Report: MRI confirms torn ACL for Sean Lee


The fears of the Dallas Cowboys appear to have been realized.

According to Ed Werder of, the MRI on linebacker Sean Lee’s injured left knee confirmed he has suffered a torn ACL and will miss the entire 2014 season.

Lee collapsed to the ground during the team’s practice on Tuesday while attempting to defend a screen pass to DeMarco Murray. Cowboys first-round pick Zack Martin was out in front of Murray and went to engage Lee. However, Lee slipped and his leg buckled right as Martin began to contact Lee.

The Cowboys feared an ACL injury all along. The MRI just confirmed the initial prognosis.

It’s the third time Lee has suffered an ACL injury and second time it’s happened to his left knee. Lee tore his right ACL in college at Penn State and partially tore his left ACL in 2009. He’s had injury after injury in four seasons with the Cowboys. When he’s been healthy he’s been among the best linebackers in the game. However, those instances have been too few and far between.

Lee had 99 tackles and four interceptions in just 11 games for Dallas last season. Losing Lee creates a massive hole in the middle of the Cowboys defense.

92 responses to “Report: MRI confirms torn ACL for Sean Lee

  1. And just how bad was that defense last year? Can it get any worse for the Cowboys? Oh yeah, I heard Romo will be holding for the extra point again.

  2. Normally I hate on and laugh at the cowboys but I really feel bad for this guy. He can’t catch a break. Looks like Dallas is gonna have a tough time on defense again this year.

  3. As an Eagles fan I am contractually obligated to hate the Cowboys as an organization. But I hate even more to see a player go down for any reason, especially a good one. Hope to see Lee back in 2015.

  4. Actually glad the Giants didn’t draft Zach Martin now.

    He probably would have taken out Antrell Rolle or JPP.

    Nice block Rook…

  5. The only player with any talent on the entire team gets hurt. The Cowboys destiny resides in the basement now and for the foreseeable future. Division belongs to the Giants or Eagles, and the conference to the Vikings without question.

  6. I dont feel sorry for someone that constantly stays injured this is becoming a broken record with him and just plain tired of it signed Cowboys Fan!!!!

  7. Damn.. I hate to see such a good player go down.. I’m an Eagles fan but I’m a fan of great players as well no matter who they suit up for.. get well soon Mr Lee.

  8. Stud linebacker who had injury problems in college(Penn state fan) was hoping to see him succeed but if you can’t stay healthy in college hard to do so in the nfl. Not a cowboys fan but hope he can rebound next year

  9. That’s a shame for any player no matter who or which team, especially before the season even starts.

  10. Not a Cowgirls fan, but dang, this sucks. Never like seeing season ending injuries, especially before the season starts. Heal up #50!

  11. Don’t get me wrong. I never like seeing anybody going down with an injury, especially before the season, but give me a break, the Cowboys defense was historically crappy last season, not just in the 5 games Lee missed. The were going to be awful anyway.

  12. Look for Jerry to go into panic mode and trade a high draft pick for a veteran linebacker , because . . . you know , you don’t rebuild with Tony Romo , and with one of the league’s worst defenses.

  13. Ugh… I feel terrible for Lee. Hopefully he can come back and play next year, though his cost vs. benefit is getting further out of balance and places him at risk of being out of football… even if he can come back from a third ACL. Since they cut out portions of the patellar tendon to make the repair, he is going to have a greatly increased risk of a patellar tendon rupture hence forth…

    Of course, this is just a standard for the Cowboys. Pay for Lee, Ratliff, and Spencer… get nothing from Ratliff, get very little from Spencer (and he may never come back after the micro fracture procedure), and they likely have got the last from Lee. The Melton signing has yet to bear fruit and they don’t know when he’ll be ready to play or the level that he can reach when he does…

    I would be surprised if they reach 6 wins this year. They are bruised and bloodied… the other teams can already smell the panic and desperation… No one will fear the Cowboys and every game they win would be considered an upset.

