Gronkowski, Pats upbeat about rehab schedule


Rob Gronkowski said he hasn’t had any setbacks with his surgically repaired knee, but he’s not ready to get back on the field and test it, either.

The Patriots tight end appeared at an elementary school function Wednesday, and said he was still optimistic about his condition.

It’s coming along [well],” Gronkowski said, via Mike Reiss of “Just rehabbing every day, improving every single week, and that’s all I can ask for.”

A month ago, Gronkowski was merely on schedule (not ahead of schedule like every other rehabbing player) in his recovery from a torn ACL, so it’s reasonable to wonder when he’ll be ready to return and to what degree.

“All I can [do is let] the body heal and do what it does and hopefully when it comes down to it, I am ready to roll,” he said.

Owner Robert Kraft vouched for his efforts, saying he saw Gronkowski on a regular basis, and always upbeat.

“He is such a well-intentioned guy and he’s a lot of fun,” Kraft said. “I’ve never seen Gronk, in all the time with us, ever say or do anything that had a negative overtone. He is always up and when you are building a team atmosphere with people from different backgrounds and different places and it’s a physical game, having someone like Gronk in the system is uplifting, especially if he is on the field all the time.”

Of course, that last part has been the problem in recent years.

15 responses to “Gronkowski, Pats upbeat about rehab schedule

  1. So obviously Johnny Manziel is taking a huge role in Gronkowski’s rehab efforts. Even flying to Las Vegas to help him out.

    Nice kid that Johnny Whatwashisname…

  2. Has that double tight end scheme won the Pats any Superbowls? – Nope.

  3. Kraft is very good at sizing up people and how they impact those around them. He has a good take on Gronk. Alas, Hernandez fooled him.

  4. I’m guessing his return time will have something to do with whether or not the new Under Armour sponsored and produced, comeback montage is finished.

  5. Do you think if Gronk were anything more than a decoy(due to injury) in the close loss in the 2011 Super Bowl the Pats would have won. Yup.

  6. Gronk is a great player but I’m not sweating his return. Que sera sera.

    I’m more interested in seeing the potential of the Pats defense. They looked good and were THE reason the Pats were winning early on last season while the offense milled around aimlessly trying to find a way to score. Once they started dropping like flies on D, that dream of having a dominant defense was over for another year. That’s what will determine their SB chances, the defense. Think Belichick doesn’t know it? They added no TEs in the draft, and a few long shot type guys in FA (Keller will be a nice get if they can sign him post June 1) but they signed Browner and Revis and drafted a guy who has potential to be a very disruptive player in the first round.

  7. NE contends, year in year out, and that will never change. 43 – 8 Denver fans…best SB I ever watched.

  8. Gronk collected a $13 million signing bonus so there’s really no need to rush things. I’m starting to believe that Gronk has gotten used to not having to go to work and would much rather take it easy and just party for awhile. Nice work if you can get it.

  9. To the fools that want to knock Gronk for having “brittle bones”, drinking “too much alcohol”, and opining that he”would much rather take it easy”. In four seasons he has played in 50 regular season games, has 226 receptions at an average of 14.4 yards per reception, with 42 touchdowns and only 2 fumbles. The people knocking Gronk would wet their pants if they had to tackle him in the open field.

  10. Does it matter. This team hasn’t won* anything significant in over 10 years.

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