Civil rights groups urge players to oppose Washington team’s name

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Over the weekend, a couple of random Washington players tweeted approval of president/G.M. Bruce Allen’s response to Senator Harry Reid regarding a 50-Senator letter opposing the team name.  Now, more than 50 Native American and civil rights groups are urging all other players to take a stand in opposition to the name.

In a letter dated Wednesday but released to the media today, more than 75 different organizations have asked NFL players to speak out against the team’s name.  The letter comes less than a week after NFLPA president Eric Winston explained on PFT Live that the players union doesn’t plan to get in the middle of the lingering controversy.

“Despite team officials claiming the name ‘honors’ Native Americans, the ‘R-word’ does exactly the opposite,” the letter states. “It was the word screamed at Native Americans as they were dragged at gunpoint off their lands, it is the word for the object needed to collect a bounty—literally ‘red skins’—ripped from dead Native American bodies and exchanged for money as proof of kill, and it is a term that still denigrates Native Americans today. The name does not honor people of color, instead it seeks to conceal a horrible segment of American history and the countless atrocities suffered by Native Americans.”

The list of organizations sending the letter includes the NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Fair Housing Alliance, and many Native American groups.

“Over and over again, defenders of the name demand to know why advocates for changing the name do not spend time on any of the other critical issues facing Indian Country,” the letter states. “The fact is, this is a critical issue. According to psychologists and public health experts, the NFL’s promotion of this term continues to do great psychological harm to Native Americans, and particularly Native American children. With the NFL spending billions of dollars a year promoting this slur on television and in merchandise across the globe, these children are being constantly told they are savages who should be primarily judged on the basis of their skin color.”

And so the debate will continue to rage and intensify, until the name changes. The broader question for the NFL continues to be whether it wants the debate to continue, or whether it wants to move on from an issue that the organization owned by Daniel Snyder feels destined to eventually lose.

Regardless of the team’s various self-serving arguments for keeping the name it’s had for eight decades, it’s time for Commissioner Roger Goodell and influential owners like Robert Kraft, Dan Rooney, and Jerry Jones to find a way to help Snyder find his way out of the maze into which questionable P.R. tactics over the last year have placed him.  Actually, that effort is overdue.  With each passing day, more and more people realize it.

163 responses to “Civil rights groups urge players to oppose Washington team’s name

  1. Is that the same NAACP that gave Donald Sterling a lifetime achievement award? Honestly, if Daniel Synder wanted this all to go away, he would send a check to George Soros.

  2. Seriously?!! We’re over 17 trillion dollars in debt, the education system is a joke, the immigration system is a joke, kids are being shot at schools all the time and all these people care about is the name of a freaking sports team. America is a joke.

  3. Oh my, a civil rights group is offended, or are they really a front for an activist group? Everybody is offended by something nowadays, its the newest fad/trend! If you’re not offended by something, you’re not living!!

  4. In the 1953 Disney movie, Peter Pan, Captain Hook uses the word “Redskins” nonchalantly to refer the Indians with “We can get the Redskins on our side….” So the word was not derogatory in 1953. When did it become derogatory?

  5. I hope Snyder never changes it…

    Everyone wants to make a big deal out of race or sexual preference or whatever. I respect Snyder for his reasons for not changing the name. Don’t let other people tell you how to think or live or what to do.

  6. Players need to 100% stay out of this deal. They have no skin in the game and either position they take will be opposed by one group or the other. Daniel Snyder bought The Washington Redskins. He is entitled to keep that brand.
    This is America.

  7. For the good of the organization, Snyder must sell the team. But I thought 87% didn’t care about the name.

  8. Usually they’re changing English names to Indian names. “Joe Smith Road” becomes “Wukaneenee Way”. That sort of thing. “Dead Frenchman Pass” is “Kah’ah Hoptahmish Trail”. Maybe they can do that here.

  9. It doesn’t matter what the word r*dsk*n was intended to mean or how it originated. A racial slur is a racial slur no matter how you want to slice it, dice it, and mince it.

  10. Daniel Snyder is like Emporer Hirohito in the final days of World War II, where the result had already been cemented but he remained in denial.

  11. When a child screams for what they want you stand your ground. Do you cave when they start to scream louder? Scream all you want… the name isn’t changing. You don’t like the word skin? It’s because your is too thin. And do we really care what the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People think? I really wish these people would focus on something that’s important in life… but it’s obvious they have no idea what “important” is…

  12. Instead of attacking a sports team for their name, why don’t these people and organizations put this kind of effort into addressing Congress to make changes to our corrupt and useless government.

