Trump reiterates that he plans to bid on the Bills


Donald Trump has earned a reputation over the years for saying that he plans to do things not because he plans to do those things but because he has realized that claiming to have the plans to do those thing generates all sorts of free, organic publicity.  So it’s now hard to take him seriously when he says he plans to do something.

On Tuesday, Trump once again said he plans to try to buy the Buffalo Bills.

We are going to put in a bid,” Trump said after a speech at the National Press Club, according to Jerry Zremski of the Buffalo News.  “I don’t know what’s going to happen in Buffalo.  If the price isn’t the right price, then I won’t get it, and I won’t be ashamed of it. . . .  But if I get it, I think I’ll probably do a good job.”

Making the best bid won’t guarantee success.  Ultimately, 24 owners must approve the sale of the team to Trump.  While he has sold his gambling interests, some owners may still hold a grudge over the gamble Trump and his former business partners in the USFL took in the 1980s by suing the NFL.

None of it matters until Trump actually submits a viable bid to buy the team.  And if he waited until after Ralph Wilson passed to commence the process of putting a viable bid together, Trump probably waited too long.