Pete Carroll describes Terrelle Pryor as “exactly on the mark”


The Seahawks gave up a conditional seventh-round pick for a crack at quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who nearly three years ago was the last draft pick ever made by the late Al Davis.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll likes what he has seen from Pryor so far.

“He’s been exactly on the mark,” Carroll told reporters on Tuesday.  “He’s studied like crazy, he’s taking great pride in being able to transition to a new team, his communication is on it, his attitude is good, his physical stuff is there, he’s a big thrower.  We know he can run, but we haven’t seen him run very much because you don’t get that until live situations, but he’s done an excellent job so far. He’s well along and he’s right in the middle of it already.  That’s tremendous to be that far along already.”

It’s unclear whether Pryor is far enough along to topple Tarvaris Jackson as the backup quarterback in Seattle.  Carroll’s belief in universal competition means, in theory, that every position on the depth chart is up for grabs.

Regardless of how it plays out, having Pryor around could help the defense improve its practice routine, given Pryor’s size in comparison to starter Russell Wilson.

“I just think he’s a great model for me, as far as practice,” safety Earl Thomas told reporters.  “He’s a tall guy, I can get a good read on him.  When Russell is back there, you can’t really see him because he’s so short and I can’t get good breaks on the ball.  But when Terrelle’s back there, I can get great breaks on the ball.  He’s a great guy — he’s throwing on target but I can get a great read on him.”

That’s the first time anyone has explained in a very tangible and simple way one of the real benefits of being a short quarterback.  And one of the drawbacks of being tall at the position.  It could be that the Seahawks will have both the 5-11 Wilson and the 6-4 Pryor on the practice field as the team tries to move to 2-0 since 2013 in the Super Bowl.

49 responses to “Pete Carroll describes Terrelle Pryor as “exactly on the mark”

  1. We heard the same kind of puffery about T.O. from Pete Carroll — so I’d take it with a dump truckload of salt.

  2. The problem is he was a QB for Raiders. All know that if u sign up as QB for them you are in danger of ruining your career. Think about it. Carson Palmer who is past pprime played 100% better elsewhere. Pryor can become a great QB in right place. Raider morale pretty bad. It tends to be last resort for players who are aging, have no other takers, and a place for players to end career. Example MJD. Woodley, ect. All sign and most, not all ruin careers. Pryor lucky to be let go. Its why I didn’t want them to draft the top 3 QB cause it would have been bad for the rookie QB. Example: Jmarcus Russell. Now I feel for Derek Carr and as much as I hate Raiders, I hope this selection doesn’t ruin Carr’s career. I hope he does good. But look at team, it will be in bottom 5.HHopefully when rookie contract done, he finds a team to be able to be successful.

  3. TP will beat TJ out as the back up QB in Seattle. TJACK, sorry bud, but youth wins in this deal and we wish you luck down the road. Pryor will be the top back up in the entire league in2014, Write It Down! I bet TJ could start in Minnesota!

  4. “Great guy because I can get a read on him” thanks Earl; I think..What’s next? I’m great because I throw nice interceptions to practice with instead of the Jugs machine?

    Sincerely, TP

  5. Helps explain how Brees throws so few INTs in that Madden offense they run in New Orleans.

    Earl Thomas – remarkably coherent and well thought comment out in a league where such things are sorely lacking from the players.

  6. Yeah right, not buying it. He was in the Raiders locker room for years and couldn’t read defenses or throw on target, and now all of a sudden he’s accurate and on point a few weeks after being dealt? I like TP as a guy and a hard worker, but he’s not an NFL QB. Sorry to say, but he’ll be hanging with Tebow next season.

  7. Fantastic trade by PCJS. He should win out the #2 spot. Pryor just needed a change of scenery. His stats aren’t gaudy but he had no one in Oakland. His starting experience is invaluable!

  8. he mentally breaks. will see if Pete can fix that. usually you cannot. KC broke him. he then handed KC a game the raiders could have won despite the stats. never the same after that. 10 sacks, 3rd down an 48. nightmare

  9. “I can get a read on him” is a nice way for saying ….the kid holds onto the ball for 4 secs average… when you hold onto the ball that long… who CAN’T get a read on him….. ?

  10. Sure Pete…I am hearing the exact thing you said about Tavaris Jackson…

  11. There’s no reason both Jackson and Pryor can’t be retained. Jackson did a good job in his few backup stints last season, and is very good QB insurance for the Seahawks. Pryor, on the other hand, brings something different–blinding speed for one thing–and I can see Darrell Bevell putting in a few plays for Pryor as a change of pace that will rattle defenses. I see him more in this light than as the official backup to Russell Wilson.

  12. Still say if TP sticks, it will be more than just as a QB. Pete and his gang are creating some new tricks, keep the offense fresh and other defenses befuddled. My concern is more the O-line at this point than back up….

  13. Said the same things about Charlie Whitehurst. Matt Flynn too…

  14. If get a midget to the pro bowl then Pryor should be a lock HOF’er.

  15. The problem with Pryor is between his ears and there is nothing you can do about. He is just not too bright, there is no shame on that.