    That I would get behind.

  13. I guess Florio will ONLY mention people who oppose the REDSKINS name. And that’s the minority.

    I’ll help you with other headlines Florio, “Redskins great Chris Cooley DEFENDS Redskins name”

  14. Been ok for a lot of years, but now the bleeding heart libs have made it a crusade to shape our new kinder and gentler nation… They can’t shape a competent foreign policy, fix the economy, create meaninful jobs, so now they turn to the low lying fruit to maintain relevancy… Awful.

  15. You realize the Steelers haven’t had a winning record since Tim Tebow beat them in a playoff game years ago. Now some would think losing to Tebow in the playoffs was offensive!

  16. Blah..blah..blah. Snyder is laughing all the way to the bank.
    Now, when advertisers such as Fed Ex start to feel the heat and begin to back out, that’s when the name changes.

  17. Yes, many native Americans tey to quit drinking and are jobless. When they try to muster up the energy and drive to overcome these obstacles, they curl up in little balls of shame and can’t move forward with their lives because somewhere out there, there is a professional sports team called the “Redskins”.

    Typical liberal agenda… Spend 95% of the time and energy on 5% of the problem that sounds great in news articles, and ignore 95% of the problem that would ACTUALLY HELP the people that they claim to be defending.

  18. Why has the name been ok for 80 years until now. Why are the other groups pushed to find this offensive when they really dont care? The name change should be up to the Owner and the NFL. AS much as I think Snyder is an idiot, he did buy the rights to the name.

  19. Don’t like the Redskins team at all, but I will defend their right to keep their name till my last breath. What is this country coming to? Very sad, indeed!

  20. If Snyder is forced to change the REDSKINS name the all the other teams such as INDIANS, CHIEFS, BRAVES, BLACKHAWKS should have to do the same. This world is getting stupid people that are offended over little things and make a big deal out of it just so they can be noticed and get there 5 minutes of fame.

  21. I’d like to know what the next step is for these civil rights groups if the name is changed. Then what? Will all the real problems faced by Native Americans then be solved? My guess is they will move on to some other useless cause, happy that they made a difference and can then totally forget about the real problems Native Americans face.

  22. Native American groups have every right to protest and raise Cain about this issue. The fair housing alliance? The gay and lesbian group? Sorry they get zero say in this fight. What do they have to do with it? What does the team name have anything to do with fair and equitable housing? Unless someone’s housing application says ” ethnicity check which applies: white, Latino, Asian, redskin”. I just don’t see the connection.

  23. The name is on the wrong side of history. Like voting for women and people of color, marriage equality, it’s only a matter of time, despite what Dan Snyder says.

  24. There is no pressure, bunch of cowards crying over nothing isn’t anything new.

  25. Maybe Goodell should get together with Irsay, Wolf, Haslam and other influential owners and show Snyder the err of his ways.

    I almost said that without laughing……

  26. PC is killing this country one year at a time. Soon it is going to be too offensive to say anything at all.

    NY Giants- That offends fat people.
    NY Jets- That is offensive to 9/11.
    Patriots- That is only a GOP word, I’m offended.
    Cardinals- That is the NC state bird, not AZ!
    Cowboys- Aren’t those the guys with guns?!!?
    Buccaneers- Need I say more?!!?
    Saints- I am an atheist. That word offends me.
    Texans- I am against anything Texas stands for.
    Chiefs- All Native American words should go.
    Jaguars- So an endangered specie is also the worst team in the league?

    Then there are the Buffalo Bills… A buffalo hasn’t lived in western NY in 200 years. You know why? THE INDIANS RAN THEM OFF CLIFFS!

    Go Panthers.

  27. Snyder must be doing something right if he has the NAACP against him. That group lost credibility a long time ago. I don’t have a pro football team, but I may have found one.

  28. This is getting annoying. Here is a solution for all. Officially keep the name the Washington Redskins. However, on all team merch, tv, etc. Simply call them Washington.

  29. Kick & wail all you want Washington fans. Snyder will change the nickname. He never should have said never with reagrds of changing the name. That little bump in popularity will vanish quickley.

