Mike Pouncey has no regrets about last season


Well, now we know that the Dolphins as an institution aren’t the only ones in denial.

The individual parts of the team are now insisting that last year wasn’t really a problem either.

Dolphins center Mike Pouncey told reporters today he had no regrets with the way last season unfolded for the Dolphins, and that he didn’t need the league-mandated mental health evaluation that stemmed from the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying scandal.

Asked what that evaluation entailed, Pouncey replied: “I have no clue, but I don’t think I need that. I don’t think I do,” via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

Asked if he had any regrets about last season, Pouncey said: “No, not at all.”

That kind of tone-deafness shouldn’t be a surprise, after he joked on Twitter about first-round pick Ja’Wuan James getting him gifts.

“Obviously, it was a joke, but I’m not here to be a distraction,” Pouncey said of the ill-conceived tweet. “It’s all about football right now. We’ve moved on from that.”

He might think he has, but there’s clearly a persistent problem here. The Dolphins rolled the dice on draft weekend, choosing two and signing a third player who had been thrown off their college teams. While all situations are unique, adding more players who had problems fitting in is likely the last thing the team needed.

And now with Pouncey taking a defiant tone about the steps established for him, it appears clear the lessons learned are few and far between.

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  1. And yet, no punishments for the organization or the coaches. They were allowed to handle the situation internally unlike other teams who have had their organization and coaches punished by suspensions and fines because they “should have known” about things going on in their locker rooms. Obviously, the organization has not done a good job of changing the culture of the Dolphins and to draft players who have already been kicked off their respective college teams is just asking for disaster. The Dolphin fans, and I am not one, deserve better. And if Roger Goodell really is interested in protecting the integrity of the NFL, he would he wise to call the team’s owner, coaches, and players out for their stupidity. Of course, Roger has never been accused of being “wise”.

  2. How about not making the playoffs? Wearing a Free Hernandez hat?

    That’s your leader Miami. Glad they got him sorted out.

  3. Hey, leave him alone, I support all my friends up until they at least get their third murder charge. Times might change, but standards must remain. /sarcasm

  4. No wonder Ray Farmer got out of Miami, and back to Cleveland, as fast as he could. Smart man…

  5. There clearly is a persistent problem. Actually theres two. Pouncey dosen’t know when to shut up and these so-called football reporters don’t know when to stop beating a dead dog.

  6. Hey Pouncey, part of life is learning what is acceptable and what isn’t. If you can’t learn that, I doubt things will end well for you.

  7. If he were smart… wait, that ship has sailed.

    If his agent was smart, he would advise Pouncey to simply state that he has matured thru this and is striving to be the best teammate and player he can be.

    Pouncey clearly doesn’t recognize that he really shouldn’t speak. It’s really just a matter of time before a reporter baits him into really popping off. He’s such a knucklehead, it really won’t take much to do it.

  8. I wonder if we all said things like this when we were 23/23 years old. The guy is a football player (pro bowler) not a nobel prize winner for knowing the publics feeeeeeeelings.
    He’s tough and stubborn just what we all want football players to be.

  9. Jesus ppl get over it already. The guy has a off sense of humor. Ppl forget that this game us all about bullying and thsts perfectly ok.

  10. both Pounceys are basically.. semi human garbage

    real shame cretins like these things are allowed to make a living in public eye.. not good for NFL to employ things like the Pounceys

  11. Yea! another opportunity for trolls to bash the Dolphins.

    What he’s saying is the whole bully gate was way overblown. Were talkin’ bout tweets, and someone getting there feelings hurt. That said, there is a problem in that Pouncey should take the “no comment” route and hasn’t figured that out yet.

    The saving grace is that he’s an excellent player and the Dolphins should be much better next season.

  12. “Well, now we know that the Dolphins as an institution aren’t the only ones in denial”

    at what point did anyone in that orginization that still works there ever deny that the issue was a problem? other than pouncy. the owner and the coaches owned up to it and made changes to make sure it did not happen again. stop trying to make it more than what it was and still trying to drag the dolphins in the dirt, sounds like the media are the bully’s.

    as for pouncy, im perfectly fine with a guy who was joking around with other players with the idea that since they were going along with it there was no wrong done. go cover the murders, ped users, women beaters and alcoholics in the nfl and stop trying to make it seem like this is the worst problem in the nfl with the players. pathetic.

  13. Seriously, Mike?

    After the way you guys imploded when you had the gift of controlling your own playoff destiny dropped into your laps? You don’t regret that? At all?

    You don’t regret being a part of an offensive line, and possibly a perpetrator of whatever-the-heck-happened that caused you guys to make national news as a league-wide laughing stock for the last two months of the season?

    You should pretty much regret the entirety of last season, because it had some potential, and then flamed out in a brilliance of FAIL.


  14. Adam Beasley is nominated for the LaCanfora award for football journalism for rehashing a total non story. The humor in Mike Pouncey’s obvious joke to his new teammate, Ja’Wuan James, got lost on Adam.
    Friendly suggestion to Pro Bowler Mike – stop tweeting. It only gives the maggots something to digest.

  15. “Obviously, it was a joke, but I’m not here to be a distraction,”

    Whatever you’re trying to be, Pouncey, unless it’s a Pro Bowl center, you’re pretty terrible at it. Stick to football and leave your distasteful opinions and jokes to yourself. Miami gets enough public flak as it is.

  16. Smart man…..setting it up so the Fins wont even bother resigning / franchising him.

    The get-away has started to leave from the worst franchise in professional sports.

