Hernandez pleads not guilty to new murder charges


To no surprise, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to charges that he murdered Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu in July 2012.  Hernandez also pleaded not guilty to the other charges emerging from an incident allegedly sparked by an altercation at a Boston nightclub.

The hearing included an explanation from prosecutors that the murders were the culmination of a chain of events that began when one of the two men accidentally bumped into Hernandez, causing him to spill a drink.

Prosecutors explained in court that Hernandez believed de Abreu deliberately bumped into Hernandez.  He allegedly tracked down de Abreu, opening fire on the SUV in which de Abreu and Furtado were riding.

The defense objected to the details shared by prosecutors in court, contending that those allegation will unfairly prejudice Hernandez.  Magistrate Gary D. Wilson responded with a forceful, matter-of-fact explanation that it’s standard practice for the Commonwealth’s representatives to share with the court some of the facts of the case, adding that the arraignment was ultimately no different than the 1,900 other capital-murder arraignments over which Wilson has presided since 1983.

Hernandez will return to court of June 24 for a scheduling hearing.  It’s possible but not likely that a trial date will be set at that time.

Charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez has been held without bail since being arrested in June 2013.

67 responses to “Hernandez pleads not guilty to new murder charges

  1. Willing to bet when its all said and done we’ll find out Hernandez is a serial killer and has been involved in many other killings over the last 10 years

  2. I find it hard to believe someone could be so ruthlessly willing to murder someone over something as insignificant as a spilled drink, but when you’re strung out on angel-dust than it starts to make a whole lot more sense.

    Enjoy that cage Aaron, while the rest of us watch you grow old in it.

  3. I accidently spilled a drink on a guy once. He called me an a**hole, I apologized and purchased him a beer and all was forgiven. Geez I never thought I could have been shot over it.

  4. Well yeah…I mean who wouldn’t shoot two guys because one of them may or may not have intentionally bumped into you. Totally justified.

    I for one feel safer knowing this lunatic is off the streets.

  5. Well, prosecution had a gem in the bag. Before today I thought there was a chance he could be a free man again. Hopefully, Mr. Hernandez’s stomach has built up a tolerance for prison food because that will be his diet for life.

  6. It is never a good sign when the judge slaps your legal team down in the arraignment.

  7. Up until these last two murder charges came about I was convinced that he believed that he was going to walk. Without the murder weapon, his defense team may be able to cast enough doubt. But now with these two new charges, the door is closing. First off, he does have a lot of money, but that will run out real quick. Second, all these people that he’s (allegedly) paying off to silence may now be more willing to cooperate knowing that he’ll probaly be locked up for life.

    And……. I have the feeling that he’ll be tied to even more unsolved murders.

  8. Three cheers for the judge! ….he’s setting the tone immediately and it looks like Hernandez’s high-priced lawyers won’t intimidate him or be allowed to control the proceedings.

  9. The only thing I object to, and this site is NOT guilty of it, is all the Boston area newspapers are portraying these guys as angels. The one guy went out of his way to pick a fight with AH, it should not have ended the way it did, but in this day and age it’s more likely than not to end that way. He shares done culpability for trying to start a fight, little did he know he was starting a fight with a future serial killer. When your out drinking, having a good time, don’t start a fight, it could end up pretty crappy for yourself.

  10. Man, if any of the commenters here so quick to condemn Hernandez are ever arrested, I hope the people they know let the court system come to the guilty or innocent conclusions by looking at all the evidence and letting both sides present both cases. The prison are full of people who have later been released when it was revealed that prosecutors and cops lied and falsified evidence. I’m not saying Hernandez is innocent. I’m saying let the dude have his day in court. That’s the way American justice is supposed to work.

  11. Shacked, backed and ready to be served to the general prison population.

    Ten years from now this will become a Hollywood blockbuster movie!

  12. Put him and Jared Remy in the same cell. Jared just got life without parole so he needs a friend.

  13. This is the look where the cat tries to eat the canary, and fails. Then the cat realizes that the owner of the canary loves that canary more than the cat, and is extremely angry with the cat for trying to eat it.

  14. wish the Pounceys would be linked.. nice to take out more trash in one trip….

    seriously do not think this “thing” is worth supporting in prison…. Pats should have to pay unless prison justice can be dealt out

  15. I’d like to know what was in that drink. That should become the hottest drink to order in all the boston bars. I’ll have two Hernandez on ice..and be careful not to spill them anybody.

  16. Any other Patriot players get anything spilled on them today? Just checking …

  17. The nite in question Mr Hernandez football instinct was to manage the clock . Bullying just seemed to be too time consuming where as shooting these two was a much more efficient way to deal with these guys.

  18. Hernandez kills two complete strangers that are no threat to him in any way and a year later he kills Odin Lloyd because he talked about it to others. Warden, I want a new cell mate.

  19. Jeez. I guess you never know what people are like off the field. I’m almost scared to continue going out to clubs in DC now. Jordan Reed went to University of Florida as well right?

  20. Dude, you made me soul my drink. I shall KILL you…. and your friend because I am big around here. Nobody bumps into me and gets away with it.

  21. He will never see the light of day as a free man ,,, guaranteed !! For what , a spilled drink here ,, a diss ,, etc ,, senseless just senseless !!

  22. Aaron was a former roommate of Tim Tebow. Urban thought that Tim would be a good influence. Tebow even got Hernandez to catch the ball on his Pro Day to make a good impression. There’s a great story of the different paths that those guys took, someone will probably make a film of it.

  23. R U 4 real, give me a break. I’m speechless – if it was your brother who bumped into this animal, would you still be saying give him day in court. Where do you live – Mayberry??

  24. Hernandez has more money than 99% of the people in Mass. Shouldn’t he have to pay room and board while living where he is. Why should descent hard working people have to pay his rent, food, medical and dental. He currently is actually still being paid his guaranteed contract by the Pats. This is what’s wrong with our country! Wake up people!!! I figure he should at a minimum be be paying about 5K / a month. The actual cost to Mass tax payer5s is much higher. At the same time the elderly are getting the great benefit of Meals on Wheels! If he is convicted, which should, and I say that with hope in my heart, he should have to surrender every single penny he has! I mean how much could commissary cost him?

  25. This guy is an embarrassment to the Latin last one. So are ALL so called gangbangers who are scum of earth. No shame pleading not guilty. Just being selfish and not owning up to murder. Murder. What kinda idiot has millions and kills in such a “catch me” way. I don’t get how a person who was intelligent enough to get to college yet he’s also a stupid moron on other common sense subjects. Can’t wait till he arrives in prison. He’s gonna have to join aprison gang thats for sure. He’ll kill again in prison. He says he a (excuse me as I laugh) crip. So prisoners will take issue with him.

  26. Since this has started last summer, I’ve been curious….does a murder suspect’s lawyer know if he is actually guilty?

  27. Be honest. If you were in prison and had to choose between Charles Manson and Aaron Hernandez as your cell mate … given what we know now, wouldn’t it be a tough decision?

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