  30. In reality, the reason why sports teams adopted american indian names decades ago is because of the recognition that those people were fierce and honorable warriors. It was not to make fun of a people. Who would give their sports team a name of a group of people who that apparently racist person wanted to make fun of or looked down upon?

    But again, if native americans are offended by the name Redskins or Chiefs, then both names should be changed.

    No one seems to want to ask those folks though. Its just the civil rights leaders and media who want to speak out on their behalf (but such speaking out would not be done if it did not translate to $$$$ in the civil rights leaders and media’s pockets).

  31. when this word goes – the crazies on the left will find a new one. Maybe – the packers….I know they are going to have to rename to yellow fudge.

  32. What a joke this is becoming. These groups have basically targeted Washington (and the NFL) because of its popularity as well as the money that it generates on a yearly basis. There is no reason for the Redskins to change their name. If these groups are successful in forcing the name change (and it will be a sad day if they are)…it will be the first of many. You can then say good bye to the Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks and countless other college teams.

  33. I’m so sick of this whining!!!
    Snyder, just change the name to Wash. Pigskins so they can just shut up and this whining can just end. Tired of it being a story.
    Hopefully, the pigs won’t be next to complain and form a civil rights group cause they feelings hurt by a word of all things.

  34. Whether you want to keep the name or change it, it is clear this issue is not going away. How about the Redskins just ask the American indian nation what name they feel will honor their heritage?

    Let’s see what they come up with and then decide…

  35. Why is it ok for Native Americans to refer to me by the color of my skin, but I can’t call them redskins?


  36. I urge the players to oppose the civil rights group. This is ridiculous. There was never an issue, until a bunch of non-native Americans decided this is a “just cause” and made a mountain out of yet another mole hill. Go away liberals. The NAACP showed the world what they’re about with the whole Sterling deal. Throw some money at them and they’re OK with anything (until it catches public interest). I’ll be sorely disappointed if they cave in and change the name. They should resist even harder the more the pressure is put on purely out of principal. Ask the NFL fans and see what they have to say. Bet we give them a collective “NO WAY”.

  37. Slavery was accepted for 240+ years and then “suddenly” people had a problem with it. I believe that most would agree that slavery rightfully was abolished. The length of time that something offensive is done does not make it any “less” wrong.

  38. “Redskins great, Chris Cooley”? Now that’s funny! Makes nice pottery, though.

  39. Maybe they can change the name to the Washington Whiteys or White Guys or something. I’m Caucasian and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be offended in the least.

  40. Dozens of pro and college teams have names that could be seen as offensive and that’s all sports. They pick on the nfl based on popularity. Who’s next KC looking at you… What about the Cleveland Indians ??

  41. This is a bunch of bs i live in northern az where the true natives live and they are proud of there team in washington that represents them along with several highschools with said name.

  42. Down down down we go.

    Get a load of those civil rights groups.

    Maybe the republican senators will insist the NAACP change their name. Colored People isn’t that offensive?

    Good for Daniel Snyder. Never means never and most if not all NFL fans agree with him.

    An Eagle fan.

  43. Well if there’s nothing wrong with washingtons name don’t cry about what sterling said. Both are racist whether it offends you or not. Seems funny to read everyone crying about sterling and saying how they find it disgusting but on the flip side be hypocritical and say this isn’t a worthy cause.

  44. I support the Redskins but this story making me puke. When they call them selves “Hogs”, u don’t see pigs wasting time’m respecting the pig more at this point. I’m Latin. If a football team calls themselves the L.A. brownskins, only like 5 of us would complain. Too many whiners in this country.

  45. Wow, I’m surprise by the level of support this has. Logically, historically, politically, the term Redskins has ALWAYS been the “N word” to native Americans.

    The team could easily get out of this without even having to change the logo. Just change the name to Warriors, Blackhawks, Braves, or any number of non-offensive Indian related names.

    As someone bravely mentioned before, just because this has been a bad idea for 80 years, doesn’t make it OK.

    BTW- very soon the media is going to stop referring to the Washington’s NFL franchise by its currrent nickname, like Peter King is doing now, and the name change will happen soon after. Snyder should get out ahead of this.

  46. There is nothing wrong with the name. It should stay. (I have more to add but every time I do the moderator deletes my comments because I struck a nerve with somebody) Guess what I write is not far from the truth.

