Report: Falcons, Roddy White delay extension talks


Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is entering the final year of his contract and extension talks with the team were expected to pick up following the draft, but the two sides have reportedly decided to put them on the back burner after White’s half-brother was killed earlier this month.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that neither side feels comfortable hammering out the details of a new deal while White is mourning the loss of Tyrone Moore Jr. Per the report, the two sides will let that process play out before getting back to the negotiations.

Despite the delay, both the Falcons and White’s camp are reportedly optimistic that a deal can be struck by the start of training camp. Rapoport suggests White could be looking for a deal in the neighborhood of the three-year, $30 million extension Brandon Marshall signed with the Bears, but the situations are different. Marshall is a couple of years younger than White, who turns 33 in November, and isn’t coming off the injury-plagued year that White experienced in 2013.

Julio Jones’ contract will also need some attention in the near future, adding another wrinkle that will likely impact any deal that White signs whenever he winds up signing it.

7 responses to “Report: Falcons, Roddy White delay extension talks

  1. Not sure i’d pay this guy Marshall money anymore… hes almost 33 and was injury plagued and not himself last season… donno if i would risk a long term deal…. id offer him a one-year 6 million deal with incentives and a 2015 10-mill team option.

  2. I really like this guy however most likely he should play out his contract this year and then test the market. Falcons wont be paying him top dollar for long.

  3. they would be nuts to give a #2 that did nothing last season and has been feast or famine over the past few seasons the kind of money that a #1 should be paid

    if anything be smart about it and let him play this year out and go from there. is it really going to make that big of a difference in the contract? and worst case scenario you lost a guy that will turn 34 during the 2015 year

  4. Helluva player but giving your aging #2 receiver top end money isn’t a model for success. I can’t see the Falcons doing that.

  5. Did someone say feast or famine? From 2007 -2012 White’s receiving yardage was never less than 1150yrds which included 3 1300+ yard seasons. Last year he had injuries, but started coming on in the end. He had 502 yards the final 5 games. That’s a pace of 1600 yards per season. We will resign Roddy even though he is 33. Abe was 33 when we cut him. How did that work out for us? I truly hope Roddy is a Falcon for his whole career. He may end up being the best Falcon ever.

  6. White has averaged 1180 yards and almost 8 TDs the past five years including last season, which wasn’t good. He was more of a 1300 yard, 9 TD guy before then. But at 33, his best move would probably be to stay put in Atlanta.

  7. Please extend him so I can watch Byrd, Vaccaro and Jean-Baptiste extend the length of his chicken neck and alligator arms for the next several years.

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