“No problems at all” for Maurkice Pouncey’s knee


Tuesday brought the start of organized team activities for the Steelers and the end of a long spell without football activities for center Maurkice Pouncey.

Pouncey tore his ACL and MCL a handful of snaps into the 2013 season and then missed the rest of the year while on injured reserve. Given how much time has passed since the injury, it’s no great shock that Pouncey was able to join his teammates on the field Tuesday but that doesn’t make it any less positive for the Steelers that Pouncey says his knee held up well in his return to on-field work.

“No problems at all,” Pouncey said, via Scott Brown of ESPN.com. “I was able to block guys and finish on some plays. It was pretty awesome.”

Brown pointed out a play that saw Pouncey block linebacker Ryan Shazier at the second level and then pop back to his feet after Shazier sent him to the turf while breaking free of the block as a sign of the center’s fitness. It’s just one practice, but it’s a good track for Pouncey to be on for the 2014 season and beyond.

Pouncey is entering the final year of his rookie deal and the Steelers were holding off on extension talks, but that could change now that he’s showing he should be 100 percent well ahead of camp and the regular season.

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  1. Surgical procedures are getting better and better, especially knee surgery. I remember when former Steeler Rod Woodson came back from an ACL within the same season, although that comeback did come in the Super Bowl. Now, I see some players say they’d prefer to have a concussion rather than a knee injury, because a knee injury is more career threatening. Well, surgery on your knee seems to be a lot easier to come back from – and less permanently damaging, long-term – than a traumatic brain injury. Just sayin’.

  2. Wait til the court documents come out from the latest Hernandez case! Both the Pouncey bros. were with Hernandez at the club when one of the men who were shot,broke one of the Pouncey bros.necklaces, coincidentally,an hour later the man who broke the necklace wound up getting shot!

  3. Nearly a year of recovery and rehab time should definitely have Pouncy back to form, and I’d be worried if he wasn’t.

    What is most exciting in the article is that Shazier is shedding blocks from a probowl caliber lineman when his biggest knock leading up the the draft was getting hung up on blocks and trapped in the wash.

  4. Pouncey brothers are not to far removed from one Aaron Hernandez. I wonder if either or both have a kill? If Seattle picks up either I e of these pukes ever I am going to bash the acquisition mercifully! Stay awAy from Seattle. Keep your kids away from these two.

  5. So, Pouncey is feeling great in shorts and a T-shirt. Terrific.
    He’s already missed more games in four seasons than Ray Mansfield, Mike Webster and Dermonti Dawson missed their entire careers. Combined. Sadly, he’s probably paid more money in one season than those guys were paid their entire careers. Combined.

  6. I would have a difficult time giving him big money considering both his injury history and his shady past. A guy off the Titan’s scrap heap performed to nearly the same level as Pouncey last season.

  7. Free agent? Come on, Mack set the bar. Sign him to Alex Mack money. Clearly he has to put up with contact during non-contact OTAs.

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