Manti Te’o ready for a big second season


After entering the NFL as one of last year’s highest-profile rookies, Manti Te’o had a relatively quiet first season. But as the Chargers start Organized Team Activities, Te’o says he’s ready for a big year.

The offseason was great,” Te’o told Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego. “Rookie year is possibly the hardest year. Everyone told me that it was. You go non-stop. It’s all football from your last game in college to preparing for the combine to preparing for the draft to getting drafted and then coming straight to rookie minicamp and going through the real thing. The offseason allowed me to just get some away time and get a jumpstart in my workouts. It was good.”

Te’o says he’s in better shape now than he was a year ago.

“I’m in the best shape of my life,” Te’o said. “The way I feel, the control I have over my body, I’m the same weight but physically I’m just different. Mentally, obviously, I have a year under my belt. I can build off of that.”

The Chargers’ defense was a major disappointment last season, but they’re still hoping Te’o is a building block for a much better defense this year.

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  1. And yet another reason why not to push back the draft, it lessens the production of the rookies. One way for year round coverage is to draft in early march then have FA in late April/early May. From all the podcast and shows I listen and watch draft boards are set early January with some movement for combine & pro days but not as much as it’s made out to be.

  2. Thing is, Manti did OK last season.

    Certainly not all world by any means…

    But he was NOT a bust like so many said he would be.

    He’s going to make it in the pro game and contribute. This season (mostly) and next (a bit) will let us know what kind of career he’ll have.

    Guessing it will be a bit better than average overall.

  3. So much of his success and that of ILB Donald Brown hinges on a massive NT taking on blockers. Neither ILB was very good at shedding blocks and making a tackle for a minimal gain. Te’o also had trouble finding the ball and knowing where the play was going. Offenses ran directly at him for good yardage. He was awful last season.

  4. I always find it amusing when these dame players come out with the biggest hype ever and then turn out to be average at best. the excuse come rolling in about the transition bla bla bla or injury but the fact remains they do not live up to the hype. maybe teo and his girfriend will prove everyone wrong but I doubt and no the jokes will never get old except to the domers.

  5. He had 61 tackles in 13 games started last year. That’s just under 5 per game avg. Pretty low for a starting ILB. I didn’t see SD play much last season, so I don’t know if he missed a lot of tackles or was behind the play a lot. I think it was Hub Arkush that reported him being graded as the worst tackling starting LB, at the end of the season last year.

  6. He had a sprained foot that bothered him all season missing some preseason and 3 regular games.

    SD also had poor NT play.

    Still finished w 61 tackles, 5th on the team

  7. Teo came in 4th game of the season, but still wasn’t 100%.

    Not being a total homer here, but I think the kid has a lot of promise. We’ll know better in Sept

  8. No one in the NFL is afraid of playing against Te’o. How many Larry English’s can this team draft? The new LB from GT is on bust watch.

  9. Really tired of hearing how the timing of the draft hurts rookies. If you are so worried about that, sign your rookie and plan to play them the following season.

    Disagree? The quit your bellyaching as everyone is in the same boat. If any rookie can’t perform to his team’s expectations, then he can end up with a team who gives him the chance he needs and some vet can extend his career another year (and perhaps qualify for his pension).

    As it is, no team has an advantage over another except to pick the best players for their systems. Those who do the best jobs will be in position for their coaches to get the most out of them and succeed on the field.

  10. Te’o had a significant foot injury and missed a lot of initial game time, plus he’s not known as a speed guy. So he was hobbled and he struggled, but he did make some good plays with some big hits.

    He did start several games, but didn’t play too much. Once get builds his “professional football player” confidence, he’s going to be a major contributor on the team. He’s taking the correct approach to the media and the game.

    He’ll be a team captain very quickly and a pro bowler in a couple years.

  11. Basically played like a middle of the road player on a middle of the road defense. And he was hurt for part of the year. Nothing to get excited about.

  12. A lot of people here defending Te’o’s subpar rookie season by pointing to his low-profile position need to realize that the two biggest defensive rookie impacts last season were also at those low-profile positions (Sheldon Richardson – 3-4 DT and Kiko Alonso – ILB).

  13. Why is no one talking about how year round football is hard for him? That sounds awesome to me.

  14. Played all year with a broken bone in his foot and made progress after missing all preseason except for 2 series.
    TE’o is going to be fine and a good player,… those posting here negatively just have no clue.

  15. Thank goodness Johnny Football got drafted this year to take the publicity and heat off Teo. His “girlfriend” is a non-issue this year.

  16. Chargers GM, Tom Telesco, should’ve been GM of the year with that ridiculous draft of his, landing THREE 1st round-caliber players with his picks in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds.

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