Johnny Manziel is going to go right ahead being Johnny Manziel


On the field, Johnny Manziel is doing everything he can to be a good rookie.

Off the field, he’s not going to apologize for being Johnny Football.

The Browns rookie quarterback reacted with a shrug to the flap over his Vegas trip last weekend, saying he’s grown accustomed to the attention.

“I’m very surprised actually it’s actually a story,” Manziel said, via Jim Corbett of USA Today. “I’ve been in here every day working extremely hard trying to earn my place and do what I need to do. . . . For me to get a free weekend, and get to spend some time with friends and family of mine, and just have fun and relax and get away from the grind a little bit and then come back and do what I’m supposed to do. — I don’t really feel that’s a story.”

Yeah, right.

Manziel admitted he knew what was coming, saying: “I’m used to it by now. Fair or unfair, that’s my life.

“I don’t live my life according to you guys. I’m going to continue to live my life to the fullest, and I’m trying to earn my place in this locker room with these coaches with this organization. If I want to go out and have some fun and it doesn’t hinder what my main goals in life are, then I really don’t care what anybody has to say.”

Until it becomes a legal issue or a detriment on the field, it shouldn’t be a big deal. The star quality is part of the package the Browns drafted, likely as important to them as the on-field element.

Showing up in Vegas with Rob Gronkowski was simply inevitable.

94 responses to “Johnny Manziel is going to go right ahead being Johnny Manziel

  1. Right as Johny Manziel signed his rookie contract, he went to party in Las Vegas for the week.

    As soon as Teddy Bridgewater signed his rookie contract, he’s been studying his new offensive playbook 24/7 and getting first rep OTA’s.

    I think we all know which franchise made the better choice.

    Skol Vikings.

  2. As long as we can keep seeing that stupid money dance thing…
    What a tool…

  3. He’s right, people take weekend get aways every week! A non story. But the media’s job is to stalk famous people, take their photos and sound bites then sell them to the highest bidder like TMZ.

  4. Why would he change anything? He’s gotten the past two seasons in college station, all while “partying”. People act like the NFL is this 10 year void of any fun in your life.

    Josh Gordon smoking weed and clubbing his ass off became the 2nd or 3rd best receiver in the game. Manziel won’t make it because he went to a UFC fight on a long memorial day weekend…..OK

  5. He can do what he wants… But the problem is Gronk is proven (although always injured) so he has some leeway. Manziel isn’t proven. If he parties hard and fails to perform on the field he’ll be the next Matt Leinart.

  6. Much more exciting waiting for the news that Mike Dumbturdi is no longer with New England (Fired Again)!

  7. Don’t really understand why so many are making a big deal about it. Manziel is correct and is at least going about it the right way. He knows there is a balance of work and play and seems to be conscious of not letting play getting in the way of work.. He is however making himself a bigger target once he steps on the field and screws up or stinks up the place, the media is going to blame or speculate his failures on his party habits.

  8. Absolutely no big deal.

    If he starts missing practices or showing up badly hungover let us know.

    I remember Ryan Leaf flying from NY to SD after being drafted and stopping in Vegas and partying all night before he was intro’d to as the newest Charger. We knew he was a bum at that point. Johnny Football isn’t in that class– he just had a weekend off and used it for fun. No biggie.

  9. What would be interesting is if the reporter had asked him how much time he had been studying the playbook. It is possible to take a weekend off and still be prepared. The concern is if he’s just not putting the work in.

  10. Gronk has already proven himself.

    That’s the difference.

    Johnny I Had No Playbook In College needs to buckle down.

  11. Good for Manziel… can’t study film every hour of every day… live your life the way you want too. Becoming a real fan of Manziel.

  12. The following is a list of football players who left college and changed their ways by becoming “better” people after being handed a jackload of cash by an NFL team:

  13. For possibly the first time ever, I have to agree with Johnny here. And articles like this merely fuel the media fire he’s talking about.

