Regarding Miami investigation, Kaepernick says he “did nothing wrong”


49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick said Wednesday he did not act improperly in an April incident investigated by Miami police.

Asked about the Miami investigation, Kaepernick said the following Wednesday, according to the club: “Well, the District Attorney has the information today. At this point, I’m going to let them handle their business. I did nothing wrong in that incident. So, I want to do everything I can to let the DA close this matter.”

Matt Maiocco of reported Wednesday that police had concluded its investigation and that the matter had been passed on to the Miami-Dade County State’s Attorney’s office, which ultimately will decide whether any charges will be made in connection with the case.

In May, published reports detailing 911 calls made in connection with the incident that alleged a woman would not leave a Miami apartment in which Kaepernick had once been present were released, and Kaepernick took to Twitter to say he was “glad the truth is getting out.”

News of Miami police’s investigation of the alleged incident, which reportedly involved a woman who said she was an acquaintance of Kaepernick, first surfaced nearly seven weeks ago. However, police have reportedly not specified what they were investigating.

The 49ers are holding organized team activities this week.

8 responses to “Regarding Miami investigation, Kaepernick says he “did nothing wrong”

  1. Oh, I think you did something wrong Kaepernick. You duped Harbaugh into thinking you are a better QB than Alex Smith, but you are not.

  2. What he meant was “I didn’t do anything differently and certainly am low on the list of my team’s issues”.

  3. NFL’s standard line, “I did nothing wrong” equates to hiring a high powered lawyer, being released, allowing your team’s marketing wing to spin the issue and getting on with your life.
    “I did nothing wrong” is an explanation any fan would still be using in a nice cold jail cell amidst a population that would be considering us “fresh fish.”
    Yeah, you did nothing wrong, pal.

  4. I’m a Seahawk fan and I actually believe him when he says he didn’t do anything wrong. However as many have stated, this type of thing doesn’t happen to the Manning’s and Brees’ in this league. Actually, it doesn’t happen to the QB’s of 31 of the 32 teams. If I’m the 49ers, I’d still be a bit worried about their “franchise” QB.

  5. Could it possibly be that this “lady”, who invited herself into the bedroom and stripped, was trying to get 3 NFL players into a “compromising position” (no pun intended) to enhance her checkbook with prospective hush money?

    It’s good they called the police.

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