  47. A lot of ‘red blooded americans’ here. Glad to see you guys supporting a professional sports team named after a racial slur. The reason it’s not more denigrated than the N word is that there are more African Americans in the country, and oddly, they have more wealth. Native Americans are the poorest of the poor in this country, and for a long time have had no voice. That’s why the team name was allowed to continue for so long

  48. Hahaha a white guy says he wouldn’t be offended if they were called the `white guys`..hahaha was that term used to degrade an entire race? Hahaha lord help me control my laughter

  49. Please stop making up offenses; you are being stupid. Native Americans in formal gatherings have said they are offended by the name. It will be changed.

    Do you call your retarded kid retarded? How about mentally challenged? Why not? It USED to be accepted.

    Things change, get off your high horse.

  50. The writing is on the wall, Mr. Snyder. To wit:

    “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

    Martin Luther King Jr.

  51. Where were all you people before it became p/c to get them to change the name? Too much time on your hands these days perhaps? Will you get finally a sense of accomplishment in your pathetic lives by jumping on this bandwagon? I just don’t get it.

  52. The Redskins logo is of a proud looking Indian chief. Now, the Cleveland Indians logo? That should be offensive. The stupid grinning looking character? With the RED face? Come to think of it I believe all the tan people should do something about the browns!

  53. OK, so just WHO was yelling “red skins” and dragging them off to be killed? How about “Cowboys”, “Patriots”, or just good ol’ white colonists who came to the native american’s homeland only to claim it as “theirs”.

    I would think teams names “Cowboys” and “Patriots” would be more disgusting to the Native Americans, but I guess going up against Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft is a tougher task than Danny Snyder. I would think the Native Americans would be more pissed off that we celebrate Columbus Day as a national holiday, but I’m going off on a tangent here.

    Ask a Native American if they like being called “Chief” in any context unless that’s actually their title?

  54. just change it already – it’s a waste of article space….change it and never speak of it again

  55. I’m black and I’m offended that one of the groups that opposes the team name still calls itself the National Association for the Advancement of “Colored” People. So, how about this, NAACP? First why doesn’t YOUR organization change its own name. And then maybe we can have a non-hypocritical conversation about the names of other organizations.

  56. What’s next? The crybaby Libtards going to start attacking the “Cracker Barrel” restaurant name?

    It’s time to stand up against these Liberal wackos that are driving this country into the ground.

    The Washington Redskins should NEVER change their name!

  57. I’m sure it’s a great comfort to Native Americans that while they struggle to feed their families and get a good education for their kids that Congress and all these civil rights groups are on the front lines helping them change a name of a football team that the vast majority of people really could care less about.

    If you really want to help Native Americans than spend all that time and effort to help them with poverty and their social issues not grabbing low hanging fruit to feed your narcissist urge to feel morally superior to others.

  58. Maryland Marauders. Just drop all associations with Washington and with Native Americans. Ye shall reap what ye shall sow.

  59. Sorry tater, you are way off base here. Sterling and the Redskins are not even in the same universe. I team holding onto a team name, that SOME are arguing is racially offensive, under the argument that “no, its actually not offensive in intent or fact, and we mean no offense by it, and the majority of people in question don’t find it offensive”
    is completely different from a person clearly and deliberately expressing a personal disdain and low opinion of a race of people, and complaining about the personal embarrassment of people knowing that his girlfriend associates with said race.
    they are not even close, and its ridiculous to suggest that they are.

  60. Land of the red people – Oklahoma
    Old town – Tulsa
    Red people’s city – Oklahoma City
    Place by the meadow – Dallas
    This was once Indian Territory.
    I live in Broken Arrow.
    When I was a kid, in 1962, I saw “colored” bathrooms and drinking fountains in Muskogee.
    Here’s the real kicker, in the Navy, in 1971, stationed near Washington, George Allen’s “over the hill gang” introduced me to pro football and I’ve been a fan for a long time now. The ‘Skins are no longer my favorite team, although I loved Joe Gibbs’ teams.
    I’ve traved to Dallas, KC, Nashville, and Denver to see games. My next trip will be St. Louis. I love the league, as you all do.
    My opinion:
    The history of the Washington francise is worth considering.
    George Preston Marshall, bought a team that played in Boston, on the same field as the Boston Braves in 1932.
    He changed the name to the Redskins. There were four native Americans on that team. In many ways, he was forward thinking but he was forced to field black players by Attorney General Robert Kennedy in 1962. They were the last team to do so.
    I’m afraid they’re on the wrong side of history again.

