Doubts cast on Chiefs’ optimistic comments about Alex Smith deal


Publicly, the Chiefs are saying nothing but positive things about talks with quarterback Alex Smith about a new contract. But behind the scenes there are reasons to believe the sides are far apart.

The public comments include Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey expressing confidence about getting a deal done and Chiefs coach Andy Reid saying he’s “sure something will get done.” But two reporters have cast doubts on that.

Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star reports that talks on a contract negotiation have been “almost nonexistent.” And Ed Werder said on ESPN that there are substantial differences between Smith and the Chiefs, and there’s a sense of pessimism about a deal getting done.

Those reports suggest that the Chiefs may just be putting a happy face on things because they don’t want to express any public doubts about the long-term viability of Smith as their starter. The 30-year-old Smith is definitely the No. 1 quarterback in Kansas City for 2014, but he may end up elsewhere when he hits free agency next year.

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  1. Alex Smith is the poster boy for the rookie wage scale. He has probably made close to 60-75 million in his career (he got $50 mil guaranteed if I remember when he was drafted).

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t try to get paid, but he GOT paid for being virtually nonexistent in the league for a long time before the last year or so…

  2. Chiefs have all the leverage with 3 quality backups, a proven QB developer as a head coach, lack of cap space and question of Smith’s ability to command a big contract elsewhere. My hope is that it would be a 5 year/60 million instead of the 14-17 million thrown out before.

  3. A trade back to SF or Kaepernick would be a huge step backwards for the chiefs.

  4. So the comments weren’t real comments, it’s all smoke and mirrors and banter fodder (not to be confused with Bantha fodder).

    Maybe they expect a deal to happen only because they expect Alex Smith’s side to cave in. But if that doesn’t happen then guess what, no deal.

  5. If they didn’t think he’d be a viable long-term starter then why did they trade two 2nd rounders for him???

  6. Thanks for all the draft picks Chiefs!!! We got more for him than when you took Montana!!! LMAO!!!!

  7. Tanks for all the draft picks Chiefs!!! Ended up getting more for Alex Smith than Joe Montana!!! LMAO!!!

  8. My prediction is that either Alex Smith will sign an extension with the Chiefs or he will not. Book it!

  9. As a Chiefs Fan, I like Alex Smith. He was Awesome the second half of last season, but we just came off a Big Contract problem with our former QB Matt Cassel. We now have Two young Qb’s under Smith who could become Real NFL Qbs, Especially Murray. My fear is we lock smith up and then Murray becomes a stud and we have a stub young qb sitting on the bench, because we are handcuffed by Smith’s contract. That would Suck. I hope My Chiefs wait this year at least to see how Smith does before committing a big money deal to him. We want the Real Deal in KC, Not just another “Almost Good Enough”, qb.

  10. Well, Alex Smith is used to having management and the coaching staff putting on happy faces for the media, as well as outright lying. That’s what he went through with the 49ers and Harbaugh. The whole time he was injured, he was assured that he was still the #1 QB as soon as he was healthy enough to go again. I bet it feels like deja vu all over again for him.

  11. Alex Smith may be the most over-rated QB of all time. Still riding the undefeated season at the University of Utah train.

  12. both sides might WANT to get a deal done this offseason, but it’s just as likely that he plays out the season before signing a new deal, and that really wouldn’t be the end of the world. if he plays at a high level against the tough defenses we play this year, he will earn that ~15 million per year his agent is likely looking for. if not, he’ll either sign for cheaper or test the market.

  13. When your only criteria for your franchise QB is ‘well he didn’t screw up horribly for a whole season’, then the Chiefs and Alex Smith are a match made in Heaven. He’s the Jon Kitna of this generation.

  14. Much hoppla over nothing. He will sign before the season and it will be a team friendly deal, because he knows Murray is waiting to replace him and he knows what he is worth on the open market.

  15. Ah, to spend a moment in Chieffanland…that’d be wonderful.

    To escape for a moment of the naive and unencumbered optimism of a small child! It would be so grand!!!

    I, too, want to be able to look at my team’s roster, see an undersized fourth round pick with a pop gun arm, and see a definitive solution to my decades of suffering the QB blues. To heck with that guy that had a nice year for us, I want to say while entirely believing it: he has some really good late round draft picks and udfa’s pushing for his job!!! Weeeee!!!!

    If, some season, my GM lets my entire offensive line depart, I want to be able to dismiss it as some ground up building genius plan!!! Rainbows!!! Lolipops!!!!

    My eyes, they roll.

  16. Who are the Chiefs quality backups? I’m a Chiefs fan and can name Daniel and Murray. Daniel is not a starter and Murray could be but he’s a 5th rounder, clearly not the cream of the crop but could be in a year or 2.

    And I agree, why give up 2 second rounders for a guy coming into a new regime and after being 2-14? It’s not like expectations were high. But now they were 11-5 and a playoff team, you better have a real QB.

  17. Smith the game manager is not worth 17 million a year. The guy is afraid of the throwing the ball more than 5 yards in the air. This guy deserves no more than 10 mil a year if that.

