PFT on NBCSN continues taking stock for each NFL team

The post-draft examination of every NFL franchise continues on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, with a closer look at the Falcons, Redskins, and Giants.

All three teams had high hopes for 2013.  None made it to the postseason.  How much closer — or farther — are they from getting back?  You’ll have to tune in to find out.

You’ll also have to tune in to find out the result of today’s poll question regarding the division in which 50 percent of today’s teams play.

And be sure to stick around for Game Five of the Rangers-Canadians conference finals.  New York leads 3-1; that’s the same deficit they overcame in beating the Penguins.

6 responses to “PFT on NBCSN continues taking stock for each NFL team

  1. It’s early (only 626 votes)… But Nick Foles in last place makes perfect sense. I mean the guy has such a tremendous pedigree and a sustained record of success, both in the regular season and playoffs…. I mean why does he even need to be an option?!

  2. For all you Romo haters out there…..if it weren’t for Romo, the Cowboys wouldn’t score any points. They sure as hell don’t know how to run the ball and can’t stop anyone.
    In the last 3 seasons Romo has thrown for almost 13,000 yards, 90 TDs, and only 39INTs. That’s 7th best over the last 3 seasons. Does he make mistakes? Yes, but when you put up 50 points and still lose a game, you tend to force things.
    Eli is a turnover machine and once RG3 was forced to be a conventional QB, he couldn’t do it.
    Nick Foles, in Chip Kelly’s offense…..scary!

  3. You can spit tony romo stats at me all day and it does nothing for me. Everybody in the league has the book on him. If it’s must win game, just keep it close till the end when tony chokes the game away. Unless of course he chokes it away before then. He is a heartbreaker and he’s only getting worse with age. If I’m picking which QB I would least want on my team, it’s tony romo everyday of the week… and twice on sunday.

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