  61. Where is the outrage over the Cleveland Browns nickname? They weren’t named after Paul Brown, but Joe Louis the “Brown Bomber”. Look it up. It was shortened from the Cleveland Brown Bombers, referencing Joe Lewis and his skin color, in a public naming contest.

  62. Can these guys find historical proof of the term redskin being used as a slur or being used to mean a Nat. Am. scalp, because the Smithsonian study sure couldn’t.

  63. The name will be changed. No doubt about it. Despite all the whining around here.

  64. “Actually, that effort is overdue. With each passing day, more and more people realize it.”

    and I think a lot of people are realizing that bullying is hiding behind the mask of political correctness and fake outrage. If you dont like the name, dont buy the merchandise or go to the games. There are plenty of reasons to hate the Redskins organization… this just isnt one of them

  65. Exactly reesesteel23. If “white guys” or “White skins” isn’t offensive or a slur, then neither is red guys or red skins. To say redskins is a slur, but whiteskins or white guys is not a slur is trying to have your cake and eat it too. Doesn’t work that way. They either both are offensive or both aren’t, because they are the same thing. White guys and white skins isn’t offensive, because red guys and red skins isn’t offensive. That’s why many Native American schools have redskins as their mascot.

  66. “NEVER”…… Pretending that all these Native American groups with like 5 people each are offended is getting old. It’s liberal white people and the race industry behind the push. Let all those groups send THEIR MONEY to help Native American communities, like Mr Snyder has, instead of feigning outrage and doing nothing of any substance for those people.

  67. Posters here cannot live or think beyond the distance between their couch and their television.

    “It don’t bother me so the hell with em!”


  68. We all realize that every whack job in America wants the Redskins to change their name.

  69. I think Snyder should sue the WAPO, the Oneida’s, Reid, and anyone else making an issue out of this for harassment. I’d laugh my butt off. Start with Oklahoma which is translated into “red people” THEN worry about a privately owned franchise. And while you’re at it, buy your own team and name it whatever you want. Why? Because until you own the Redskins your liberal opinion doesn’t matter. HTTR!

  70. brianlee720 says:
    May 27, 2014 6:47 PM
    Cowboys are more offensive to native americans
    Wrong. Stop repeatedly posting this. Cowboys are cattle ranchers and bull riders.

    You are thinking of the childhood game Cowboys and Indians.

    Take your ignorance somewhere else.

  71. The Cleveland Indians mascot is the equivalent of Sambo, the Redskins mascot is actually genuine. Change it to Whiteskins and throw JFK on the helmet.

  72. Idiots. You can’t make up something and call it offensive like Oklahoma, is anyone complaining about it? No. Then bring something serious to the table.

  73. meanwhile civil rights are a less form of rights that shouldnt even be called rights when compared to the creator endowed rights given to you by the creator of you. which is a self evident truth by the way. its the basis for your freedom as an american. no fighting anywhere has ever changed this. except the fight for your mind which you lost already

  74. 1. i’m an atheist and very offended by the name of new orleans saints. lets change the name.
    2. i’m midget and find the new york giants offensive. we have to change the name.
    3. i used to be a boat captain who almost got captured by somali pirates. the pit pirates name offends me so it has got to go.
    4. i’m a surfer who almost go bit by a shark during a competition. the san jose sharks are offensive and promote attacks on all surfers. the name needs to get replaced.
    5. i am a good christian and the new jersey devils name is offensive to my religion. get rid of the name.

    the handfull of morons in that picture need to get a life and stop shoving their politically correct garbage down people’s throat.

    the 83%

  75. First the fringe native Indian groups got no where, then came the wacky senate democrats playing to their base, then Mike Holmgren of all people.

    Who should we expect next?

    The nut jobs at the SEIU!

  76. “Why? Because until you own the Redskins your liberal opinion doesn’t matter. HTTR!”


    Not so.

    There is no greater power than moral authority.

    The name will be changed.

    Similarly, equating Redskins to White skins, or whatever, is a false comparison. Whiteskins did not get kicked around, slaughtered, relocated, and otherwise pushed off their land for centuries by overbearing and racist white guys who had so little respect. The term “Redskins” comes with a long history. And it’s not good.

