Anthony Hitchens admits he’s not ready yet to replace Sean Lee

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The Cowboys don’t have a lot of great options to replace middle linebacker Sean Lee, who suffered a torn ACL on Tuesday. But first in line appears to be rookie fourth-round draft pick Anthony Hitchens.

Unfortunately, Hitchens played weakside linebacker in college at Iowa, and he says that he’s not yet ready to step in and play middle linebacker.

Honestly, right now, no,” Hitchens said when asked if he’s ready to replace Lee. “But I will get there. It’s going to take time. I’ve still got to get everything down. If we had a game tomorrow, no, but it’s a good thing we don’t. I have time to get better.”

That’s actually a good answer: If Hitchens thought he was ready to replace Lee right now, that would probably be more an indication that he doesn’t realize how big a job he has in front of him than anything else. At least Hitchens knows how much he doesn’t know. Hitchens also said he had already been making a point of picking Lee’s brain.

“If I’m not in and he’s not in, I’m right next to him,” Hitchens said. “I see him walking around before meetings start, I’m always asking questions with him. Smart guy, he knows a lot. Obviously, you can tell on the field, but yeah, he’s a very smart guy.”

Now the Cowboys will need Hitchens to be a fast learner.

24 responses to “Anthony Hitchens admits he’s not ready yet to replace Sean Lee

  1. Good thing he’s there but he shouldn’t be expected to replace Lee right away. A veteran is needed. I hope they can find somebody.

  2. How ’bout them Cowboys?! Hahahahaha! These people kill me and I’m from Texas people around here be so committed and faithful to them while they do things like this and Jerry Jones run them further into the ground. My girlfriend annoys me with her obsession of them. Can’t wait until Week 1 whenever Niners destroy them.. Smart choice of words from the Rookie though, he didn’t say he was better so expectations should be easier to exceed instead of saying he’s better then underachieving. Less pressure now

  3. As a Giants fan, I would like to buy Martin a beer. Good job young man. And when your contract is up and you’re tired of playing with losers, come join a real team.

  4. ^^^ they didn’t do this on purpose… It’s not like Jerry told Zach Martin to sweep the leg.

  5. Hitchens will have to do his best, Dallas should call the Seahawks and pony up some picks for KJ Wright. We cannot afford to sign him and we are deep at LB.

  6. He’s honest and sounds humble about his approach. The Cowboys have a big problem on their with their current salary cap issues. But at least this young man has a larger upside and going into camp I’m sure there will be that extra motivation on filling big shoes.

  7. Turn that frown upside down, Hitch. Lee has played in roughly 72% of the Cowboys’ games through 4 seasons. Even if you’ve got just 75% of his skill, the Cowboys come out ahead just by you showing up.

  8. We don’t have any cap issues. When the Austin cut takes effect we’ll have just over $10M of free space. Plenty of funds to sign someone.

  9. Their plan isn’t really to start a 4th round pick is it? Wow! If I’m LeSean McCoy or Alfred Morris just run away from Henry Melton, if he even stays healthy. This has disaster written all over it.

  10. Hitchens may not feel ready yet, but at least he has more talent than most of the street free agents that Dallas has become accustomed to signing and playing the same week.

  11. Either the cba has screwed these guys over or Dallas has a very poor conditioning/training program.

  12. Ummmm what’s the big deal about what he said. He is a fourth rounder who didn’t even play the mike position in college and has legit had what 6 practices in the nfl none in pads. I think it would be more ridiculous if he claimed he was ready to replace an all pro mlb

  13. This changes everything. The Cowboys are not going 8-8 again.

    They’re going 6-10.

    HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS???????????????

  14. And when you thought the cowboys could not get worse they just did !!! And that was the best player on defense this season. Now I am very upset this man got hurt in this should have been very little contact. But from what was said a rookie played harder than he should of trying to show up and make a play you can’t blame the young man and the players got on him. But fact is OOO it gotten ugly for the cowboys and a ugly season is upon them. That said when you thought they could not get worse they just did LOL!!!! Bags will be on the heads in cowboy land this year!!

  15. I bet none of you can name me one good player on the cowboys defensive roster by name just one LOL!!!! haa haa haaa haaa!!!! ROFL!!! Boy this season will be ugly. Get ready for the bag heads in dallas!!! haa haa haaa haaa!! This team is the most overrated under performing hyped up and downright ugly management in pro football as of today!! As a matter of fact for the last 20 no winning season years LOL!!

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