Cam Newton progressing well after ankle surgery


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and first-round receiver Kelvin Benjamin have commenced the process of bonding away from the field.  Eventually, they’ll begin the process of bonding on the field.

More than two months removed from an out-of-the-Carolina-blue ankle surgery, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Newton’s rehab is going well.  He has attended all OTA practices, and he has been throwing some passes to receivers before and after practice.

But Newton hasn’t practiced and likely won’t practice until training camp.  He has yet to be cleared to take drops, but he’s feeling well.

When the news emerged in late March, the Panthers initially pegged Newton’s recovery at four months.  There’s a chance he’ll be ready to go before then; some think the Panthers applied an extra-long estimate of his rehab time in order to minimize the extent to which they’ll be pestered by people like me when the end of the window arrives.

8 responses to “Cam Newton progressing well after ankle surgery

  1. Cam looks good throwing. He doesn’t seem to be favoring the ankle.

    I’m hoping it doesn’t subtract from his athleticism. He’s growing up, right in front of our eyes. Seems like only yesterday he was taking crap from people about his “icon and entertainer” comment.

    Some of the same ones who are praising Johnny Universe.

  2. Here’s a question for you to ponder: what do all these have in common?

    Christian Ponder
    Matt Cassel
    Josh Freeman
    Donovan McNabb
    Brett Favre
    Tarvaris Jackson
    Joe Webb
    Gus Frerotte
    Kelly Holcomb
    Brooks Bollinger
    Brad Johnson
    Daunte Culpepper
    Todd Bouman
    Spergon Wynn

    Since 2000, you’ve had 14 different starting QB’s, and none of them took you to the Super Bowl. If you had a 6’5″ 250 QB who could run like the wind and throw rockets after bouncing off lineman, you’d be jumping for joy and crying like a little girl.

  3. You have to think an all-world athlete and physical specimen like Cam can recover from a particular surgery faster than an averageJjoe like you or I.

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