    Much of the outrage here comes from increasingly powerless and irrelevant white guys who maybe now are feeling a little like those minorities who have been pushed around and systematically excluded from the American mainstream.

    Lots of conservative opinion around here — that means folks who pine for the good old days when they were at the top and those other folks “knew their place.”

    But that horse has left the barn. And isn’t coming back.

  77. Said it before and guess I have to say it again. Any team name referring to a group of people’s skin color is a abomination, period exclamation point! Words have different connotations based on the passage of time. Initial intent may or may not have been pure, but the word has evolved and we as a society needs to evolve as well.

  78. If they end up having to change there name then I will stop following the NFL all together. Its ridiculous what is wrong with people these days? and it seems like the groups against it are the ones who are against everything. GET OVER IT!

  79. They need to drop the name, and then have some kind of contest/promotion to pick a new name. Let’s make it a positive thing.

  80. aceakking says:
    May 27, 2014 9:27 PM

    Just change the name. What’s the big deal?

    The owner doesn’t WANT to change it. What’s the big deal? Isn’t this a free country?

  81. blackqbwhiterb says: May 27, 2014 10:13 PM

    “NEVER”…… Pretending that all these Native American groups with like 5 people each are offended is getting old. It’s liberal white people and the race industry behind the push. Let all those groups send THEIR MONEY to help Native American communities, like Mr Snyder has, instead of feigning outrage and doing nothing of any substance for those people.

    bridgeh2o says:

    One of the simplest and most perceptive posts ever written on PFT.

    Read it again, and you will understand where 90% of the posters and most the people in general feel about this subject.

  82. How can anyone believe Native Americans actually find the name Redskins offensive when countless tribes across the country are also using “Redskins” as their mascots? I’ve heard more Native Americans personally complaining about the usage of a Native American image for the Cleveland Indians as Indians are people from India. Try calling someone from ANY other Latin American country Mexican and see if they aren’t offended. Point is, we are turning into a society of thin skinned whiners. I was raised to believe the sticks and stones philosophy and that’s what I’ll teach my kids. I feel sorry for anyone who believes a name, regardless of whether it is offensive or not, is holding you back in life.

  83. raider8er says:
    May 27, 2014 10:34 PM
    Posters here cannot live or think beyond the distance between their couch and their television.

    “It don’t bother me so the hell with em!”



    The other extreme is

    “It bothers me so everyone else should be offended”


  84. jikkle49 says:
    May 27, 2014 9:15 PM
    I’m sure it’s a great comfort to Native Americans that while they struggle to feed their families and get a good education for their kids that Congress and all these civil rights groups are on the front lines helping them change a name of a football team that the vast majority of people really could care less about.

    If you really want to help Native Americans than spend all that time and effort to help them with poverty and their social issues not grabbing low hanging fruit to feed your narcissist urge to feel morally superior to others.


    Well said. It’s alot easier and more visible to contribute to a media frenzy. Best of all contributing to a media frenzy costs $0 and requires no effort.

    Actually helping people requires effort and money. Also, there’s no guarantee that it will help raise your profile or get you reelected.

    Helping people is hard work. People don’t join congress because they want to work hard. They just want the easiest path to reelection and lifetime retirement/health benefits.

  85. It’s a FOOTBALL TEAM and the name is not the same as the ‘N’ word.

    If a group of American’s paint camoflauge on their faces to be better warriors and someone named a team the Camo Skins—nobody would care.

    This is the fakest, dumbest outrage I’ve ever seen.

  86. First media will stop using it.

    Then sponsors will get involved.

    Then it will change, as it should.

    And all you self described victims can go back to crying that some say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

  87. The North Carolina Tarheels offend me. I have a foot fetish. Who puts tar on them pretty feet??

    Name Change.

    I’m Irish and Notre Dame offends me because I can’t fight.

    Name Change

    I’m Christian, anything with the word Devil in it offends me. And, don’t get me started on the Demon Deacons. Double Dagger….duh.

    Name Change

  88. The Native American is not a character, he/she is a living person. When you promote cartoonified, stereotypical visions of a culture it removes the human connection with them. This franchise is making money off this stereotype and off a racial epithet. This isn’t a new argument, it just hasn’t hit the “mainstream media” until now because Native American populations make up ~1% of the total US population.

    From a financial point of view, wouldn’t the franchise benefit from a rebranding? Think of all the new merchandise sales. It’s time.

