Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin begin bonding


The Panthers provided Cam Newton with more than a red zone target in the first round of the NFL Draft, they found him a new friend.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Benjamin and Newton have been spending plenty of time together on and off the field.

Newton’s still not participating in OTAs after ankle surgery this offseason, but he was throwing on the side with Benjamin and a few other wideouts.

The rookie from Florida State has been getting special attention, spending the weekend in Atlanta with his new quarterback.

“He’s a great quarterback, a great guy,” Benjamin said. “Building that friendship on and off the field, . . . We just went on the boat, went a little swimming, relaxed, . . . We’re always hanging out playing (Madden).”

That’s the kind of bond Newton and Steve Smith never had, which is a significant if unspoken part of the reason Smith was in OTAs with the Ravens today.

Whether Benjamin can ever produce to the level Smith did — with or without being BFFs with his quarterback — remains to be seen. But at this point, the two striking up a bond can’t hurt on a team with few legitimate receiving options.

24 responses to “Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin begin bonding

  1. It could also speak to the possibility that Steve wanted the supremely talented QB to show fire instead of drape a towell when the chips are down… That said Benjamin is raw but has everything you would want in a wideout physically. In a few years he will be a premier talent. Panthers could still use more wideout help but KB and Cam are gonna be very dangerous together. Still wish the niners woulda made the move to grab him.

  2. I got to see him play in person at FSU many times, and watching him line up against a DB, any DB, just looks unfair. He’s not just tall, he’s huge.

    As long as he can keep focused and keep extra weight off, Newton is going to love having him as s target.

  3. This is a really good first step, no doubt, but I would temper the excitement… for now.

  4. They want this to eventually become Cam’s team, That was going to be difficult as long as Smith was still around. Now Cam can grow some younger guys underneath him, and they in turn can begin to look up to him. Although Smith began to respect Newton, he was never going to look up to him the way a younger guy would.

  5. “That’s the kind of bond Newton and Steve Smith never had, ” To be fair, people 10 years apart in age, don’t usually hang out alot.

    How much does a settled married man and a single, budding rock star supposed to have in common?

    We can’t rewrite the botched handling of Smith, Gross and the other players. Let’s not pretend, all is good in Charlotte, it’s not.

  6. Letting “Smitty” (Steve Smith) go could have been based on “psychological blending” with teammates, I get that. But Ted Ginn — why on Earth would you let me get away? Cam-rolina can only hope that Kelvin Benjamin will turn out to be a future Hall of Famer asset like OchoUno (T.O.). Only time will tell. Thank God the Cam-rolina Panthers offense still has its “Linus blanket” in Greg Olsen.

  7. This should be a great combo for the future. As for the OL, this year is the opportunity for individuals to prove to the NFL that there is a reason why they are not home watching the games on TV. All good offensive lines have to get started somewhere. They need to play with a chip on their shoulders and prove their abilities. As for the receivers, last year’s group was a D-minus group. And Newton wasted too many downs trying to get the ball to a double-covered Smith. The D-Line is still an A-plus group. The defensive backfield has some new faces and only time will tell. This year is going to be a challenge to the Panthers and Panther fans. Regardless, it should be interesting!!!

  8. Developing Bromance…they can pout together under the same towel on the sidelines

  9. People still hating on Newton? I thought that went out of style? Y’all are pathetic. Anyway, it’s good to see them bonding already. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  10. I don’t see Benjamin will be tearing up the yards stat sheet, but he will absolutely murder it in the red zone. I see at least 9 TDs this year. The Panthers were subpart last year when it came to redzone offense.

  11. “But at this point, the two striking up a bond can’t hurt on a team with few legitimate receiving options.”

    Are we still parroting the same tired claptrap? I watched every Panthers game last year. Greg Olsen caught a lot of passes and believe he qualifies as a legitimate receiving option. And if Jericho Cotchery and Jason Avant are such garbage, how have they held positions on NFL rosters all these years? Cotchery set a personal record for TDs last year and Avant has always been a reliable slot guy, just overshadowed by the elite receiver on the other side. With those 3 guys, plus the promise Benjamin holds, I think our WR group is just fine, thank you. And so is our secondary. The only real worry is the O-line. The Panthers death has been grossly exaggerated.

  12. Yeah, and the O-line is the most important part of the team. Also, you have Roman Harper in your secondary now. Good luck with that.

  13. Same storyline as last year…lets talk again in December. My guess is it will be the same storyline. Panthers 12-4…NFCSouth Champs

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