Jared Allen working on fitting in with Bears right now


If there’s anything Jared Allen’s better at than sacking quarterbacks, it’s standing out in a crowd.

But the new Bears defensive end says he wants to blend in at first, and let established leaders like Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman step to the front.

“I try to lead by example,” Allen said, via Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I know I have a reputation for being outspoken, but I’m really not. I’m really not a rah-rah guy. I’m not afraid to call a guy to the carpet because I expect accountability. I think as pros we all should expect accountability from each other.

“But I didn’t come here to take over leadership. I didn’t come here because I thought they needed a figurehead on the defense. I came here to be a part of something. Guys like Lance, who have been here, guys like Peanut, they’re leading by example, and that’s what I want to do.”

The 32-year-old Allen will mostly be counted on for some energy up front, replacing Julius Peppers.

The Bears were last in the league in sacks last season, and Allen’s still getting it done at a high level. If he plays like he has been in recent years, Allen will draw plenty of notice.

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  1. Jared was a huge signing, but that defense lives and dies by the DTs, who were beyond awful last year. If the inside of the interior DL comes together for them this year, the DEs will make hay but if not, Allen and the other FA DEs they signed for big money will not provide a very good ROI.

  2. man. Jared can play, but you’re taking OUT Peppers and putting Jared IN. sounds like close to a wash.

    this is not Jared Allen of a few years ago. you can thumbs down all you want, you’ll see the difference when the games start. he’ll disappear for long stretches of games…. not just quarters.

  3. As a Vikings fan, I am sad to see him in a different uniform. But he is a great team player and a professional. He will fit in fine there. have a great season Jared, just not against us.

  4. Bears need him and the other new faces to produce. Not only did they have an awful pass rush but they gave up 5.3 ypc. They have a bunch of new faces on the D Line but you aren’t winning anything giving up 5.3 ypc.

  5. Three reasons the Bears run D sucked out loud last year: 1) undersized DTs who were constantly beaten at the point of attack; 2) LBs who routinely ran to the wrong hole and 3) safeties with zero instincts who couldn’t tackle worth a damn. Hopefully the draft solved #1 and better coaching will solve #2. Not sure what they plan to do about #3 just yet.

  6. I may be the only MN fan not sad to see him go. He was solid his first couple years, but the last few he did not live up to the $ he was making.

    While he is a very good pass rusher, his run defense is suspect, and way too often gets beat because he collapses on the misdirection. My guess is he will have 2 monster games against the Vikes though as that is the way it usually works.

  7. LOVE to have Allen here this year ,, Peppers has been gone for past 2 years and missing .

    Allen has out produced Peppers past 6 years ..

    If Bears can achieve a Top 16 Defense ,, they will be challenging for the Super Bowl …

  8. I love his attitude…If Briggs, Tillman, and Allen are the three guys on your ‘D’ everyone else emulates, you will have a Top 10 defense.

    As to Jared’s run defense, that is not what they signed him for. There are other new faces who should fill that role for us this year.

  9. With the number two offense we are prime to have a great season. With the defensive line we have built some of which can play both defensive end also athletic enough to play defensive tackle itsv about to be a cold day for the packers ,vikings, and lions. I dont believe anyone un the nfc north can stop our offense man to man. With the trestmans offense and back ups that can step in and have a helping role we are going to do great. And lets not forgot the special teams group that although we lost hester we have the cfl’s hester coming to the team this season. He possesses the same abilty of a break out : not as much as hester but you will still see a production of 30 yards on kickoffs or good field position on punt returns. Hello new punter also.

  10. From the photo it appears they are running McLellin at OLB next to Allen. Not sure how confident I am about the run defense on that right side of the line, but it should make for some dangerous blitz packages. Another sign of the NFL evolving into a passing league.

  11. Even though he is declining, he is an upgrade over Peppers. And with the overall improvement on the D, they should/could be right around 14th to 18th in Total D and should not be dead last against the run..which for everyone’s concern about pass rush/sacks/pressures, if the other team can run for 5+ a run, the pass rush is moot.

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