  16. The kids got boat loads of talent, but he is just not a QB in the NFL. He could be a superstar tight end, or wide receiver. I would put the kid at tight end. He would be an instant star. He would be totally scary. His speed once he makes separation is like no other player I have ever seen. He splits a gap and it is a touch down. Such a bad place for this kid to land, really like him. I just hope the coaching staff can make him realize that his days of QB are over.

  17. Takes one to know one quote of the day.

    “The problem is he was a QB for the Raiders” says a Rams fan.

  18. TP Sucks.. All those saying the raiders bringnin players ready for career death have very few players to name.. In fact they should be saying that about the teams that have empty trophy displays cuz everyone gets aging fa’s and if they havent won squat then there u go. We won sb with supposed over the hill players..
    RAM1999- dont know squat.. Carson was a pick six machine with only maybe two baller seasons in his entire pro career.. TP couldnt read defenses and i dont care if ur andy reid or belichek.. No one has a playbook designed around 3rd and 40.. So haters gon hate.. We welcome it.. But beware.. RAIDER NATION gonna make yall pay one day.. No one rubs it in like us!!!

  19. Let me guess. All the Raiders fans are getting feelings hurt. Watch how many thumbs down I got in earlier post in beginning of thread. More on this one. Watch: Raiders are a horrible team!.. Let the thumbs down begin. 🙂

  20. “It’s unclear whether Pryor is far enough along to topple Tarvaris Jackson as the backup quarterback in Seattle.”

    Wow, talk about setting the bar low.


  21. Still think they should transition him to a WO position. He would be a perfect receiver and with a little training and tenacity he could be an all pro. He will never make that title as a backup QB and as a QB he will never be anything more than a backup… What a waste of talent.

  22. I am a Raider fan but I am happy for Pryor. He is a work-horse and deserves another shot but was not gonna work for what the Raiders wanted to do.

    All of you trying to act like the Raiders made a mistake are probably just anti-Raider trolls. All the article said was that he is working hard and doing well, but then said it’s still uncertain whether he’ll even beat out Tavaris Jackson for the back-up role. When Carroll starts talking about Pryor possibly taking Russell Wilson’s job then I’ll start considering that it might have been a mistake. But that aint gonna happen.

  23. The Raiders are a house of cards. What a horrible place for anyone. I am sure TP will thrive now that he is out of that caustic enviroment.

  24. As a long time Raider fan, the facts are clear, the Raider have not been very good for quite some time. It hurts to say this but it is true and yes we desire some level of criticism. However, there’s a point where any knowledgeable fan has to realize every thing changes at some point. Example the Saints. They sucked for years, got the right coach and management team in place and after a while, things changed. As much as some folks don’t want to admit it, things are changing in Oakland. Al Davis, god bless his soul, meant well but did major damage to this team for more than 10 years. It takes more than 2 years to fix this type of damage. You can see the process taking place in Oakland if you want. If you don’t then you are not truly objective. Hell, even Seattle suck 4 years ago and look at them now. So, when I keep seeing comments about how the Raider have always sucked, obviously some folks don’t know their history. This franchise won for more than 20 years. Not bad. How many other out there can say this? Not many as you think. Check your history books sons…..Oakland is building the right way, for the long haul and you do it through the draft and supplement with veteran leadership. Hate all you want but the Raider will be back soon.

  25. Eddytap

    Very well said, but there are some who insist on continuing to hate no matter what. The same trolls who are trashing them on this board were probably trashing them in the Gruden/Gannon years and will trash them when they turn it around this time.

  26. I wish nothing but the best for Pryor. He will always be able to hang his hat on being Al Davis’ last draft pick, and just another stud from the cradle of Qb’s. area.

    Prove Al right TP…..I will be curious to see how you do with a decent o-line.

  27. There sure are a lot of raider fans out here, I commend you guys for sticking with your team. Looks like some better years ahead for you, although, it couldn’t really get much worse

  28. It will be fun to watch Pryor have a decent career with another team, proving once again the Raiders cannot develop talent. How many top picks have the Raiders had in the last 12 years? Exactly.

    In the immortal words of Randy Moss, “Man, I couldnt wait to get out of there.” Same holds true for nearly everyone on the roster. Nobody digs the Raiders anymore. Fact.

  29. Anyone who says no digs the raiders anymore is kidding themselves. The Raiders have an international following. It’s documented. Again check your facts son.. All the crap some are quoting about bad 1st round draft picks happened during al Davis tenure. Most of the bad ones coming in his latter years. Everyone knew he wasn’t what he use to be. So if you’re a football fan who loves football not hating you would know it takes a couple of years to evaluate a draft class. The jury is still out on the current regime. And anyone hanging their hat in a randy moss quote sure ain’t worth the effort anyway. Time will tell brother not you.

  30. funny how nobody digs the raiders anymore, yet they can’t get enough of em. Can’t say i dig ladygaga either, even if that is your mother.

  31. When I was young the Raiders were a team to fear. If you were a raiders fan you were guaranteed a winning season..year in and year out…the Raiders won SuperBowls….

    If you were not a Raiders fan you loathed them. You cheered their downfall but often had to eat crow as they walked off the field having crushed your team.

    As a Seahawks fan I used to wish the Hawks could get as rowdy and successful as the Raiders.

    I tip my hat to a great franchise that is going through a tough time. They will be back someday…..

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