PFT: How will Cowboys fill hole left by Sean Lee?

Cowboys LB Sean Lee tore his left ACL during team OTA’s and will miss the 2014 season. The PFT crew takes a look at Dallas’ options to fill the giant hole on the defensive side of the ball.

3 responses to “PFT: How will Cowboys fill hole left by Sean Lee?

  1. Before the year is out I predict we will be visiting Supper Markets and Convience stores looking for defensive players just like we did when Rob Ryan was defensive coach. Could we still find a way to have a wining season? If we can find 9 teams worse the we are and we don’t suffer a rash of injures on the offensive side anything is possible. Would I bet on it. Not without some strong odds. The chance for a losing season is more possible in my eyes. Don’t think so? look what happened to Houston. Let us pray.

  2. And when you thought the cowboys could not get worse they just did !!! And that was the best player on defense this season. Now I am very upset this man got hurt in this should have been very little contact. But from what was said a rookie played harder than he should of trying to show up and make a play you can’t blame the young man and the players got on him. But fact is OOO it gotten ugly for the cowboys and a ugly season is upon them. That said when you thought they could not get worse they just did LOL!!!! Bags will be on the heads in cowboy land this year!!

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