    Well played Pouncey

  17. Welcome to PFT, where we sit and judge situations we’re not intimately knowledgable about, from the comforts of our home offices.

  18. Given Pouncey’s history with the “Free Hernandez” cap, there are three sayings that come to mind whenever I hear Pouncey speak:

    1) Birds of a feather flock together.

    2) You are judged by the company you keep.

    3) A leopard cannot change his spots.

    The assessment program that the league wants Pouncey to go through will have no effect whatsoever because he doesn’t believe in the change that they would like to see.


  19. When it comes to this player, it seems it’s time to break out and apply the sports lingo standard for repeated cringe-worthy actions/statements. It’s just “Pouncey being Pouncey.”

  20. As a die-hard Steelers fan, I have to admit that the Pouncey brothers’ behavior makes me sick..both are complete jerk-offs, and if Maurkice wasn’t so good I’d want him off the team…talk about conflicting emotions.

  21. At least he doesn’t have a body count,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or does he? Check that ink today. Y’all have a fine product down in south beach.

  22. This much hatred toward Mike Pouncey is ridiculous. Please see Ray Rice or Aldon Smith if you want to bash players who have actually committed a crime.

    BTW–For those of you who didn’t graduate from Junior H.S., the definition of a criminal is someone who has committed a crime which Pouncey has not. Being friends w/ Aaron Hernandez or being mean to a teammate who isn’t tough enough to be in the NFL or sending out a tweet to a rookie are not crimes. In fact for all the flack the Dolphins have received (& continue to receive) they have not had ONE player arrested for an off the field incident in all of 2013 & so far in 2014.

  23. ‘Ravens fourth-round RB Lorenzo Taliaferro was arrested Saturday in Virginia and charged with destruction of property and public drunkenness.’

    Like I said–See Ray Rice & the Ravens.

  24. Pile on Pouncey for wearing the Free Hernandez hat while completely ignoring that Bill Belichick had the murderer himself in his locker room for years without knowing who he really was.

    The double standard is not surprising but still very amusing.

  25. Pouncey has certainly display his prowess to be a dimwit.
    Neglected facts are that the Dolphins
    1. also drafted 5 team captains
    2. gave a 2nd chance to Jimmy Wilson who has kept his nose clean
    3. 1 guy was a 7th round pick and 3 were undrafted long shots

    A team can not discriminate just based on a players past.

    Yes bullying by Pouncey was wrong, does that arrant his dismissal?
    If it does, what else qualifies?
    Multiple alleged rapes (Roethlisberger) alleged murder charges (Ray Lewis) DUI Manslaughter (Donte Stallworth) Outside standing warrants for speeding (Roddy White) where is the line between criminal offenses and bullying a team mate?

    Spousal abuse and domestic violence are types of bullying so should Ray Rice and Greg Hardy face the same wrath? Their teams for keeping them?

    Not saying what Pouncey is right, just asking.

  26. Here’s to hoping Sam Brenner or the UFDA they picked up can become Miami’s future C. Because this moron’s ignorance will end up really hurting himself, and the organization….

  27. LOL..

    Ravens backfield is living together in prison, just had their 4th player arrested this off-season? 49ers Aldon Smith threatened a bomb at an airport. Jim Irsay arrested with drugs and money. The Aaron Hernandez body count seems to increase daily. The stories go on and on.

    Yet the Dolphins are a dysfunctional franchise because a 6-5 300+ pound guy felt bullied in the locker room and drafted players who were kicked off their college teams.

    This league would be full of “players kicked off of other teams” if the NFL franchises kicked a player off their team because of being arrested, drugs, etc.

    Hm.. Maybe college teams just have more morals. Wait, unless you are Florida State and your name is Jameis Winston.. My bad.

  28. This is the reason I thought Miami should have drafted Marcus Martin. Center is the 2nd most important position on the line. If I was Hickey I would sign Satele if he is still available and move Pouncey to guard. You want your center to be smart and be a leader. His actions has shown he is neither.

  29. Yet, many of you grown up, adult men, will proudly wear his jersey like it’s a badge of honor.

  30. It’s too bad so many idiots play in the NFL. I’d give my right arm to have their talent, and I guarantee you I would handle myself a lot better!

    And people still think Richard Sherman is classless?!

  31. Not learning from your mistakes is immature, unprofessional, and a predictor of failure. So much for the Dolphins this year.

  32. As a Dolphins fan I got to say I love his play on the field but he’s just another dumb reckless Central Floridian.

    Has no idea how to act in public, has no common sense, and doesn’t seem to learn from his own past.

    You really have to be dumb to be wearing a “Free Hernandez” hat considering this man took loved ones from other people’s lives. You have to be even dumber to Tweet how anxious you are to find out what rookies are going to buy you after you were part of one of the most childish headlines of 2013.

    Like I said, no common sense, doesn’t know how to act in public (as well as on Twitter), and doesn’t learn from his own past.

    Humble pie, bro.

  33. And He shouldn’t, he’s a loyal dude who considers his teammate as family, and regardless of what is done family sticks with family, that’s who he is and I can respect that whether we like it or not, I will take that over someone who is politically correct in-front of media but truly feels another way, any-day… Indeed…

  34. My god you people are ridiculous!! talk about beating a dead horse. If we are trying to insight the mindless mob with burning stakes how about more stories with people that are actual criminals? Like the murderers, rapists, drug dealers etc… that are out there? Leave it alone already its over!!

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