    Can’t wait to see what the revised betting lines will be for the 8 games that Vegas set them as favorites… the smart ones are out betting on the underdogs for those games before the odds change to flip the favored team to the other side…

  14. It’s the Steelers fault!! We were all set to take Shazier. Can’t blame the rookie, Lee was going down at some point. Better it happens with 3 months to prepare than 2nd qtr week 6.. I guess.

  15. Great player, but even more injury prone than Bob Sanders. Damn shame. Not a fan, but I hope he makes a full recovery.

  16. Ashame, as much as I dislike the Cowboys, I like Lee. Massive talent, but the guy just can’t stay healthy.

    Even if he does come back, I don’t see him being the same player with his knee held together with scotch tape and bubble gum. Never like to see a guy that talented derailed by injury

  17. Martin didn’t cause it, but he’s getting all the blame. Lee’s knee just buckled and Martin fell over him. I like both players but dislike the Cowboys a lot. I’d hate to see Martin’s career damaged by a glass knee of another player I like. Lee should retire. He can;t be counted on, and will undoubtedly have another serious injury should he return.

  18. This is a huge blow to an already troubled defense that has slot of questions surrounding it coming into this season. He is the heart and soul of our defense especially with Ware gone, the guy just can’t stay healthy. This is a story we have seen over and over with many players across every league from Griffey to Grant Hill just a playmaker when he is on the field but that’s the problem can’t stay on the field. Sad day for us Cowboys fans hard to be optimistic when we haven’t even started the season and lost one our best players, hopefully he can steal be a vocal leader.

  19. See you next year Sean…not like you were gonna stop Romo or any other wanna be QB the ‘girls have from throwing interceptions….The doormat of the league

  20. I saw the video,and I’m wondering, if it was a “no contact” practice, then why did Lee get in the way of Martin and initiate contact? Why didn’t he just stay the heck out of Martin’s path. I don’t fault Martin at all. Lee intersected his path as if he was trying to make a tackle. Martin was running out the play and Lee initiated contact.

  21. Too bad ‘Ol Jerruh has a Cap Mgt Disorder.

    Not only does he need a replacement at LB, he needs an accountant.

    Can’t write a check from your personal account for this one Jerruh.

  22. I don’t like to see any player lose a season.

    I just hope that the cowboys never get rid of Romo and Jerry.

  23. We might have to start calling them the ‘allas Cowboys, because they got no D. Please get well soon Mr. Lee, your team needs you.

  24. Cowboy fans the media are big time hypocrites when D McFadden has had injury issues its cause he has a glass jaw but this mediocre player who isnt even a running back hasnt even played a full season yet either..just saying you talk mess so much about other teams when you have your own issues its not like your in playoffs every year what its worth I guess Lees injury is already your excuse for not making playoffs again right .lol..he must not be much of a game changer if cowboys go 8-8 again…

  25. Even though I despise the Cowboys in almost every way, I liked watching this guy play. Their D could have used him. Hope he can somehow make it back on the field next year.

  26. I’m no Cowboy’s fan, but Sean is the best tackler they have. Too bad he can’t stay healthy.

  27. A player injured throughout his entire career gets hurt again. Shocker. Did Dallas have back up plan or assume a guy that never played a full season would?

  28. Please show some respect and don’t cheer or mock someone with a season ending injury. He is a class act and a great leader with the ability to cover the entire field. It’s a shame he is undersized and has had some bad luck but if he can bounce back from this he could transition to OLB and still be a great asset.

    His contract was structured for this sort of a event, and the Cowboys did a good job drafting a backup in case of an injury. This could happen to your favorite player on your team at any moment, and nobody should find job enjoy watching someone else suffer.

    He will be a great player to coach from the sideline just as he did during his Penn St. season where he tore his ACL.

    Class act

  29. damn shame!guy was good but it just might be over for need those knees later in life.

  30. Expecting Lee to hold up for 16 games was probably false hope anyway so now they are forced to move on and make other arrangements at middle LB.

    A tough blow for sure but may work out for the best since it happened early.