  14. Just reading the first post shows how little some know. First, Johnny Manziel has not signed his rookie deal yet. How do you know Bridgewater was “studying his playbook 24/7?” Is anyone watching his every move. NO! WHY? Because Manziel is 5 times the personality Teddy is and will probably be 5 times the QB. 1st team reps with your QB roster isn’t exactly shocking news to anybody. I have no idea if Johnny Cleveland will be great or not, same for Teddy, but just because he went to Vegas on a long weekend doesn’t mean anything. Both Bill Polian and Pat Kirwan said it was fine, no issues with it. But then again, a lot of people know better than them.

  15. Go go, go johnny go go, go johnny go go, johnny be good. C-mon peeps, let him do his thing. I think we all were young once. Until he shows this type of behavior effects him, leave him the hell alone. I personally knew of a Washington REDSKIN that was drunk before, during, and after games, ALOT, and he happens to be in the HOF. Don’t get your panties in a bunch over this. Sheesh

  16. Everybody loves a free spirit.

    Let’s see what he does on the field. That’s the real story.

  17. 1) ‘Star quality’ don’t win football games – it’s as simple as that.

    2) The way he is starting off he won’t last long. And that’s kind of sad because the Browns are going to continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL, and that’s not good, because they have been a part of the NFL for more than 60 years and it’s been decades since they were a significant part of it.

    The Cleveland fans deserve better, they really do.

  18. Gronk has proven himself, so he is allowed to go to Las Vegas and JFF is not? Interesting thought process.

  19. This barely raised a ripple on the double standard sea. While Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Luck wouldn’t do it. Wilson, Newton, RG3 and Geno couldn’t do it.

    How can one guy who’s never played come in and change the entire NFL culture, the same culture that everybody wants so badly to stay the same? So Johnny won’t change? OK, stick to your guns young man. You’re a star, much brighter than the NFL.

    If his behavior becomes the norm and ALL players choose celebrity over football, the NFL might as well dial it in. Just play the games in syndication, in a studio. Become American Gladiators.

    If he wins, the sport loses, big time.

  20. Lol He’s going to tear this league up for years huh?

    Why don’t you guys say things like…”I Hope he tears this league up for years to come”…since ya know, you have No earthly idea what he’s going to do.

    Media is somewhat bringing him down and you fans are putting him on the highest pedestal ever. Not even talking about Browns fans either.

  21. All work and no play would make Johnny a dull boy.

    He went to Vegas. That’s all.

    Not “he went to Vegas and [insert miscellaneous crime].”

    Holiday weekend, for goodness sake. How many people here worked all three days?

    Maybe I’m defending Johnny only because I’m a Browns fan, but I’ll save my outrage for something outrageous. As a Browns fan, I KNOW how to be outraged. I’ve had a lot of practice! As a Browns fan, I’ve seen a lot of outrageous things.

  22. Lmao…I bet he wasn’t talking like that when he was interviewing with every teams GM and coach at the scouting combine. I’m sure he’s doing exactly what he told the browns brass that he wouldn’t do.

  23. Good luck, Browns fans. If Manziel disaapoints, this type of stuff is going to haunt the team’s decision to draft him.

    On the other hand, if Manziel spent his time working on learning the team’s play book and working OT to be the best QB he can be, his chances of success increase.

    As a Viking fan, I have to say I’m glad the attempted trade for Manziel fell through and the Browns beat them to the punch. Bridgewater is a student of the game who has made it obvious he’s willing to put in the time to be his best. I hope Manziel learns to do the same.

  24. Here’s the deal, when the coach comes out publicly and says your miles behind the guy in front of you on the depth chart the week before OTA’s start, You probably better stay in the facility and work on your game. Not go on a trip to Vegas.

  25. It’s laughable how stupid football fans are.

    By mid-season this kid will have redefined the word “greatness”and the media will be licking the jam out of his toes.

  26. Judging from the comments on this story and most PFT stories regarding off field activities, quite a few people have more of a problem with guys that have fun or are bullies. Barely heard a peep about the woman beater Daryl Washington. Then there’s fellow woman beater Ray Rice and knucklehead Aldon Smith. Jim Irsay creating a fine example. But most PFT commenters hated don jones for not liking to watch two gay guys kiss and smear cake on each other. It’s laughable.

