Geno Smith avoids chiming in on the quarterback competition question


With Jets coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Mike Vick providing increasingly conflicting perspectives regarding the existence of a true competition for the starting job, one key figure in the equation managed to say nothing on Wednesday.

As pointed out by Rich Cimini of, the Jets didn’t make Geno Smith available to the media.  The silence from Smith came on the same day that Ryan told reporters a quarterback competition exists, and Vick responded by saying it doesn’t.

So what’s going on here?  The Jets undoubtedly want Smith to think he’s competing for his job, even if he isn’t.  Vick, who won a real quarterback competition last year in Philly, knows that it’s a sham — and he isn’t afraid to say so.

Vick’s candor undermines the ruse, as it relates to convincing Smith and anyone paying attention that Smith actually beat out Mike Vick in a fair-and-square contest for the top of the depth chart.  That helps Vick avoid the inevitable appearance that he lost the gig to Smith.  It also potentially will keep Smith from realizing the psychological benefit of winning the job via open competition with Mike Vick, which could make Smith more likely to struggle.  Which in turn could give Vick an opening to play.

In a roundabout way, then, telling the world that there’s no open competition could help Vick eventually win the job.

And while Smith didn’t talk to the media today, he’ll eventually be asked to break the tie between his coach and his supposed competition.

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  1. What do u want him to say? Admit that Vick is better than him and he deserves the starting job? I think it would be smart for Geno to keep his mouth shut like he has been doing.

  2. Please! Vick is just CYA here. If he doesn’t win the job then it doesn’t look like he lost it to a 2nd year QB. If he does win the position it looks like he overcame great odds with an overwhelming performance in camp

  3. “Vick’s candor undermines the ruse.”
    Says it all about the media today. And some coaches (Rex) too. Someone being honest and not playing the BS game blows everything up.

  4. You don’t read between the lines do you? Since day one its been clear that Vick is the backup QB, anybody with two ears, two eyes & half a brain could see that from day one. The Jets are touting competition at every position, that’s their mantra. I’m sure if you asked if there is a competition at LE they would go with the same mantra because that’s all it is, a saying, a general vibe you want to create during camp, competition, competition, competition. Read between the lines a bit more, it’s Geno’s job to lose, Vick is just being honest but he knows he’s here to be a back up & sounds fine with his role, no reason to make a fuss over this nonsense if that’s the case.

  5. Let’s see how many articles we can get about this before camp and eventually the start of the season. Only in New York will this be news for the next 3 months.

  6. Hey Vick? See? That’s how you handle this whole issue. Say standard, canned responses or say nothing! You’re not a rookie. This is not hard.

  7. What’s so hard to understand. Smith sucked most of last year (ROOKIE). Played better at the end, they improved the team and want to see if he will improve also. He showed enough that it would be stupid to give up on him so quickly. If he sucks, Vick will start and they will draft another QB next yr. Why is the media making such a big deal?

  8. Let them battle it out and the winner starts. I don’t see how doing anything else for Geno Smith is a good thing. Last thing I would want is a QB that does not have the mental fortitude to compete.

    With that said – gonna be real tough for him to beat out Vick.

  9. It doesn’t bode well when Geno Smith appears to be the one with the most common sense among the coach and other QB

    Seems like he’s the only guy in the mix who knows enough to shut up and just play

    Of course in the end if it doesn’t work out for him he can always just fire his agent again

  10. I can’t speak for other teams and their beat writers but as far as the Jets go, it doesn’t get any worse than Cimini. He’s a troll masquerading as a “journalist”.

  11. “In a roundabout way, then, telling the world that there’s no open competition could help Vick eventually win the job.”

    Further, and conversely, doing so could hurt Vick eventually in pursuing other jobs down the road. Some teams may perceive, and be wary of, a willingness to undermine his coach.

  12. His answer will be something like “You have to prove yourself every day in the NFL. It doesn’t matter if you call it a competition for the position or not–you always have to prove you’re better at your position than anyone else on the roster.”

    I don’t mind Vick saying it is not an open competition, because it’s not completely an open competition because Geno will get the nod in a close competition even if he slightly underperforms. Also, if Vick wants to help develop Geno, which I believe he does (sees a bit of himself in him), then the best way to get Geno to listen to him is to feel comfortable with him.

  13. The Jets should’ve waited one more year to draft a QB. The could’ve used that Smith pick on a nice position player and snagged a good QB this year.

  14. I guess they want to put Geno to the test. They must have had an idea that this would happen. After Sanchez, I suppose they want to be ruthless in their vetting of their QBs emotional strength.

  15. I’m no Geno fan, dont even like the Jets. But come on give a young QB a chance. Back in the day rookie QB’s often sat the first year or two before starting, now so many seem to start instantly and if theyre not a pro bowler they’re declared a bust !

    Rick Mirer was rookie of the year, how did that turn out ? Many other rookie QB’s have had poor seasons, I remember some fans/media saying the Cowboys should trade Troy Aikman instead of Steve Walsh.

    Yeah Geno didnt have the best year but he had some good moments amongst the bad. But give a young QB a chance for 3 seasons at least before declaring hes a bust.

    As for the dog killer Vick, he should stop talking to the media every 5 seconds out the ‘non QB competition’ and just concentrate on winning the job.

  16. Geno gets the job… Gets pulled by week 5. Vick plays 3 games gets hurt. Geno finishes the season improving his 12 passing td total to 14 and throws only 20 picks. Pretty sure this is the year the garbage fire known as the NJ Jets actually burns to the ground.

  17. Geno is mentally weak…

    Proved that by running away and saying he wouldn’t come back the next day when he wasn’t drafted in the 1st round.

    Talk about a lack of mental fortitude.

    And that was HIM… the real, true Geno.

    They had to talk him into going and they spun it afterwards…

    But he showed what he was made of, or wasn’t made of then.

    He didn’t get what he wanted and he took his ball and went home so to speak…

  18. How to you go from “Geno Smith avoids chiming in” to “the Jets didn’t make Geno Smith available to the media”? And then conclude that the QB competition is a “ruse” and Vick knows it’s a “sham”? I don’t think that’s a logical conclusion to draw.

    The NY media will hound and hound on the QB issue. What exactly do you expect these guys to say day after day, week after week?

  19. How long will the Geno Smith charade last? He dropped in the draft for a reason, the dude just doednt have a lot going on upstairs and most of his passes in college were dumpoffs or terrible throws saved by Tavon Austin. If Rex wants to keep his job and have a shot for the playoffs this year.. Vick is the way to go

  20. What does any of this really matter??? This league now belongs to Russell, Marshawn, and the LEGION OF BOOM!!! Ohh let us not forget PERCY!!!! Haha. Must really suck to all be playing for the right to get EMBARRASSED by the Seahawks come February!!!

    GO HAWKS!!

  21. all of you HATERS ^ need to stop SWEATING my team I dont even bother to click on topics posted about other teams so stop riding mine #JETSNATION

  22. remember kolb? I do, don’t know if I’ll ever forget that memory!
    was at the game in balt when andy pulled Donovan for kolb, birds were winning at the time 10-9, kevin went on to throw 3 ints (longest int return in history in fact). eags lost….
    Vick started every game since that year when Kevin was concussed.

    note to Geno… DON’T GET HURT!!!! Be safe, be smart! and don’t be like vick, LEARN TO SLIDE!!!

  23. Geno Smith was a bust in waiting before he was drafted. The Jets have a habit of picking guys that have no hope of succeeding. It’s kharma.

    Meanwhile, I bet Sanchez gets another chance to start elsewhere at some point and excels.

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