  89. This is absolutely ridiculous, where do we draw the line??? If they are forced and I do mean forced to change their name, domino effect, every high school, junior high you name it will have to change their logos, etc. If this happens then the ACLU or who ever is behind this needs to fork over the money for all of these changes. My God, you can’t say anything anymore or you are breaking the law in some way. What is happening to our basic rights???

  90. I was initially against a name change, because I think it’s absurd. However, if Indian groups want yet aother high profile reminder that they were ever here removed, so be it.

    Change the name to Warriors and put the spears back onto the helmets. Use those as the primary logo. Keep the colors. Forget the native American thing altogether and never, ever, ever mention them or it again.

    I know Skins fans are gonna hate this idea, but this issue is going to linger and could severly impede the team winning. Especially, if the locker room is divided. Moving on.

  91. One school that still uses the nickname is Red Mesa High in Arizona, located on a Navajo reservation, and where 99.3 percent of its students are Native American. Tommie Yazzie, superintendent of the school district that oversees Red Mesa High School and a full-blooded Navajo, said he is more concerned with the use of Native American war chants and gestures during sporting events. Do we have your attention, Atlanta Braves and KC Chiefs?

  92. The thing that baffles me is if the name Redskins is offensive to all Native Americans then why are there still high schools on reservations or have an enrollment that is predominantly Native American that use the nickname Redskins?

  93. The Washington Redskins are an easy target because the NFL is the most popular sport in the country, they play in the nations capital, and the owner is a jerk.

    We should not change our name unless all sports teams (professional or amateur) agree to change theirs at the same time…along with the state of Oklahoma.

  94. If you even remotely think Dan Snyder who is a life long Redskins fan will ever change the name then think again… He won’t. He has the best lawyers money can buy plus he is correct. What other team in pro sports is doing more for Native Americans than OAF? This whole controversy is all about politics and votes trust me. It’s all about the Dems trying to make the Republicans look like racist. Ray Halbritter wants the state of New York to be Dem run for all his casino and business be ventures. It all about politics and money disguised as “racism”.

  95. Snyder, if he changes the name, will pick something to spite the lawmakers.

    Congressional Clowns
    District Dorks
    Capital Potty Mouths
    Constitution Killers
    Capital Hill Hot air machine

    something not racial 2that will infuriate Congress, making them wish they hadn’t got involved

  96. this insignificant crap may be one where we finally realize that PC and those that circumvent reason and intelligence and good of the people to it need to be dealt with… (did we not learn from this past presidential election of the costs of this kind of thing)

    this group is kind of like what you might see at a LasVegas clown convention

  97. Please, please don’t ever change the name. When does it stop? What is going offend 6% of the population next? Screw this PC nation!! It is getting out of control.

    Also, we are not giving them the land back. Why aren’t the bleeding hearts asking for a name change and we need to give them all their land back?


  98. defscottyb says: May 30, 2014 1:54 AM

    blackqbwhiterb says: May 29, 2014 6:09 PM

    My advice to Mr Snyder:
    Stay strong, Dan….. But just let it go at this point. Don’t address the issue any further, simply dismiss the notion as ridiculous. Like Barack with the birth certificate thing-dismiss it out of hand as if the very idea of changing names is silly. The more you answer, the more you give these left wing lunatics credibility. Simply say, “That issue’s settled like Global Warming” and chuckle at them. Say nothing more and don’t budge.
    EXACTLY! Dan Snyder’s biggest mistake was engaging them. Just shut your mouth and ignore them like they did in the past. By engaging them he is just opening the door. Shut up Dan!

  99. Memo to Dan Snyder: Just tell everyone that the team is named after a dear friend named “Red” and his family. So, it named after Red’s kin. Problem solved.

  100. And we get to watch the apologists dance again. This time since there are Native groups involved they can’t even fall back on their favorite straw man argument.

  101. LOL at these “civil rights” groups… where they once may have served a purpose, today’s versions are considered a joke by “all”

    Hail to the Redskins!

    Screw you Libbies!

  102. We should keep the Redskins name, in accordance with my late brother in law’s 2 main rules for coping with a society gone politically correct.

    I will restate them for you –

    1) When in doubt, offend.

    2) By all means possible, do your best to cause the most aggravation to the greatest number of people in the shortest period of time.

    By keeping the traditional Redskins name and logo, it would honor his memory and the world would be a better place….for us, anyway.

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