Chad Johnson gets work permit, in CFL camp today

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The last we heard from Chad Johnson, his desire to play in Canada was being held up by his inability to get a work permit.

That has apparently been taken care of, as Montreal Alouettes General Manager Jim Popp told Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports that Johnson was “at camp as we speak.”

The 36-year-old artist formerly known as Ochocinco signed with the Alouettes in April, hoping to come back after a two-year absence from football.

Now comes the simple matter of seeing if he can still play. That’s far from a given, as the last time we saw him on the field he wasn’t exactly lighting it up.

23 responses to “Chad Johnson gets work permit, in CFL camp today

  1. Apparently he looked great in training camp for the Dolphins briefly before that fiasco with his nutjob wife happened.

    I don’t think his physical conditioning is an issue as he was running fine on the Pats, problem is he wasn’t a fit for that system which puts alot of stress on the WRs to make the right reads before and after the snap and didn’t play to his strengths

    However ..that was 2 years ago

  2. Why cant he just retire with grace? He simply cant play at a high level anymore! Wonder if he needs money.

  3. Montreal is great in the summer.

    Winter is a different story.

    Winter in Montreal makes winter in Buffalo seem like summer in San Diego.

  4. Of all the diva WRs of his era, he was probably the least obnoxious and most entertaining. I’ll miss him in the NFL for that.

  5. Guys like Chad and T.O. got run out of the league because of there diva attitudes and off field drama. Kinda feel bad for them both because they tried to turn it around but at that point it was too late. Whatever anyone says I’m sure both of them are still good enough to play in the NFL. I mean just look at the starting receivers in Carolina. You think TO and Chad couldn’t suit up and earn roster spots on that joke of WR group? Theres a handful of other teams that I’m sure those guys could play for but its come to the point were GMs and owners will have keep the lesser talent instead of the possible drama these guys bring. Its a shame too. I’d love to see both of them in the league again.

  6. Worst $6 mil ever spent by the Patriots?

    Uhhh… Any money they spend, under $40 million, is automatically better spent than the money they gave Hernandez.

  7. I could probably name 100 wide receivers currently under contract in the NFL who aren’t as good as Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens are right at this very moment. There are so many deadbeat, scumbag, racist, drunk-driving morons in the NFL, but because these guys were a little outgoing, NO NFL FOR YOU.

  8. Yes brad, the NFL is blacklisting them because they both have incredible personalities…

  9. It’s clearly not about the money – he’s getting paid less than 50K per season. IMO he sees the end of the line approaching and is getting in every snap he can until they pull the plug on him. Can’t fault him for that.

  10. Wish my Bengals would bring him back. You can’t tell me that Ryan Whalen or Cobi Hamilton are better than Chad at any age.

  11. I didn’t care for his antics, and especially his name change, but one time he something in a game that was absolutely priceless! During this game the referee was under the hood for a play review, and Chad walked in his direction with a dollar bill in his hand. He later got fined $10,000 for that stunt but it was hysterically funny!

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