Broncos safety Rahim Moore nearly lost leg last season


In January 2013, the football-following world got to know the name of Broncos safety Rahim Moore due to his role in a play that allowed the Ravens to force overtime in an AFC divisional-round playoff game against the Ravens.  In November 2013, Moore’s name nearly became even more memorable — for an entirely different reason.

As explained by Joan Niesen of, Moore came close to having his left leg amputated due to acute compartment syndrome.  A condition that entails pressure continuously mounting within a compartment of muscle, nerves, and veins, serious consequences may occur without fact action.

It happened the night after the Broncos had hosted the Chiefs, a game with significant potential playoff implications.  Moore’s leg hadn’t felt right since pre-game drills, and he eventually pulled himself from the contest to have the leg checked.

“I got an X-ray, and they told me there was no broken bone, no fracture, and I was like, ‘Cool. OK — what else in the world can it be?'” Moore said.

The pain in the leg dissipated after the game, but the situation suddenly got worse as Moore was getting ready for bed.

“All of a sudden, my leg just got weak,” Moore said.  “I felt like I had about 30 Band-Aids on my knee, and there was no feeling down my leg.  I started to tear up, and I was like, What’s going on?”

Doctors at Sky Ridge Medical Center quickly diagnosed the problem, confirming the dangerous levels of pressure in the leg by inserting a needle into the area.  They told Moore that, if he’d waited until noon on Monday to seek help, it would have been too late to save the leg.  Eventually, it would have been too late to save Moore.

The Broncos initially placed Moore on injured reserve with the one-per-team-per-year designation to return. A setback derailed the plans for Moore to return during the postseason.

Now, Moore is back to normal — but for the huge scar that runs along the left side of his lower leg.

“I didn’t know if I would ever walk again,” Moore said.  “I didn’t know if I would ever be the Rahim that I know I can be, and also be able to have the footwork and be swift and things like that.  The Lord definitely restored me.”

Most never knew how close Moore came to a much more serious, and permanent, outcome.

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  1. The man upstairs has plans for you Rahim.

    Take this second chance you have been given and dare to be great.

    GET THE MAN THE RING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bronco Nation

  2. I suffer from the same condition my entire life. He must be very careful because after surgery the condition almost always comes back. I was advised not to have the surgery since it’s not always successful. I wish him the best because this is not an easy condition to deal with. I wish I could talk to him to see what he does for relief.

  3. “The Lord definitely restored me” …. what a slap in the face to the doctors at Sky Ridge Medical Center. One thing is for certain… if he had required the amputation the lord wouldn’t have to face the responsibility ( despite getting the credit here) that the system would bear and the missing limb would never regenerate because the lord, who supposedly cures many thousands of serious internal ailments daily apparently has something against amputees.

  4. If the lord restored him, who gave him the ailment? It seems so primitive to believe this stuff. Medical science saved you and if this had been 100 years ago you’d be a goner and wouldn’t be able to thank your invisible friend….

  5. Hey, but these players know what they’re getting into because they’re playing a game and getting paid more than you make at your cubicle. What are they complaining about with fun stuff like near death experiences and leg amputations being part of the job description?

  6. There is no man upstairs giving Rahim Morris a second chance other than John Elway. Also, Rahim needs to stop talking in the third person. Good luck kid.

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