Morris Claiborne limited to individual drills


The Cowboys defense suffered a major blow on Tuesday when linebacker Sean Lee tore his ACL during practice.

The loss of Lee will increase the pressure on the rest of the defenders to play well and stay healthy if Lee’s injury isn’t going to be the first of many unhappy repeats from the 2013 season. Both parts of that charge have been difficult for cornerback Morris Claiborne over his first two seasons and the start of OTAs saw Claiborne limited to individual drills after having shoulder and pinkie surgery this offseason.

Claiborne said in April that he would be ready to go when OTAs got underway and says now that he hopes the medical staff will “let me loose” soon, but he’s waiting and watching right now. It’s something that’s been the case far too often for the sixth overall pick of the 2012 draft, although Claiborne remains confident that big things are coming once he does get cleared for everything.

“The sky is the limit,” Claiborne said, via “I’ve got big dreams. Where my mind is for this season, it’s really unbelievable. I’d rather not talk about it. I’d rather just show.”

Claiborne added that he and the rest of the defense feel like they have something to prove this season. With Lee out, Claiborne limited and defensive end Anthony Spencer’s outlook for the season uncertain after microfracture surgery, they need to get to work if they’re going to prove that last season was anything but par for the course.

14 responses to “Morris Claiborne limited to individual drills

  1. Boy, the Cowboys sure pulled the wool over the Rams eyes by trading up to get this guy. All the Rams got was Michael Brockers and Jenoris Jenkins.

  2. name 5 players on the cowboys D that could make the 49’s or Seahawks game day line up. Lee does not count has he would be hurt again.

  3. Brockers is an average starter and Jenkins is a stiff. I’d say the trade for Claiborne is a wash.

  4. “I’ve got big dreams. Where my mind is for this season, it’s really unbelievable.”

    Cowboys fan here and what I think Mo meant to say was “it’s LITERALLY unbelievable.”

    Here’s to hoping that he proves me wrong.

  5. mpcny says:
    May 28, 2014 9:41 AM
    name 5 players on the cowboys D that could make the 49′s or Seahawks game day line up. Lee does not count has he would be hurt again.
    Good one. Name 5 players on either team that would start on the Cowboys offense.

  6. And about that defense. Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner? Please. They wouldn’t start on 50% of the teams in the NFL, which is why the Redskins cut Rogers

  7. Both QB’s on each team, both runners, a WR from each and the whole OL outside of Smith. Only Whitten, Smith and Dez 100% would start for them. Our young C and rookie OG would push for starting spots and make it five at some point.

    And your right Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner would not start or play for 50% of the NFL. Yet they would for the cowboys and be an upgrade.

    There are not 5 guys who would make the game day active list on our Defence and 1/2 would not make the team for 50% of the nfl.

    We have a huge lack of talent on that side of the ball, no way to sugar coat it.

    BTW the linebacker they drafted to back up Lee was at best a 6th or 7th round pick. To slow to short and to stiff…

  8. Wow! This defence is falling apart before they play a preseason game! Lee is all heart and fierce competitor but his body is ready to retire. The offense looks to be better and might even develope a consistent running game. They will need that and more to carry this defence to a winning season. Don’t see it happening. Romo is older and starting to break down physically from years of lousy offensive line play and we do not have a strong enough reciever core to carry the load so get ready for another 8$8 if we get lucky and things go our way 9&7. If things don’t go our way and Lady Luck does smile on us 7&9 or worse much worse if we lose too many key players. Don’t think so? I remind you to recall what happened to Houston which just the year before that made the play offs and looked ready to take the next step. Unfortunately that step turned out to be off a cliff.

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