Lions players form leadership committee under Caldwell

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The Lions made a coaching change earlier this year, after two straight seasons of actual or at least perceived underachievement.  Linebacker Stephen Tulloch likes what he has seen so far.

“Much respect to [former coach Jim] Schwartz,” Tulloch recently said, via WXYZ-TV.  “But I think the change is at the right time.”

The change from Schwartz to Jim Caldwell has included the players being treated like the professionals that they are.

“He takes our input and treats us like men,” Tulloch said.  “It started back when Coach Caldwell got here, taking each [position] group out to dinner and just talking to the players.”

The attitude has resulted in the creation of a new leadership committee among the players.  Leadership arguably has been lacking in recent years, beginning with the team’s reluctant franchise quarterback.  For whatever reason, Schwartz neither demanded nor wanted real leadership from the players.  Coincidentally (or not), the team has consisted in recent years of a collection of talented individuals who have been unable to reach their collective potential.

Whatever their potential is under Caldwell, the new approach could give them a better chance of realizing it.

35 responses to “Lions players form leadership committee under Caldwell

  1. Who does the committee consist of? Would be interesting to see if stafford and Suh are on there

  2. Means nothing. You can insert any new NFL head coach into this story. I’m a Vikings fan and Brad Childress also had a player leadership committee. It means jack squat.

  3. Someone needs to be running things while ole Jimmy stares into space for 3 hours every Sunday.

  4. I think that this will be another bad hire by the Lions. They have had a terrible history of bad coaches and general managers. The real fault in the lack of leadership and direction starts with the Ford Family themselves. They have never attempted to hire true football people as evidenced by sticking with Matt Millen for so many years. It is rare that the Lions ever have someone hire one of their fired head coaches or gm’s. They usually go disappear somewhere. Very embarrassing franchise.

  5. Wasn’t Richie Incognito on the Dolphins leadership council? Sounds kinda corny to me.

  6. It’s hard to believe that Caldwell won’t be an upgrade over Gym Shorts, but sitting around a dinner table singing Kumbaya doesn’t mean squat if the product doesn’t perform on the field

  7. All I know is that the team can’t have less discipline than it did under Jim Schwartz. Caldwell should be able to get them on the right track, but the most important thing Caldwell can do is with Stafford.

  8. Put Suh at the head of the committee with the threat that he will stomp out any dissent in the locker room, that should do the trick.

    Caldwell is a joke, a 1-15 joke in his last go around. If the Lion’s think they couldn’t do worse, its because they already have (0-16)

  9. Schwartz only got a head coaching job because he was a branch in the Bellechick tree. So how much did the Lions resemble the Patriots? Right, absolutely none. I don’t think much of Caldwell as a coach, but just about any moving primate is an improvement over Schwartz. The Lions have enough talent that this ought to be interesting.

  10. Most coaches only get head coaching jobs because of who they know. All of them.

    Schwartz was a great defensive coordinator. He earned a shot at a head coach job as much as many others…just look at Mike Pettine for proof.

    He helped to put the Lions back on the map. That is really the bottom line. They were the NFL’s laughing stock before he came on board, don’t forget that.

  11. What in the world made you think that these people were jealous? Why would anyone be jealous of an underachieving offensive minded throw 60 times a game team?

    I hope the Lions succeed but they’re not really making great moves this offseason. I love Golden Tate and Ebron, but the problem with the team has been defense, and they’ve largely ignored that. Vaughn Martin is a joke and Corvey Irvin is not much better. They need help on defense desperately and they just keep throwing weapons at Stafford. Makes no sense to me. They finally did the right thing in getting Schwartz out of there and I’m hoping Caldwell does well, but I just don’t see it.

  12. If the lions can fix the off the field issues, that have plagued them in the past, and stay healthy they could be a powerhouse team. Any sort of organized leadership would be good for them, definitely a move in the right direction.

  13. Well, someone has to lead that team, because it’s clear based on his coaching history that Caldwell can’t.

  14. They had a leadership committee last year, as was reported by Kyle Meinke on MLive in September of last year. It was made up of Stafford, Burleson, Delmas, Bush, Quin, Suh, Muhlbach, Raiola and Akers. So, with Akers, Delmas and Burleson gone, they formed a new one. Whoopee.

  15. The Lions players obviously have a lot of talent but little structure or sense of personal responsibility. A player committee can be a benefit, but that will require buy in from everyone. If not it will self destruct into a power struggle or simple futility.

  16. In what way would the Leadership committee be different than the group of team captains? Aren’t the captains suppose to be the leaders of the team. I find this a little confusing.

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