  27. So spraying strangers with $1000 bottles of champagne is just “living life to the fullest”?

    Dude is incredibly immature and doesn’t even know it.

  28. A partying chick/media magnet & still be a great QB! Wow a lot of jealousy out there. Just because he isn’t a complete nerd like the Mannings or Luck.

  29. Guy had a three day rookie camp where his new GM bluntly said Hoyer was miles ahead of him. Hearing this, he promptly put down the play book and decided he needed a vacation from “the grind”.

    That’s all you need to know about where this is heading.

    Now, cue all the Manziel fanboys defending their man crush.

  30. The Browns get it, because they have said they are not concerned. JFF has a good grab on where the boundaries are, and will not jeopardize his football career. He proved that in college. In fact, he will end up being the captain of the team someday, asserting his will, and it will be accepted.


  31. What the first post shows is how blind some people can be. These are the very same people who spent a lot of time trying to convince everyone that Christian Ponder was the future.

    Both Bridgewater and Manziel may end up being busts.

  32. Let’s see here… he gets drafted, shows up to offseason activities on time, gets a long holiday weekend, parties in Vegas for said long weekend, and shows up the next week for work on time.

    So the big deal is……………………. what?

    And whatever happened to “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?”

    Nothing to see here.

  33. So sick of hearing that “Cleveland fans deserve a winner” for whatever reason. Why? Why do you deserve a winner more than any other city? More than Detroit? Or Buffalo? Or Tennessee? Or Cincinnatti, etc.? Why? Because your real team left you after your owner who repeatedly attempted to get something done on a new stadium but was turned down? Or because the Ravens have won a couple since becoming the Ravens? Is it The Drive? The Fumble? Letting go of Belichick prematurely? Why?

  34. He is looking to earn his place in the locker room with the coaches of the organization?

    How about his teammates? He should probably be focused on earning their trust and respect…and acknowledge so.

    The fact he doesn’t, tells me…he doesn’t care much about his team’s respect.

    I see this going badly for the kid. Those veterans will side with Hoyer if they feel he is more committed to improving and winning. Doesn’t matter where a QB was drafted…the team wants to know that their QB is all-in WITH them, not himself.

  35. Its only a story because he does that stupid money hand gesture. He just set himself up for all the scrutiny that is sure to follow.

    How much do you wish to wager that when he throws his first INT in the pre-season, Manziel will see that same hand gesture, this time being made by the DB with the football?

  36. This is a big story and this is why, if Bortles or Bridgewater went to Vegas it would be a bigger story, but they didn’t, how soon he forgets, right after he gets drafted, in his post draft interview, it’s all about football now, I have to give up some things for football, be a leader and earn the locker room, why would you go to Vegas, only one reason, it’s for the publicity, I’m afraid I’m beginning to see how this thing is going to play out, I want to see this kid play, I hope he starts to get it.

  37. I’m laughing at all the people saying “Gronk has proven himself”. He had one good season.
    Since then, the only thing he has proven is that his lifestyle is not conducive to preventing injuries.

  38. John Football Manziel – aka Johnny Football – the game has been searching for a celebrity/player who loves the limelight and can bring excitement to NFL fans across the world. Cleveland have been searching for a new hero but will settle for a decent QB to catapult the team into contention, sell out the stadium, increase beer prices, improve ratings and sell merchandise for Jimmy Haslam. This is a perfect storm and the media has determined that you have the skills, the good looks and the personality to pull it all off.
    While heading to Vegas for a weekend of fun should not be big deal for most players, because you are the anointed celebrity/player, you will attract an abnormal amount of attention. Get used to it, buddy because this is just the beginning. You are a goldmine for ratings and it will extend to merchandise and gossip magazine sales.
    Tim Tebow was just the opening act for the circus, a bit of a false media messiah but if you can play well, then you are the main event. Hope that you are can survive when they fire you from the cannon. There is no safety net.

  39. i love seeing viking fans spout off at the mouth. sorry about your luck ending up with another bust in bridgewater. i don’t know if johnny football will be a huge success but in this draft i think the browns did the right thing and got the right guy.

