Jags RB coach: Toby Gerhart is “a horse”

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Toby Gerhart got a reputation for being a bruising runner during his time in the Pac-10 Conference at Stanford University. However, he hasn’t had much opportunity to live up to that reputation in the NFL because he’s been stuck behind some guy named Adrian Peterson for his first four seasons in Minnesota.

Gerhart signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason with the hopes of becoming a star runner in his own right.

So far, the Jaguars like what they are seeing from Gerhart.

He’s a horse,” running backs coach Terry Richardson said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “He’s a big guy, and I talked to one of his former [position] coaches, and he was saying Toby had the strongest legs he’s been around in terms of his leg drive and leg power. We’re excited about that.”

Gerhart has produced in the few significant opportunities he’s received. In nine games in which he’s had at least 10 carries, Gerhart is averaging 77 yards per game and a 4.7 yards per carry average.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is well aware of what a strong running game can do to help an offense. Bradley saw Marshawn Lynch power Seattle’s offense for three seasons before leaving for Jacksonville last year. If Gerhart can deliver a similar style for the Jaguars, it could help take the load off Chad Henne and allow Jacksonville’s offense to be more consistent.

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  1. Keep laughing at the Jags…In two years half of you haters will be wishing your team could compete with them!

    Four years from now it will be up to 75% with only colts, titans, and texans still hating strong!

  2. He is great in small doses. But he gasses quickly and doesn’t have the speed to be a #1 three-down back. Could work well with a compliment on 3rd down. But he’ll never be the ace that they are hoping for. Good pass blocker and totally mediocre RB with bad cardio. NOT worth that contract. But he’s a good locker room guy and A+ effort guy so I wish him the best in the future. Just temper your expectations, Jags fans.

  3. Last year it was about special teams db’s and speed. This offseason was 90% offense. It’s the way to build a team focus on 1 specific side (o, d, or st) of the ball. We walked away with young 2 young wr’s, rob, interior line and a qb to be groomed. Great offseason Jags!

  4. If Toby can stay healthy and has a decent O-line then he will be that bruising RB he has always been. He showed glimpses of that in Minnesota. I really hope he does well.

  5. As a Vikings fan, I wish this guy all the best. He spent tears sitting behind AP and he never let out a peep about playing time. When he did get a chance to play, he was a battering ram. I hope he has a heck of a career down there. He earned it.

  6. It’s nice to see a player finish out his rookie contract. Rather then demand a trade or refuse to play because he feels he deserves more money

  7. Not sure why the Vikes gave him up considering AP is on the decline.

    -They didn’t “give up on him”, he wanted to be somewhere that would start or play him often. When a team has a back like Peterson, it’s kind of tough to get on the field.

    Just what have you seen in Peterson that shows a decline? His numbers were down from 2012, but that was a historic season. They were a historically bad team last year, I’m surprised they won at all with that horrible coaching staff, especially Musgrave’s 4 play, 4″ x 6″ play card.

  8. Toby will perform well for the Jags provided he has an O-line. Won’t be a star, but will be a capable starter.

  9. Let’s be honest… by midseason Storm Johnson will be the better runner. Toby is a jack of all trades, master of none type back. Next year the Jags will go after Duke Johnson and Jedd Fisch will have his smash and dash version with Storm and Duke. Toby will be back at FB.

  10. For an FB he has very low mileage.

    The Jaguars got a great deal.

    He played passing downs for the vikings because Peterson can’t do that. Gerhart is an every down back.

    I’m not sure why the vikings moved up in the 2nd round of the draft to take Peterson’s replacement, never trade Peterson, then let Gerhart walk in free agency. Their 2010 draft class produced nothing for them.

    Glad to see that he will finally get a chance with the Jaguars, some good coaching, and play outdoors in natural sunlight on natural grass for people that appreciate his talent.

  11. As I Viking fan, I wish Toby all the best. Hated to see him go, but You can’t have a solid career as a back up. He deserves better. Go Toby!!!

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