  31. duncanthecat says:
    May 27, 2014 11:23 PM
    God bless and may he and his family overcome the pain.


    His family shouldn’t be feeling any pain as he had signed a lucrative longterm contract. Even if Sean Lee never returns to the playing field his kids, grand kids, and their grand kids are all well taken care of.

    With as many injuries as he has had it might be time to consider retirement (after rehabbing the leg and another year of free salary) rather than risk permanent disability with a team that won’t be making the playoffs for the forseeable future.

  32. Wonder if Urlacher would come out of retirement. The Cowboys defensive coach was his defensive coach in Chicago. I bet Urlacher has a few good years left in him. If not Vilma has proven year after year he can do the job so with him available I would look that direction. Maybe even work out James Harrison who I know doesn’t play the ILB but he could maybe fill some of the void left my Demarcus Ware and could provide some great veteran leadership and toughness the team has been missing. Dan Connor may also be another good option as he has played in dallas in the past and quite honestly is a poor man’s sean lee having both played at Penn State. Other options that could help out the D as low risk signings at this point would be Ryan Pickett and Kevin Williams who could both help fill the Jason Hatcher void. I know they signed Melton for that but as much as they rotate guys on the d-line it couldn’t hurt.

  33. norvturnersneck says:
    May 27, 2014 11:04 PM
    And just how bad was that defense last year? Can it get any worse for the Cowboys? Oh yeah, I heard Romo will be holding for the extra point again.


    Rob Ryan has to be glad in the end that he was scapegoated out of Dallas. The Saints may have had an historically bad defense before Ryan got there but he proved that it was still better than the Dallas defense.

  34. all these injuries makes one wonder about PEDs. a body that broken down already is unfortunate, but makes you wonder if something accelerated it…

  35. Sean is a great MLB, too bad he tore his ACL again. I’m sure he’s down about it. Hopefully he’ll consider retirement and get into coaching. Bet he’ll make a great one. All things work together for good.

  36. Dallas wanted to get shazier from ohio st and that was going to be there pic.Another lesson learned.If your man is still their one pic ahead of you in the draft you should go get em.Dallas goes 7-9 and it will be all the de s fault.Dont worry Romo your safe for another season.

  37. The NFLPA needs to look into what happened at practice. The video shows Lee getting pancaked by a rookie during NON CONTACT VOLUNTARY OTA’S. Ignorant doesn’t begin to describe Garrett and his staff.

  38. First day of OTA’s and this circus of a franchise is already in full motion. this team could honestly come in last place in the division this year and i wouldn’t be surprised.

  39. If Jerry Jones had any luck he’d be dangerous…

    Recent big money contracts given by the Cowboys:

    Ratliff, Free, Romo and Lee. Let Ware and Austin walk because they are pressed aginst the cap. Next up?… Dez

    Team has laughable management skills and absolutely zero skill in working the cap…….

  40. I heard the orderlies accidentally rolled over a dead mouse wheeling him into the hospital and lee tore a pec from the impact.

  41. Skins fan who normally delights in Dallas losses, but not going to laugh or gloat at another man getting hurt.

    Here’s hoping Lee heals well and comes back strong…

  42. and due to Jerry & Co. masterful job with the cap, they cannot afford to sign anybody. Which veteran currently on the street wants to come to a mediocre franchise for peanuts? Gonna have to wait till later in the summer and sign camp cuts. Maybe Jerry will hire a GM to build a proper organization.

  43. This is exactly the reason Flowers & Houston haven’t reported. OTAs are not required for veterans and there is no reason to risk your season & millions of dollars for team activities that could affect your paycheck.

  44. On the bright side there is no game this Sunday and there will be plenty of surprise cuts in the next few months – a serviceable veteran should be available.
    I wonder whether they give the playcalling/headset duties to the inconsistent Bruce Carter or other two injury-prone outside linebackers Durant/Sims.
    That headset seems to be cursed.

  45. As a Giants fan, I would like to buy Martin a beer. Good job young man. And when your contract is up and you’re tired of playing with losers, come join a real team.

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