hit somebody and cause a penalty. This guy is bad news all around. He may get a long touchdown pass on the eagles (if griffins arm can make the throw) but other then that he’s a one trick pony. Enjoy!

  14. Kid is a beast. I saw him play in person this past year against Ole Miss in the opener. He caught everything thrown his way and was doubled the entire game. He played with a below average QB his entire career at Vandy and still put up great numbers.

  15. DeSean Jackson is a punk. Matthews is a man. Well-spoken, intelligent, team-oriented, and driven to succeed. He studies the game and gets to the office to put in the work. He won’t be a distraction, he won’t be polarizing. The coaches will love him and he will make his teammates better. His numbers won’t need to be compared to Jackson’s. The receiving corps is better as a unit now than it was with D-Jax.

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