  40. What is he thinking? Playing a game as an employee of the corporate entertainment industry is serious business! Why, this completely meaningless pastime, second only to military service as an essential national duty (or is it the other way around, I can’t remember from all the inexplicable military-NFL-linking stories and ceremonies we get) must consume the entire lives of those involved it! We need to preserve our illusion of the special-ness of the game, otherwise we have to confront our own pathetic lives, and the entertainment industry can’t have us doing that.

    I like watching football, but let’s have some perspective.

  41. Bridgewater is going to be a bust. Manziel may also be a bust but at least he may be a more exciting bust.

    But hey, at least Minnesota got a Super Bowl because the taxpayers are bending over and forking it over for a new stadium.

  42. Funny how pre-draft Johnny was all about comparing himself to the likes of Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson regarding his stature, and his ability to be a leader, and play the game at the highest level. Then, he goes to party in Vegas like Ryan Leaf…nice. I’m sure the other players in his huddle are rolling their eyes, and they certainly wouldn’t be bought in on this guy!

  43. Who knows how Johnny Football will perform in the NFL, but the 2 other first rounds QB’s are going to be the beneficiaries of the media attention directed towards Cleveland, that is the simple conclusion!

  44. I have been a Viking fan my whole life. @ 40 yrs old, I have witnessed some fun games, Culpepper to Moss didn’t bring a Lombardi but it was fun as hell!!! I think Bridgewater will be successful. I hope he is, he is doing all the right things….I was actually glad we selected Teddy B.
    I also think Johnny is Great for the Game, I am hoping he does well! Brady, Manning, Bree’s are all aging , and we do not have guys like them in the making….. I hope both Johnny and Teddy shred it up, it will Only make the league more exciting!!!’ Seriously, it is in JFF’s DNA to party and loosen up! It is embarrassing to sell if in any way other than a weekend away! Skol

  45. He’s like the Dos Equis (sp?) dude: “Woman want him and men want to be him.” Don’t be jealous haters, go back to sitting on the couch eating Popeyes and hating on a 20+ year old for having the ambition to be successful.

  46. The kid is a celebrity and a star college QB. The haters will hate and his fans won’t care as long as he performs on Sunday. We were all invincible at his age and I don’t blame him for wanting to have a little fun. If he can deliver at game time that’s what counts. If he can’t make the transition to the pros folks will say he refused to make the sacrifices needed to be successful in the NFL. Several teams had doubts about his ability to recognize the challenges ahead. I hope the kid proves everybody wrong but only time will tell.

  47. My guess is Ndamukong Suh twists this guy’s head off in the first quarter of the first preseason game and we don’t hear about him again until next offseason…

  48. Love Johnnys comments about living the life the way he wants. I dont think he will have a successful career, but i hope im wrong on that.

    At least he will do it his way. Have to say the spraying of champagne was hilarious and entertaining.

    This story is the result of media having no other stories to cover. He has every right to do what he wants in his free time, as long as he doesnt find himself on wrong side of the law. He seems like a smart guy. I dont think it will b a problem

  49. No one’s trying to control his life or free time.


    NFL QB is one of the hardest positions in any pro sport, physically and maybe more so, mentally.

    Being undersized doesn’t help the physical side.

    Being a moron who thinks he’s still in a frat won’t help the mental side.

    Would you pay him $millions to be your QB while he tells you his priority is partying?

  50. I notice most of the wanna-be coaches on here spouting off about how JF should be studying his playbook 20 hours a day in May because “he’s in the pros now” are the ones now neglecting their own jobs by trolling around the internet reading stories about football players. Perhaps you haters can show us all how it’s done by shutting off your computers and furthering your own careers 7 days a week.

    Rock on, Johnny Football. You’re 21 years old and single with a whole lot of cash. Be smart, stay within the law, and play well on Sundays. The haters are just always gonna hate!

  51. Can’t help it. I would have went to the UFC event, met Dana White and hung out with Gronk too!! As a lifelong browns fan, I give you my”Hell yeah”!!!! GO BROWNS

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