  18. chiefs didn’t let “their entire offensive line depart” – they let TWO starters depart (albert and schwartz), and they drafted and signed their respective replacements last year in fisher and rishaw johnson. asamoah was benched for schwartz and it was clear he wasn’t a good fit for what this regime was trying to do. there will be some growing pains as there always are (just like last year), but once they build some chemistry i have zero concerns about this line.

  19. The chiefs have to keep him around just from a competitive standpoint. Smith might not ever win a title, but who wants another loosing season. Develop a new QB behind smith, the fans deserve it.

  20. I would hope that its the term and not the money that they’re haggling over. The rest of the league is paying attention to this. Lets not forget Alex is a guy who does and says all the right things on and off the field. And he’s a lot of fun to watch! Exciting! It’s a shame if they don’t reward him for that but reward the guys who do all the wrong things and get the big contract. What does that say to the youth? (The Seahawks are starting to look like the classiest organization in the NFL)

  21. Funny to think that Alex Smith, Jake Locker, and Sam Bradford could all have good seasons and then choose to be on different teams entering the 2015 season–all because these future free agents aren’t being locked down.

  22. From Alex Smith’s perspective, you have starstruck girls and chronic optimists on one side, and on the other, people who are pissed that he still exists because they threw in their lot against him a long time ago. Most 49ers fans, madden players and fantasy experts fall into this second category. These people don’t want to see Alex get paid because it would be yet further evidence that they are not simply entitled to correct opinions. You actually have to know the game a little bit. Once Alex and the chiefs brass realize that chiefs fans are ready to love him (no later than week 2), the deal will get done, because he is in fact THAT good.

  23. How many teams does this guy have to take to the playoffs before he gets some trust?

    Making the playoffs doesn’t just happen, or happen just because you have a good (defense, set of good offensive ball carriers, etc).

    Look at the 49ers before and after Smith got the support he deserved. Look at the Chiefs before and after he arrived. He doesn’t appear to be a Brady or Manning, but who is? He’s helped take two different teams to the playoffs and has played quite well once he got there.

    Have teams like KC and Cincy so quickly forgotten what it was like to be bottom-dwellers out of reach of the playoffs?

  24. It’s tempting to say Alex Smith isn’t worth 14-15 mil a year, but consider that even at that amount, he will be getting paid less than Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan.

    I’m not convinced that either one of them is really that much better than Alex Smith. They were paid on “potential”. So far that hasn’t panned out. Plus Alex Smith has gone further in the playoffs than those two.

    Someone here said it right when they asked why the Chiefs would trade 2 second round picks if Alex Smith wasn’t their guy. It’s a legitimate question.

    I know this for sure, if the Chiefs don’t pay him, there are at least half a dozen or more QB poor teams that would be tripping over themselves to have Smith on their roster.

    If the Chiefs don’t give him 14-15 mil (I wouldn’t pay anymore than that if I were them), then they obviously don’t think he is a franchise QB. That’s ok if that is what they think, but what exactly changed their minds about that? It’s not like he had a bad year, he had a very good year.

    I just doesn’t make sense.

  25. If i were Alex Smith .. i would take what they offer because he ain’t gonna get from anyone else.
    Mediocre at best..

  26. Definitely interested as a bengals fan to see how his deal shakes out, seems like it’ll be the benchmark for the dalton negotiations.

  27. First, the Redskins name was at least partially, and perhaps totally, conceived by their full-blooded American Indian head coach named Lone Star Dietz, some say at the bequest of his mother to honor her. When the Boston Braves football team changed their name in 1933 to the Boston Redskins–Lone Star’s first year as Redskins coach–they wanted a tie-in with the Boston Red Sox. The Redskins moved to Fenway Park that same year, and wanted some symmetry in the name with the already famous baseball team that occupied the same venue. With their head coach being a member of the Sioux Nation, it seemed like a perfect fit: the name Redskins was eventually agreed upon as a way of honoring both Native Americans and the Boston Red Sox.

  28. Alex Smith on his best day couldn’t beat Andrew Luck on a bad day. Price accordingly.

  29. “…two reporters have cast doubts on that.”

    And we all know how reliable “reporters” are. Too bad they don’t “report” anymore. Instead they run around trying to generate controversy so they will have something to “report” on.
    Much like the arsonist who puts out the fire and then wants the hero worship.

  30. The Chiefs screwed the pooch when they went after him and then signed him.

    Now they have a mess on their hands, they have to overpay for an average QB.

  31. And this is why they drafted Murray. For this year Murray’s job is to recover from his torn ACL and sit and learn. Then next year if Smith wants too much money, the Chiefs can either give Murray the starting job or franchise Smith for 1 year if they feel that Murry needs another year. Personally I think Murray will be the starting QB in 2015. I like Smith but the guy is not worth the 15-17 million a year he wants.

  32. Just let it ride. We paid for two years, so USE two years.

    I would never name a 30 year-old the “future of my franchise”, anyway. Derp.

  33. this deal will get done before the season…the Chiefs will come up a little, and the Smith camp will come out of the clouds and they will meet in middle and both sides will proclaim victory.

    one more prediction- Chase Daniel gets traded for a late round draft pick and Tyler Bray moves in as #2 until Murray is ready

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