Michael Vick maintains Jets don’t have open quarterback competition


Can you have a quarterback competition if both of the quarterbacks involved don’t think it’s a competition?

Thanks to the Jets, we may get an answer to that question this year. Coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday there was “no doubt” that Geno Smith and Michael Vick are competing for the starting job and both men took reps with the first-team offense during practice, which stood in contrast to Vick’s comments that it wasn’t an open competition and that Smith is the team’s starter.

Vick wasn’t shaken by Ryan’s comments Wednesday. Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com reports that Vick mostly stuck to variations of “I’m here to compete to help the team win” but repeated his previous statement about the nature of the competition in response to repeated questions about the topic.

“Nah, it’s not an open competition,” Vick said.

Whether it is an open competition, a limited competition or a totally closed matter, it is also May and there’s not much point in the Jets naming a starting quarterback at this point. There’s also not much point in Vick doing anything but playing the role asked of him and letting things fall where they may with Smith.

For all the semantic disconnect, there’s been no sign of unhappiness from Vick about the situation. He said Wednesday he knew the situation when he signed with the Jets and that it has been everything he’s expected, which suggests that the disagreement over the nature of the competition is a minor one in the general scheme of things.


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  1. Saying it’s not an open competition strikes me as a little passive-aggressive on Vick’s part. While I don’t think that was his intent it might be better to tout the company line and just state that there is an open competition anyway

    Besides, the whole point in bringing in Vick apart from having a potential starter / good backup was to light a fire under Geno and provide him genuine competition (something that wasn’t the case with Sanchez) ..letting him know there really isn’t a competition can only allow him to get complacent

  2. Unlike Sanchez, Rex is not committing to any of these guys. He’s tried to convince Vick to wear number 6, that way he wouldn’t need to change that horrible tattoo. Signed a Jets Fan.

  3. Vick could at least fake it if he and Rex have an understanding. Rex still needs a young QB to believe he’s fighting for a starting job even if that’s not what’s happening here. Come on mike..think bro.

  4. Some people say that the disagreement over the nature of the competition is a minor one in the general scheme of things.

    Except…this is a disagreement with the head coach.

    Plus the disagreement is not behind closed doors, it’s in the media: Vick tells the coach it’s not an open competition, coach replies to Vick that indeed it is, Vick fires back “no, it’s not”. But the conversation is being done with cameras and microphones.

    Minor disagreement? Child, please. How about this theory: Vick doesn’t want to be in Jersey.

  5. Im pretty sure the best qb will play. This isnt little league flag football where everyone gets to play. Good job trying to make the jets look bad.

  6. Smith starts games 1-4, plays horribly, then gets pulled for Vick. Vick starts games 5-9, then breaks his [anything]. Smith finishes the season pathetically under the cloud of being pulled in the first place. Jets go 7-9.

    Anyone who thinks this ends any differently is delusional.

  7. Hasn’t this story-line already been shelved — I mean, look it, there is no competition if both QBs are played in every game of the regular and post-season. Like the Miami Heat recipe for success: you add a good measure of Wade spice; a hearty mix of ingredient LeKing; and a little Bosh, fo’ flavah!

  8. You would think someone who has been around as long as Vick has would recognize ‘coachspeak’ for the PR-BS it is 90% of the time.

  9. Anyone who thinks the book has been written on Geno is just ignorant. The jury is still out on this guy. He had no consistency at WR last year and half of his receiving corps was pulled off the street mid year. One thing we do know about him is unlike the Sanchize, Geno is mentally tough. We will find out a lot about his ability to read defenses and get rid if the ball quickly this year now that he has some weapons around him.

  10. I’m sure Rex is OK with being so blatantly and publicly contradicted by a free agent pick up. This seems to be going smoothly so far (SMH).

  11. Smith will be the starter to open the season. He’ll suck in the first 3 games and Vick will become the starter. Vick will get injured after playing 3 or 4 games and Smith will be back as the starter. He’ll suck some more and when Vick recovers from his injury, he’ll be back in. That’s how it will go back and forth the entire season, with the Jets ending up at 5-11 or 4-12.

  12. mr vick …are you dumb enough to think that geno will be qb when they start 1-4 or something. Seriously buddy, you don’t have a clue of your own position and how it changes after 10 years in the league?

  13. We are mad that Geno and Mike are not jostling for each others position? Please!! Whoever starts on any given Sunday has my support. REX IS BEING Paid to DECIDE!!

  14. Two names should stick out in Michael Vick’s mind as to how quickly things can change at the QB position in the NFL. Those two names are: Kevin Kolb and Nick Foles.

  15. I thought it simply was a case of Vick being humble and sort of putting Geno Smith front & center as the lead guy. Maybe I don’t see the forest because the trees are in my way….????

  16. Vick knows that there is a chance to start here. That is why he signed the contract. He also knows that it is not an open competition. He is going to wait for Geno to hand him the job.

    The Jets, for marketing reasons or Geno’s psyche reasons, want people to believe it is an open competition, that we know Geno will ultimately win unless he bombs in the pre-season. Vick on the other hand, knowing full well Geno will be named the Game 1 starte and thus “winner of the competition with Vick, does not want potential future employers thinking he wasn’t good enough to beat out Geno Smith, and thus crimping his job possibilities after this season. This is just a one year contract for Vick. He signed it because he thinks he has a chance to start there. He already got pushed out of Philly. Being seen as getting “beat out” by Geno Smith after losing out to Nick Fowles is bad for his resume. I’m sure the Jets want him to cooperate, but Vick is looking out for his future. If he doesn;t start it’s because the fix was in, and if he ends up starting later and having some success, he looks like he bailed out the Jets and might still be a legit starter, perhaps worthy of a starters contract in 2015.

    He must already be thinking he wants out of NY though.

  17. I agree with others who think that Mike Vick actually would prefer being the backup.

    He’s got his money in the bank, he’s got nothing to prove, and, he can dress out on game day but gets to stay on the sideline holding a clipboard. It’s a cakewalk.

  18. Wouldn’t surprise me if Rex ran a 2 QB rotation this season. Two read option style QBs on the same team, both starters. Rex now has the luxury of calling plays designed around his QBs individual strengths, the random rotation would help their season long durability and would probably help confuse defenses too.

  19. Wrecks will pick whoever can help Wrecks keep his job

    But it seems like Vick and Ryan don’t see things the same way

    Who knows – maybe the open competition is between Vick and Wrecks Ryan.

    I think it more likely that Vick will be coaching the Jets by the end of the season than Ryan

  20. Don’t remember who said it and I’m probably “paraphrasing” it besides but I heard a quote once from some NFL celebrity be it player or coach or FO person: If a team has 2 starting QBs then the team has NO QB. Made sense at the time, wonder if it applies here.

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